Navigating a SIAM Conference

For Presenters: Navigating a SIAM Conference

For Presenters: Navigating a SIAM Conference

Months ago, you received an email with an invitation to present in a minisymposium organized by the leader in your line of research. An abstract and title were promptly submitted, and the minisymposium proposal was accepted. So, what next?

Helpful Tips from Fellow Conference Attendees

Six Months Before

Promptly reply to any invitations to speak. Ask around for an invitation. You may discover a new minisymposium or be asked to help organize one. Submit a contributed talk or poster. Check out travel support options and special hotel rates.

Two Months Before

Book your travel – flights, hotel, registration. Plan time to prepare a presentation or poster. Finish work you promised in your abstract.

A Few Weeks Before

Prepare and practice your talk and/or poster but don’t over practice. Find people you want to meet and email them to set a time to meet during a break. Print business cards with current contact information. Handwrite the time and place of your talk too. Update your CV. Your dream job may find you!

On the Plane Ride There

Look over the program and mark any talks you think you absolutely must attend. Check for program changes in the addendum. Devise an elevator pitch for your research.

Giving Your Talk or Poster

Check your presentation room. Make sure your laptop works with the projector! If you use a Mac, be sure to take your adapter. Arrive 15 minutes before your session starts. Never, ever go over time in your talk. Ask for contact information from people who are interested in your work. It’s your responsibility to contact them! Stay for any remaining talks in the session.

About and Around

Introduce yourself to others at breaks. Also introduce others whom you’ve just met to old friends. Don’t eat alone! Ask to tag along with others. Organize a lunch or dinner. Ask advisers or colleagues for introductions to others working in the same field. Leave some time to explore the local attractions and visit the SIAM booth.

After the Conference

Send emails to those you met and include any promised information. Collect what you learned at the conference (ideas, interesting new results, new people, etc.) and share this information with colleagues who may be interested. Join SIAM if you aren’t already a member so you receive information and discounts for future conferences.

NOTE: This flyer was developed by David F. Gleich, an assistant professor at Purdue University, and Karen Devine, a principal member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories.