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New Fellows Announced
The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics is pleased to announce the SIAM Fellows Class of 2015. This group includes 31 noteworthy professionals who have made significant contributions to the fields of applied mathematics and computational science. Read more here.

Moody's Challenge 2015

Of 1,128 participating teams in 2015, 65 have been selected to receive a share of the $125,000 in scholarship prizes. The top six of these will present their winning solutions in New York City on Monday, April 27. Read details here.

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Upcoming Conferences

SIAM Conference on Data Mining (SDM15)

April 30 May 2, 2015 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada -- This conference provides a venue for researchers who are addressing the various challenges that datamining presents and to present their work in a peer-reviewed forum
From the Journals

Identification of Chemotaxis Models with Volume-Filling

Read this abstract from SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics. Authors: Herbert Egger, Jan-Frederik Pietschmann, and Matthias Schlottbom
Book of Interest

Active Subspaces: Emerging Ideas for Dimension Reduction in Parameter Studies

Author: Paul G. Constantine
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