SIAM Postdoctoral Support Program

MGB-SIAM Early Career Fellowship

SIAM Postdoctoral Support Program

The SIAM Postdoctoral Support Program provides financial support for postdoctoral scholars to receive needed mentoring and collaboration opportunities that enable successful career advancement.

About the Program

The SIAM Postdoctoral Support Program is made possible by gifts to the SIAM Postdoctoral Support Fund, which was established by Drs. Martin Golubitsky and Barbara Keyfitz. The program provides up to $15,000 in financial support for postdoctoral researchers to work with a mentor from a different institution. The goal is to foster direct research experience and professional development. Up to four postdoc/mentor pairs will be selected annually.

Applicant teams design and describe a mentoring, research, and collaboration plan that works best for them. The application will remain open until annual funding is expended, but the priority deadline for applications is November 1, 2023.

If you’d like to make a contribution to the SIAM Postdoctoral Support Fund, please donate now. If you have any questions about giving to SIAM or would like to learn more about the ways that your gift can make a difference, please contact Abby Addy, Director of Development and Corporate Relations, at [email protected] or (267) 648-3529.

Fellowship Details

Eligibility Requirements

  • Proposed areas of research should be relevant to SIAM
  • Substantial, face-to-face collaboration for a minimum of four weeks (which need not be consecutive weeks)
  • Period of funding may not exceed two years
  • Postdoc shall be no more than three years beyond receipt of their PhD at the time of application
  • Postdoc/mentor pairs may not be employed at the same institution or company for the duration of the program, nor shall they have been co-located previously
  • Period of funding must not exceed two years

Mentors may work in academia, industry, or government. U.S.-based postdoc/mentor pairs will receive priority at this time.

Application Requirements

Applicant teams will be asked to provide the following as part of their application.

  • CVs of postdoc and mentor
  • Description of the research proposed (approximately 4 pages)
  • Detailed budget and justification
  • Description of the mentorship plan

Past Recipients


Nicolás Barnafi
Center for Mathematical Modeling (Santiago, Chile)
Mentor: Massimiliano Lupo Pasini
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Julia Lindberg
University of Texas-Austin
Mentor: Guido Montufar
University of California, Los Angeles

Mattia Manucci
University of Stuttgart
Mentor: Serkan Gugercin
Virginia Tech

Abba Ramadan
University of Alabama
Mentor: Keith Promislow
Michigan State University


Jimmie Adriazola
Southern Methodist University
Mentor: Panayotis Kevrekidis
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Gabriela Kováčová
University of California, Los Angeles
Mentor: Igor Cialenco
Illinois Institute of Technology

Jüergen Kritschgau
Portland State University
Mentor: Bill Kay
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Selection Committee