SIAM 2016 Election Information

The polls for the 2016 SIAM General Election have closed. Results will be announced when they become available. Stay tuned!

This year, SIAM members will elect three members to serve on the SIAM Board of Trustees and four members to serve on the SIAM Council. It is important that you take the time to vote. The persons elected will govern SIAM's activities and make important decisions for the organization on your behalf. Please take a few minutes to read their statements and to vote for the people you would like to represent you. Learn more about the candidates by reviewing their biographical information and statements regarding future directions of SIAM.   

SIAM has contracted with Votenet Solutions Inc. to handle servicing the election logistics in accordance with the SIAM Bylaws.  Additional information on Votenet Solutions can be found at

On August 24, 2016, an advance email will be sent to all eligible SIAM members informing them that they will receive voting instructions by e-mail on September 7, 2016 from Votenet Solutions. Those who have elected to receive information from SIAM by paper or have an invalid email address in our system will receive a ballot in the mail. All other ballots will be distributed via email. 

Questions regarding the election process can be directed to SIAM’s Executive Director, Dr. James M. Crowley, c/o the SIAM Election Manager.

Important Dates in the Election Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I ensure delivery of election notices if I have spam filtering?
A. If you use a spam filter, you will want to “whitelist” two e-mail addresses: and  The first is used to send e-mail specifically related to the Internet voting process, including login information.  The second address is used for general information related to the election.

Q. Where can I find information on the candidates?
A. Candidate information can be found on the Candidate Profiles page and the voting website.

Q. I asked for a “paper ballot” last year. Will I have to ask again this year?
A. Yes. Although electronic voting is strongly preferred, upon request, a paper ballot can be mailed to you. Send an email message to and indicate in your message the address where you would like to receive your ballot. If you have previously opted out of receiving any electronic communications from SIAM, a paper ballot will be sent to you automatically.

Q. What if SIAM has my old e-mail address that is no longer valid?
A. Generally, use of an invalid e-mail address results in a delivery failure notice to SIAM. SIAM will actively update its database to remove any e-mail address that results in a delivery failure and will send that member a paper ballot as a result.


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