Author Handbook

3: The Publication Agreement

This chapter highlights some of the clauses in SIAM’s standard contract, or publication agreement. The publication agreement is a legal document designed to protect both your interests and SIAM’s. If you have specific preferences for your book’s publication, you should discuss them with your acquisitions editor and request that they be included in the publication agreement, where appropriate.

Manuscript Length

You and your acquisitions editor should determine the projected page count of your book because this information is included in the contract. Sometimes books exceed the expected page count, which can affect the production schedule and price of the book. You should, therefore, discuss any potential increases in page count with your acquisitions editor before submitting your final manuscript.


This clause gives SIAM the right to publish your book in its entirety in hard copy and all other media.

Delivery of Manuscript

This clause establishes a due date for your final manuscript. You and your acquisitions editor should set this date, and it should be as realistic as possible. It is important for you to notify your acquisitions editor of any delays since books are scheduled and budgeted a year in advance.


This clause states that you take responsibility for securing written permission to reproduce all nonoriginal and/or previously published material.


This clause contains the royalty percentage for your book (in both print and e-book formats) and the dates that royalty payments will be made to you or to the Student Travel Fund if you have chosen that option. You should negotiate this point with your acquisitions editor before the contract is prepared.

Authors’ Copies

As author, you will receive a number of complimentary copies of your book and be eligible to purchase additional copies at a 40% discount off the list price.


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