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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


A Mathematical Framework for Exact Milestoning
David Aristoff, Juan M. Bello-Rivas, and Ron Elber

The Random Schrödinger Equation: Homogenization in Time-Dependent Potentials
Yu Gu and Lenya Ryzhik

Derivation of a Poroelastic Flexural Shell Model
Andro Mikelić and Josip Tambača

A Multiscale Implementation Based on Adaptive Mesh Refinement for the Nonlocal Peridynamics Model in One Dimension
Feifei Xu, Max Gunzburger, John Burkardt, and Qiang Du

A Non-Markovian Phase Space Approach to Schrödinger Dynamics: The Space-Time Wigner Transform
José Luis López and Juan Soler

A Multiscale Computation for Highly Oscillatory Dynamical Systems using EMPIRICAL MODE DECOMPOSITION (EMD)--type Methods
Seong Jun Kim and Haomin Zhou


Multiscale Finite-Volume CVD-MPFA Formulations on Structured and Unstructured Grids
Elliot Parramore, Michael G. Edwards, Mayur Pal, and Sadok Lamine

Eulerian Geometrical Optics and Fast Huygens Sweeping Methods for Three-Dimensional Time-Harmonic High-Frequency Maxwell's Equations in Inhomogeneous Media
Jianliang Qian, Wangtao Lu, Lijun Yuan, Songting Luo, and Robert Burridge


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


Moment Closure and Finite-Time Blowup for Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes
Lee DeVille, Sairaj Dhople, Alejandro D. Domínguez-García, and Jiangmeng Zhang

Computing the Conjugacy of Invariant Tori for Volume-Preserving Maps
Adam M. Fox and James D. Meiss

Canard-Mediated (De)Synchronization in Coupled Phantom Bursters
Elif Köksal Ersöz, Mathieu Desroches, Martin Krupa, and Frédérique Clément

Canard Explosion and Relaxation Oscillation in Planar, Piecewise-Smooth, Continuous Systems
Andrew Roberts

Random Dynamical Systems for Stochastic Evolution Equations Driven by Multiplicative Fractional Brownian Noise with Hurst Parameters H∈(1/3,1/2]
María J. Garrido-Atienza, Kening Lu, and Björn Schmalfuss


A Geometric Approach to Stationary Defect Solutions in One Space Dimension
A. Doelman, P. van Heijster, and F. Xie

Multiresolution Dynamic Mode Decomposition
J. Nathan Kutz, Xing Fu, and Steven L. Brunton

Conley--Morse Databases for the Angular Dynamics of Newton's Method on the Plane
Justin Bush, Wes Cowan, Shaun Harker, and Konstantin Mischaikow

Generalized Parametric Resonance
O. Shoshani and S. W. Shaw

A Skeleton of Collision Dynamics: Hierarchical Network Structure among Even-Symmetric Steady Pulses in Binary Fluid Convection
Takeshi Watanabe, Makoto Iima, and Yasumasa Nishiura

Some Results on Injectivity and Multistationarity in Chemical Reaction Networks
Murad Banaji and Casian Pantea


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Sharp-Interface Limits of the Cahn--Hilliard Equation with Degenerate Mobility
Alpha Albert Lee, Andreas Münch, and Endre Süli

The Blow-up of Electromagnetic Fields in 3-Dimensional Invisibility Cloaking for Maxwell's Equations
Matti Lassas and Ting Zhou

An Operatorial Description of Desertification
Fabio Bagarello, Anna Maria Cherubini, and Francesco Oliveri

Stability and Breakup of Liquid Threads and Annular Layers in a Corrugated Tube with Zero Base Flow
Qiming Wang

Nonlinearity Saturation as a Singular Perturbation of the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Karl Glasner and Jordan Allen-Flowers

An NPZ Model with State-Dependent Delay Due to Size-Structure in Juvenile Zooplankton
Matt Kloosterman, Sue Ann Campbell, and Francis J. Poulin

