Class of 2013

Randolph E. Bank | University of California, San Diego

For contributions to multilevel iterative methods and adaptive numerical methods for partial differential equations.

Kaushik Bhattacharya | California Institute of Technology

For contributions to mathematical aspects of materials science, especially the modeling of martensitic transformation and its consequences.

Jerry L. Bona | University of Illinois at Chicago

For fundamental contributions to nonlinear waves.

Oscar P. Bruno | California Institute of Technology

For contributions to the theory of composite materials and the numerical simulation of wave phenomena.

John A. Burns | Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

For contributions to control and approximation of partial differential equations.

Raymond Honfu Chan | The Chinese University of Hong Kong

For advances in numerical linear algebra and imaging science, including the theory of Toeplitz solvers.

Andrew R. Conn | IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

For fundamental contributions to optimization theory, software and industrial practice.

Benoit Couet | Schlumberger-Doll Research Center

For contributions to optimization under uncertainty and its implementation in industrial practice, and for leadership in mentoring young researchers.

Timothy A. Davis | Texas A&M University

For contributions to sparse matrix algorithms and software, including the University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection.

Qiang Du | Penn State University

For contributions to applied and computational mathematics with applications in material science, computational geometry, and biology.

Michael C. Ferris | University of Wisconsin--Madison

For contributions to mathematical programming algorithms, computation, and theory, particularly in the area of complementarity.

Christodoulos A. Floudas | Princeton University

For contributions to global optimization and its application to a wide range of problems spanning systems engineering and computational biology.

Michel X. Goemans | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For contributions to combinatorial optimization, and in particular to the design and analysis of approximation algorithms.

Andrew V. Goldberg | Microsoft Research

For fundamental contributions in the design, analysis, and implementation of algorithms for network optimization problems.

Alan Hastings | University of California, Davis

For leadership in theoretical ecology, helping to lay the foundation for scientifically-based agriculture and resource management.

Sze-Bi Hsu | National Tsing Hua University

For contributions to mathematical ecology and in particular the theory of the chemostat and competing species in ecology.

Shi Jin | Shanghai Jiao Tong University and University of Wisconsin-Madison

For contributions to relaxation schemes, numerical algorithms for kinetic equations and high frequency wave propagation.

David Kinderlehrer | Carnegie Mellon University

For contributions to nonlinear partial differential equations, the calculus of variations, and mathematical aspects of materials science.

Edgar Knobloch | University of California, Berkeley

For contributions to pattern formation and nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation theory and fluid dynamics.

C. David Levermore | University of Maryland, College Park

For contributions to the understanding of how large-scale behaviors emerge from dynamics or structures on small-scales.

Marc Mangel | University of California, Santa Cruz

For contributions to mathematical biology, including behavioral ecology, conservation biology, fisheries management, and the biology of stem cells.

Hans G. Othmer | University of Minnesota

For contributions to mathematical biology, in particular the theory of pattern formation in biological systems.

Haesun Park | Georgia Institute of Technology

For contributions to numerical analysis and the data sciences.

Robert J. Plemmons | Wake Forest University

For contributions to matrix theory and algorithms, especially nonnegative matrices and computational methods for signal and image processing.

John Rinzel | New York University

For contributions to mathematical neuroscience and mathematical physiology, in particular the dissection of complex fast-slow dynamical systems.

Björn Sandstede | Brown University

For contributions to applied dynamical systems involving the computational and analytical study of pattern formation in physical and biological systems.

Guillermo Sapiro | Duke University

For contributions to both theory and practice in the fields of image processing and computer vision.

Michael A. Saunders | Stanford University

For contributions to numerical optimization, linear algebra, and software.

Larry L. Schumaker | Vanderbilt University

For contributions to the theory and applications of spline functions, geometric design and finite elements.

Horst D. Simon | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

For contributions to parallel computing and computational science.

Peter R. Turner | Clarkson University

For leadership in advancing applied mathematical education, including the creation of SIAM Undergraduate Research Online.

Pauline van den Driessche | University of Victoria

For contributions to linear algebra and mathematical biology.

James A. Yorke | University of Maryland, College Park

For contributions to the understanding and application of chaotic dynamics.