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Math Modeling Handbooks

These companion handbooks - free for download - are written for high school students and educators.

Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Mathematical Modeling Education (GAIMME) Second Edition

GAIMME enables the modeling process to be understood as part of STEM studies and research, and to be taught as a basic tool for problem solving and logical thinking. GAIMME helps define core competencies to include in student experiences, suggests assessment methods, and provides direction to enhance math modeling education at all levels.

Math Matters, Apply It!

Math Matters, Apply It! is an applied mathematics awareness campaign, created for anyone who wants to know more about the mathematics behind everyday life and the technologies we encounter.

SIAM Textbooks

Interested in making a SIAM textbook the primary text for your course? Learn more about the textbooks SIAM offers and student discount pricing.

Teaching Math Modeling Video Series

Interested in bringing math modeling into your classroom but not sure where to start? Watch this 3-part video series, a guide for teachers on how to make the math in their classroom more applied.

Mathematical Modeling Practice Problems

From practice problems representing real-world issues that can be solved using mathematical modeling, to modeling scenarios for students are various levels, share these with your students to give them a taste of what it's like to problem solve using mathematical modeling.

Math Modeling Hub

The Math Modeling Hub (MMHub), a joint venture of SIAM, the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications, and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, is a website designed to support the growing community of math modeling educators across all educational levels. Learn more about MMHub's features and join.