Global Stability of Spatially Homogeneous Equilibria in Migration-Selection Models
Josef Hofbauer and Linlin Su

A Normal Form for Hamiltonian--Hopf Bifurcations in Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations with General External Potentials
Jianke Yang

A Rigid Stamp Indentation into a Semiplane with a Curvature-Dependent Surface Tension on the Boundary
Jay R. Walton and Anna Y. Zemlyanova

The Emergence of Range Limits in Advective Environments
King-Yeung Lam, Yuan Lou, and Frithjof Lutscher

Turning Points And Relaxation Oscillation Cycles in Simple Epidemic Models
Michael Y. Li, Weishi Liu, Chunhua Shan, and Yingfei Yi

Dissipative Scale Effects in Strain-Gradient Plasticity: The Case of Simple Shear
Maria Chiricotto, Lorenzo Giacomelli, and Giuseppe Tomassetti

Far Field Splitting by Iteratively Reweighted ℓ1 Minimization
Roland Griesmaier and John Sylvester

Plasmon Resonance with Finite Frequencies: a Validation of the Quasi-static Approximation for Diametrically Small Inclusions
Kazunori Ando, Hyeonbae Kang, and Hongyu Liu


Homogenization of a Row of Dislocation Dipoles from Discrete Dislocation Dynamics
Stephen Jonathan Chapman, Yang Xiang, and Yichao Zhu

Oscillatory Dynamics for a Coupled Membrane-Bulk Diffusion Model with Fitzhugh--Nagumo Membrane Kinetics
J. Gou and M. J. Ward

On the Construction of Virtual Interior Point Source Travel Time Distances from the Hyperbolic Neumann-to-Dirichlet Map
Maarten V. de Hoop, Paul Kepley, and Lauri Oksanen


SIAM Journal on Computing


Decompositions of Triangle-Dense Graphs
Rishi Gupta, Tim Roughgarden, and C. Seshadhri

Pricing on Paths: A PTAS for the Highway Problem
Fabrizio Grandoni and Thomas Rothvoß

Equilibria in Online Games
Roee Engelberg and Joseph Seffi Naor

Complexity Classification of Local Hamiltonian Problems
Toby Cubitt and Ashley Montanaro

A ckn 5-Approximation Algorithm for Treewidth
Hans L. Bodlaender , Pål Grǿnås Drange, Markus S. Dregi, Fedor V. Fomin, Daniel Lokshtanov, and Michał Pilipczuk


Generalized Symmetry Breaking Tasks and Nondeterminism in Concurrent Objects
Armando Castan͂eda, Damien Imbs, Sergio Rajsbaum, and Michel Raynal

Non-Black-Box Simulation from One-Way Functions and Applications to Resettable Security
Kai-Min Chung, Rafael Pass, and Karn Seth

Special Section on the Forty-Fifth Annual ACM Symposium on the Theory of Computing (STOC 2013)
James Aspnes, Yuval Ishai, and Peter Bro Miltersen

An o(n) Monotonicity Tester for Boolean Functions over the Hypercube
D. Chakrabarty and C. Seshadhri

Answering n2+o(1) Counting Queries with Differential Privacy is Hard
Jonathan Ullman

Natural Proofs versus Derandomization
R. Ryan Williams

Approximating k-Median via Pseudo-Approximation
Shi Li and Ola Svensson

Maintaining Shortest Paths Under Deletions in Weighted Directed Graphs
Aaron Bernstein

The Geometry of Differential Privacy: The Small Database and Approximate Cases
Aleksandar Nikolov, Kunal Talwar, and Li Zhang

Superlinear Advantage for Exact Quantum Algorithms
Andris Ambainis


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Relaxed ISS Small-Gain Theorems for Discrete-Time Systems
Roman Geiselhart and Fabian R. Wirth

Phase Transitions for Controlled Markov Chains on Infinite Graphs
Naoyuki Ichihara

On Controllability of Delayed Boolean Control Networks
Jianquan Lu, Jie Zhong, Daniel W. C. Ho, Yang Tang, and Jinde Cao

