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2014 Election
SIAM’s 2014 Election opens September 2, 2014.  Learn more about the election and read about the candidates.

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SIAM Presents ... a Featured Lecture from our Archives

Christopher Johnson, University of Utah, talked on Large-Scale Visual Data Analysis at the 2014 SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing. He discussed the importance of visual data analysis tools to understand large-scale information, and presented state-of-the-art visualization techniques applied to problems in science, engineering, and medicine. This talk is available online along with more presentations from this conference and other SIAM meetings at SIAM Presents.
Upcoming Conferences

ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA15)

January 4 6, 2015 - San Diego, California, USA-- This symposium focuses on research topics related to efficient algorithms and data structures for discrete problems.
From the Journals

Modeling HIV-1 Virus Dynamics with Both Virus-to-Cell Infection and Cell-to-Cell Transmission

Read this abstract from SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics. Authors: Xiulan Lai and Xingfu Zou
Book of Interest

New Spotlights series will illuminate timely topics

SIAM Spotlights is a new book series that comprises brief and enlightening books on timely topics in applied and computational mathematics and scientific computing. The books will be 125 pages or less, produced on an accelerated schedule, and priced attractively. Potential authors should contact Elizabeth Greenspan or Sara Murphy.

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