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SIAM Activity Group on Mathematics of Planet Earth

The purpose of this activity group is to provide a forum for mathematicians and computational scientists to study Planet Earth, its life-supporting capacity, and the impact of human activities. By opening up a new area of applications, the activity group will stimulate interesting research in the mathematical sciences.


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Related topics and applications:

flow in porous media, multiphase flows, phase separation, wave propagation, combustion, channel flows, global and regional climate modeling, reactive flows, sedimentation and diagenesis, rock fracturing, renewable energies (e.g. thermal, wind), underground waste disposal and cleanup of hazardous waste, earthquake prediction, weather prediction, global climate change, and petroleum exploration and recovery

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Activity Group Archives

Activity Group Archives

2015- 2016

Chair: Hans G. Kaper
Vice Chair: Mary Lou Zeeman
Program Director: Hans Engler
Secretary: Antonios Zagaris