Optimal Controls for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations with an Application in Population Modeling
Suzanne Lenhart, Jie Xiong, and Jiongmin Yong

Submersions, Hamiltonian Systems, and Optimal Solutions to the Rolling Manifolds Problem
Erlend Grong

Model-Based Event-Triggered Predictive Control for Networked Systems with Data Dropout
Xiuxia Yin, Dong Yue, Songlin Hu, Chen Peng, and Yusheng Xue

Admissibility of the Observation Operators for Volterra systems with Exponential Kernels
Jian-Hua Chen

Generalized Hamilton--Jacobi--Bellman Equations with Dirichlet Boundary Condition and Stochastic Exit Time Optimal Control Problem
Rainer Buckdahn and Tianyang Nie

Physical Realizability and Preservation of Commutation and Anticommutation Relations for n-Level Quantum Systems
Luis A. Duffaut Espinosa, Z. Miao, I. R. Petersen, V. Ugrinovskii, and M. R. James

Separated Design of Encoder and Controller for Networked Linear Quadratic Optimal Control
Maben Rabi, Chithrupa Ramesh, and Karl H. Johansson

A Multidimensional Exponential Utility Indifference Pricing Model with Applications to Counterparty Risk
Vicky Henderson and Gechun Liang

A Differential-Algebraic Riccati Equation for Applications in Flow Control

Jan Heiland

H-Stability Analysis of Fractional Delay Systems of Neutral Type
Le Ha Vy Nguyen, Catherine Bonnet, and André Ricardo Fioravanti

Optimum Design of Flextensional Piezoelectric Actuators into Two Spatial Dimensions
R. Amigo, S. M. Giusti, A. A. Novotny, E. C. N. Silva, and J. Sokołowski

Sampled-Data Stabilization of Nonlinear Delay Systems with a Compact Absorbing Set
Iasson Karafyllis and Miroslav Krstic

Second Order Analysis for Strong Solutions in the Optimal Control of Parabolic Equations
Térence Bayen and Francisco J. Silva

Behavioral Realizations using Companion Matrices and the Smith Form

Timothy H. Hughes

Convergence of Markovian Stochastic Approximation with Discontinuous Dynamics
G. Fort, E. Moulines, A. Schreck, and M. Vihola

Stabilization of Discrete-time Systems with Multiplicative Noise and Multiple Delays in the Control Variable
L. Li and H. Zhang

Stochastic Maximum Principle for Stochastic Recursive Optimal Control Problem Under Volatility Ambiguity
Mingshang Hu and Shaolin Ji


A Constrained Control Problem with Degenerate Coefficients and Degenerate Backward SPDEs with Singular Terminal Condition
Ulrich Horst, Jinniao Qiu, and Qi Zhang

Towards M-stationarity for Optimal Control of the Obstacle Problem with Control Constraints
Gerd Wachsmuth

Rationally Inattentive Control of Markov Processes
Ehsan Shafieepoorfard, Maxim Raginsky, and Sean P. Meyn

A Pseudo-Markov Property for Controlled Diffusion Processes
Julien Claisse, Denis Talay, and Xiaolu Tan

Extended Deterministic Mean-Field Games
Diogo A. Gomes and Vardan K. Voskanyan

A Variational Method for Second Order Shape Derivatives
Guy Bouchitté, Ilaria Fragalà, and Ilaria Lucardesi

Stationary Mean Field Games Systems Defined on Networks
Fabio Camilli and Claudio Marchi


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


On the Sums of Any k Points in Finite Fields
David Covert, Doowon Koh, and Youngjin Pi

Hitting Forbidden Minors: Approximation and Kernelization
Fedor V. Fomin, Daniel Lokshtanov, Neeldhara Misra, Geevarghese Philip, and Saket Saurabh

A Comprehensive Analysis of Polyhedral Lift-and-Project Methods
Yu Hin Au and Levent Tunçel

