SIAM Fellows Canvassing Committee

The Fellows Canvassing Committee (FCC) is a standing committee whose members shall be appointed by the President upon recommendation of the Committee on Committees and Appointments. The purpose of the FCC shall be to cause nominations to be made of eligible SIAM members for fellowship, especially from groups traditionally underrepresented in the list of elected SIAM Fellows.

Current Members


Thomas Grandine
Boeing Company


Gang Bao
Zhejiang University
Qiang Du
Columbia University
Nancy Nichols
University of Reading
Helena Nussenzveig Lopes
Universidade Federal Do Rio De Janeiro
Haesun Park
Georgia Institute of Technology
Fadil Santosa
University of Minnesota
John Shadid
Sandia National Laboratories
Zuowei Shen
National University of Singapore
Françoise Tisseur
The University of Manchester

Additional Details


The Fellows Canvassing Committee shall consist of 6-12 SIAM members. Committee appointments shall be for two years, with half the members rotating off for replacement each year. The membership of the Fellows Canvassing Committee shall be distinct and different from the membership of the Fellows Selection Committee (FSC) in order to ensure the independence of the FSC. One person shall be designated as the committee chair.

Mode of Operation

Normally the Fellows Canvassing Committee will conduct their work via teleconference and email, as determined by the FCC chair. FCC members may submit nominations, subject to the limitations of the SIAM Fellows program rules, but will generally encourage other SIAM members to submit nominations of individuals chosen by the FCC. The role of the FCC is to screen lists for potential candidates for nomination to the SIAM Fellows program and to encourage others to make such nominations.

Nominations for fellows may be made at any time, but typically occur in the late summer and early fall to ensure that nomination packages are available for review by the Fellows Selection Committee in the late fall.

At the end of each cycle, the chair of the FCC shall issue a report on the contacts made. This is to enable SIAM HQ to produce data on the number of contacts and nominations generated from those contacts.


The Fellows Canvassing Committee shall report directly to the SIAM President. This ensures the independence of the Fellows Selection Committee which reports to the Major Awards Committee.