Constructing Optimal k-Radius Sequences
Adrian Bondy, Zbigniew Lonc, and Paweł Rzaͅżewski

Random Hypergraph Irregularity
Paul Balister, Béla Bollobás, Jenö Lehel, and Michał Morayne

Packing A-Paths in Group-Labelled Graphs via Linear Matroid Parity
Yutaro Yamaguchi

A Wheels-and-Whirls Theorem for 3-Connected 2-Polymatroids
James Oxley, Charles Semple, and Geoff Whittle

Third Case of the Cyclic Coloring Conjecture
Michael Hebdige and Daniel Král'

Bounds on Equiangular Lines and on Related Spherical Codes
Boris Bukh

Acquaintance Time of Random Graphs Near Connectivity Threshold
Andrzej Dudek and Paweł Prałat

On the Power of Graph Searching for Cocomparability Graphs
Derek G. Corneil, Jérémie Dusart, Michel Habib, and Ekkehard Köhler

Isolating Highly Connected Induced Subgraphs
Irena Penev, Stéphan Thomassé, and Nicolas Trotignon


On a Conjecture of Cusick Concerning the Sum of Digits of n and n+t
Michael Drmota, Manuel Kauers, and Lukas Spiegelhofer

Cyclotomic Numerical Semigroups
Emil-Alexandru Ciolan, Pedro A. García-Sánchez, and Pieter Moree

Lattice 3-Polytopes with Few Lattice Points
M. Blanco and F. Santos

Lattice 3-Polytopes with Six Lattice Points
M. Blanco and F. Santos

On the Maximum Quartet Distance between Phylogenetic Trees
Noga Alon, Humberto Naves, and Benny Sudakov

h-Polynomials of Reduction Trees
Karola Mészáros

Sum of Squares Certificates for Containment of H-Polytopes in V-Polytopes
Kai Kellner and Thorsten Theobald

Approximating the Generalized Terminal Backup Problem via Half-Integral Multiflow Relaxation
Takuro Fukunaga

Sampling and Counting 3-Orientations of Planar Triangulations
Sarah Miracle, Dana Randall, Amanda Pascoe Streib, and Prasad Tetali


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Robust Utility Maximization without Model Compactness
Julio D. Backhoff Veraguas and Joaquín Fontbona

Robust No Arbitrage of the Second Kind with a Continuum of Assets and Proportional Transaction Costs
Emmanuel Lepinette

A Robust Markowitz Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection Model with an Intractable Claim
Danlin Hou and Zuo Quan Xu


A Correction Note for Price Dynamics in a Markovian Limit Order Market
Geliang Zhang, Hugh Christensen, Guolong Li, and Simon Godsill

A Dual Algorithm for Stochastic Control Problems: Applications to Uncertain Volatility Models and CVA
Pierre Henry-Labordère, Christian Litterer, and Zhenjie Ren


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


Patch Ordering as a Regularization for Inverse Problems in Image Processing
Gregory Vaksman, Michael Zibulevsky, and Michael Elad

A Smoothed Dual Approach for Variational Wasserstein Problems
Marco Cuturi and Gabriel Peyré

Registration of Multiple Shapes using Constrained Optimal Control
Sylvain Arguillère, Emmanuel Trélat, Alain Trouvé, and Laurent Younes

Aspherical Lens Design and Imaging
Cristian E. Gutiérrez and Ahmad Sabra

Super-Resolution of Positive Sources: The Discrete Setup

Veniamin I. Morgenshtern and Emmanuel J. Candès

A Theory of Optimal Flutter Shutter for Probabilistic Velocity Models

Yohann Tendero and Jean-Michel Morel

A Method of Reduction of Artifacts of Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
V. Palamodov

Erratum: A Continuous Exact ℓ0 Penalty (CEL0) for Least Squares Regularized Problem
Emmanuel Soubies, Laure Blanc-Féraud, and Gilles Aubert


A Wavelet Frame Method with Shape Prior for Ultrasound Video Segmentation
Jiulong Liu, Xiaoqun Zhang, Bin Dong, Zuowei Shen, and Lixu Gu

Exact Inversion of the Cone Transform Arising in an Application of a Compton Camera Consisting of Line Detectors
Chang-Yeol Jung and Sunghwan Moon

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


Heterogeneous Thin Films: Combining Homogenization and Dimension Reduction with Directors
Carolin Kreisbeck and Stefan Krömer

A Lagrangian Approach to Weakly Coupled Hamilton--Jacobi Systems
H. Mitake, A. Siconolfi, H. V. Tran, and N. Yamada

Degeneracy in Finite Time of 1D Quasilinear Wave Equations
Yuusuke Sugiyama

The Rothe Method for Variational-Hemivariational Inequalities with Applications to Contact Mechanics
Krzysztof Bartosz and Mircea Sofonea

On the Placement of an Obstacle So As to Optimize the Dirichlet Heat Trace
Ahmad El Soufi and Evans M. Harrell II

Local and Nonlocal Continuum Limits of Ising-Type Energies for Spin Systems
Roberto Alicandro and Maria Stella Gelli

Low-Rank Approximation of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems with High-Contrast Coefficients
Mario Bebendorf

On the Bulk Velocity of Brownian Ratchets
Stanislav Kondratyev, José Miguel Urbano, and Dmitry Vorotnikov

Lane Formation by Side-Stepping
Martin Burger, Sabine Hittmeir, Helene Ranetbauer, and Marie-Therese Wolfram

On the Propagation of Regularity of Solutions of the Kadomtsev--Petviashvili Equation

Pedro Isaza, Felipe Linares, and Gustavo Ponce

The Low Mach Number Limit for a Barotropic Model of Radiative Flow
Raphaël Danchin and Bernard Ducomet

Global Solutions to the Oldroyd-B Model with a Class of Large Initial Data
Daoyuan Fang and Ruizhao Zi

Concentration along Geodesics for a Nonlinear Steklov Problem Arising in Corrosion Modeling
Carlo D. Pagani, Dario Pierotti, Angela Pistoia, and Giusi Vaira

Rates of Convergence to Scaling Profiles in a Submonolayer Deposition Model and the Preservation of Memory of the Initial Condition
Fernando P. da Costa, Joa͂o T. Pinto, and Rafael Sasportes

Optimal Distribution of Oppositely Charged Phases: Perfect Screening and Other Properties
Marco Bonacini, Hans Knüpfer, and Matthias Röger

Inversion of the Attenuated Geodesic X-Ray Transform over Functions and Vector Fields on Simple Surfaces
François Monard

A Bridging Mechanism in the Homogenization of Brittle Composites with Soft Inclusions
Marco Barchiesi, Giuliano Lazzaroni, and Caterina Ida Zeppieri

On Generalized Newtonian Fluids in Curved Pipes
Nadir Arada

Continuity Properties of the Inf-Sup Constant for the Divergence
Christine Bernardi, Martin Costabel, Monique Dauge, and Vivette Girault


Vibro-Impact Problems with Dry Friction---Part II: Tangential Contacts and Frictional Catastrophes
Laetitia Paoli

Weak and Young Measure Solutions for Hyperbolic Initial Boundary Value Problems of Elastodynamics in the Orlicz--Sobolev Space Setting
Hong Thai Nguyen and Dariusz Paͅczka

Ultrasound Modulated Bioluminescence Tomography and Controllability of the Radiative Transport Equation
Guillaume Bal, Francis J. Chung, and John C. Schotland

Simplicity and Finiteness of Discrete Spectrum of the Benjamin--Ono Scattering Operator
Yilun Wu

Global Strong Solutions of the Full Navier--Stokes and Q-Tensor System for Nematic Liquid Crystal Flows in Two Dimensions
Cecilia Cavaterra, Elisabetta Rocca, Hao Wu, and Xiang Xu

Existence of Chapman--Jouguet Detonation and Deflagration Waves
Ingenuin Gasser, Peter Szmolyan, and Johannes Wächtler

Ergodicity of Stochastic Shell Models Driven by Pure Jump Noise

Hakima Bessaih, Erika Hausenblas, and Paul A. Razafimandimby

Dirac Cones for Point Scatterers on a Honeycomb Lattice
Minjae Lee

Global Weak Solutions to the Compressible Quantum Navier--Stokes Equations with Damping
Alexis F. Vasseur and Cheng Yu

Existence, Uniqueness, and Asymptotic Behavior for Nonlocal Parabolic Problems with Dominating Gradient Terms

Guy Barles and Erwin Topp


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


An Algebraic Multilevel Preconditioner with Low-Rank Corrections for Sparse Symmetric Matrices
Yuanzhe Xi, Ruipeng Li, and Yousef Saad

Exploring Symmetries to Decompose Matrices and Graphs Preserving the Spectrum
Eliseu Fritscher and Vilmar Trevisan

Computing Tensor Eigenvalues via Homotopy Methods
Liping Chen, Lixing Han, and Liangmin Zhou

Remarks on the Symmetric Rank of Symmetric Tensors
Shmuel Friedland

A Fast Memory Efficient Construction Algorithm for Hierarchically Semi-Separable Representations
K. Lessel, M. Hartman, and S. Chandrasekaran

Linearizations for Rational Matrix Functions and Rosenbrock System Polynomials
Rafikul Alam and Namita Behera

Characterizing Real-Valued Multivariate Complex Polynomials and Their Symmetric Tensor Representations
Bo Jiang, Zhening Li, and Shuzhong Zhang

An Algorithm for the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem for Nonsquare Matrix Pencils by Minimal Perturbation Approach
Shinji Ito and Kazuo Murota

Some Constants Related to Numerical Ranges
Michel Crouzeix

Edge Modification Criteria for Enhancing the Communicability of Digraphs
Francesca Arrigo and Michele Benzi

Bramble--Pasciak-Type Conjugate Gradient Method for Darcy's Equations
Faisal Fairag, Mohammed Alshahrani, and Hattan Tawfiq


Block-Diagonal Preconditioning for Optimal Control Problems Constrained by PDEs with Uncertain Inputs
Peter Benner, Akwum Onwunta, and Martin Stoll

Krylov Approximation of Linear ODEs with Polynomial Parameterization
Antti Koskela, Elias Jarlebring, and Michiel E. Hochstenbach

A Canonical CS Representation of a Pair of Subspaces
G. W. Stewart

The Number of Distinct Eigenvalues of a Matrix After Perturbation
P. E. Farrell

A Homotopy Method for Finding All Solutions of a Multiparameter Eigenvalue Problem
Bo Dong, Bo Yu, and Yan Yu

The Inverse Eigenvector Problem for Real Tridiagonal Matrices
Beresford Parlett, Froilán M. Dopico, and Carla Ferreira


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


Multilevel Monte Carlo for Stochastic Differential Equations with Small Noise
David F. Anderson, Desmond J. Higham, and Yu Sun

MARS: An Analytic Framework of Interface Tracking via Mapping and Adjusting Regular Semialgebraic Sets
Qinghai Zhang and Aaron Fogelson

Finite Element Pointwise Results on Convex Polyhedral Domains
Dmitriy Leykekhman and Boris Vexler

A Convergent Difference Scheme for a Class of Partial Integro-Differential Equations Modeling Pricing under Uncertainty
G. M. Coclite, O. Reichmann, and N. H. Risebro

Fast Finite Difference Approximation for Identifying Parameters in a Two-dimensional Space-fractional Nonlocal Model with Variable Diffusivity Coefficients
S. Chen, F. Liu, X. Jiang, I. Turner, and K. Burrage

Linear Convergence of the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for a Class of Convex Optimization Problems

Wei Hong Yang and Deren Han

An Exact Rescaling Velocity Method for some Kinetic Flocking Models
Thomas Rey and Changhui Tan

On the Analytical and Numerical Properties of the Truncated Laplace Transform. Part II
R. R. Lederman and V. Rokhlin

Preconditioned Solution of State Gradient Constrained Elliptic Optimal Control Problems
Roland Herzog and Susann Mach

Numerical Instability of Resultant Methods for Multidimensional Rootfinding
Vanni Noferini and Alex Townsend

Adaptive Low-Rank Methods: Problems on Sobolev Spaces
Markus Bachmayr and Wolfgang Dahmen

Polygonal Spline Spaces and the Numerical Solution of the Poisson Equation
Michael S. Floater and Ming-Jun Lai

Analysis of mixed interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin methods for the Cahn--Hilliard equation and the Hele--Shaw flow
Xiaobing Feng, Yukun Li, and Yulong Xing

A PDE Approach to Space-Time Fractional Parabolic Problems
Ricardo H. Nochetto, Enrique Otárola, and Abner J. Salgado

On the Convergence of a Shock Capturing Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws
Mohammad Zakerzadeh and Georg May

Analysis of Collocation Methods for Generalized Auto-Convolution Volterra Integral Equations
Ran Zhang, Hui Liang, and Hermann Brunner

Numerical Solution of the Poisson Equation on Domains with a Thin Layer of Random Thickness

M. Dambrine, I. Greff, H. Harbrecht, and B. Puig

Stable Cell-Centered Finite Volume Discretization for Biot Equations

Jan Martin Nordbotten

The Role of Frolov's Cubature Formula for Functions with Bounded Mixed Derivative
Mario Ullrich and Tino Ullrich


Analysis of a Coupled Fluid-Structure Model with Applications to Hemodynamics
T. Chacón Rebollo, V. Girault, F. Murat, and O. Pironneau

Discretized Dynamical Low-Rank Approximation in the Presence of Small Singular Values
Emil Kieri, Christian Lubich, and Hanna Walach

The Interface Control Domain Decomposition Method for Stokes--Darcy Coupling
Marco Discacciati, Paola Gervasio, Alessandro Giacomini, and Alfio Quarteroni

An Augmented Mixed Finite Element Method for the Navier--Stokes Equations with Variable Viscosity
Jessika Caman͂o, Gabriel N. Gatica, Ricardo Oyarzúa, and Giordano Tierra

Full Discretization of Semilinear Stochastic Wave Equations Driven by Multiplicative Noise
Rikard Anton, David Cohen, Stig Larsson, and Xiaojie Wang

Asymptotically Stable Particle-In-Cell Methods for the Vlasov--Poisson System with a Strong External Magnetic Field
Francis Filbet and Luis Miguel Rodrigues

BPX Preconditioner for Nonstandard Finite Element Methods for Diffusion Problems
Binjie Li and Xiaoping Xie

A Posteriori Error Estimation for Control-Constrained, Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problems

René Schneider and Gerd Wachsmuth

A Finite Element Method for a Curlcurl-Graddiv Eigenvalue Interface Problem
Huoyuan Duan, Ping Lin, and Roger C. E. Tan

Finite Element Approximations of Parabolic Optimal Control Problems with Controls Acting on a Lower Dimensional Manifold
Wei Gong and Ningning Yan

Error Estimate for Time-Explicit Finite Volume Approximation of Strong Solutions to Systems of Conservation Laws
Clément Cancès, Hélène Mathis, and Nicolas Seguin

A High-Order, Analytically Divergence-Free Approximation Method for the Time-Dependent Stokes Problem
Christopher Keim and Holger Wendland

Entropy Stable Finite Volume Scheme for Ideal Compressible MHD on 2-D Cartesian Meshes
Praveen Chandrashekar and Christian Klingenberg


SIAM Journal on Optimization


Riemannian Preconditioning
Bamdev Mishra and Rodolphe Sepulchre

A Two-Variable Approach to the Two-Trust-Region Subproblem
Boshi Yang and Samuel Burer

Stochastic First-Order Methods with Random Constraint Projection
Mengdi Wang and Dimitri P. Bertsekas

Bilevel Optimal Control With Final-State-Dependent Finite-Dimensional Lower Level
F. Benita and P. Mehlitz

Convergent Semidefinite Programming Relaxations for Global Bilevel Polynomial Optimization Problems
V. Jeyakumar, J. B. Lasserre, G. Li, and T. S. Phạm

A Fast Active Set Block Coordinate Descent Algorithm for ℓ1-Regularized Least Squares
Marianna De Santis, Stefano Lucidi, and Francesco Rinaldi

Generalized Proximal Distances for Bilevel Equilibrium Problems
G. C. Bento, J. X. Cruz Neto, J. O. Lopes, P. A. Soares Jr, and A. Soubeyran

Bounds and Approximations for Multistage Stochastic Programs

Francesca Maggioni and Georg Ch. Pflug

A Polynomial-Time Descent Method for Separable Convex Optimization Problems with Linear Constraints
Sergei Chubanov


Variable Metric Inexact Line-Search-Based Methods for Nonsmooth Optimization
S. Bonettini, I. Loris, F. Porta, and M. Prato

A Majorized ADMM with Indefinite Proximal Terms for Linearly Constrained Convex Composite Optimization
Min Li, Defeng Sun, and Kim-Chuan Toh

Evaluation Complexity for Nonlinear Constrained Optimization Using Unscaled KKT Conditions and High-Order Models
E. G. Birgin, J. L. Gardenghi, J. M. Martínez, S. A. Santos, and Ph. L. Toint

The Douglas--Rachford Algorithm for Two (Not Necessarily Intersecting) Affine Subspaces
Heinz H. Bauschke and Walaa M. Moursi

Coderivatives and the Solution Map of a Linear Constraint System
Duong Thi Kim Huyen and Nguyen Dong Yen

A Stochastic Quasi-Newton Method for Large-Scale Optimization

R. H. Byrd, S. L. Hansen, Jorge Nocedal, and Y. Singer

Local Monotonicity and Full Stability for Parametric Variational Systems
B. S. Mordukhovich and T. T. A. Nghia

Polynomial Vector Variational Inequalities under Polynomial Constraints and Applications
N. T. T. Huong, J.-C. Yao, and N. D. Yen


SIAM Review

SIREV 58-1


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


A New Selection Operator for the Discrete Empirical Interpolation Method---Improved A Priori Error Bound and Extensions
Zlatko Drmač and Serkan Gugercin

Multigrid Methods for Tensor Structured Markov Chains with Low Rank Approximation
Matthias Bolten, Karsten Kahl, and Sonja Sokolović

Constraint Preconditioning for the Coupled Stokes--Darcy System

Prince Chidyagwai, Scott Ladenheim, and Daniel B. Szyld

Hybrid Compact-WENO Finite Difference Scheme with Conjugate Fourier Shock Detection Algorithm for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
Wai-Sun Don, Zhen Gao, Peng Li, and Xiao Wen

Adaptive Thermostats for Noisy Gradient Systems
Benedict Leimkuhler and Xiaocheng Shang

Numerical Schemes for Kinetic Equations in the Anomalous Diffusion Limit. Part I: The Case of Heavy-Tailed Equilibrium
Nicolas Crouseilles, Hélène Hivert, and Mohammed Lemou

Roots of Bivariate Polynomial Systems via Determinantal Representations
Bor Plestenjak and Michiel E. Hochstenbach

A General Approach to Enhance Slope Limiters in MUSCL Schemes on Nonuniform Rectilinear Grids

Xianyi Zeng

Recursive Sweeping Preconditioner for the Three-Dimensional Helmholtz Equation
Fei Liu and Lexing Ying

A Curvature-Augmented, REA Approach to the Level Set Method
Chris J. Vogl

A Robust Multilevel Method for the Time-harmonic Maxwell Equation with High Wave Number
Peipei Lu and Xuejun Xu

A Newton-Type Method with Nonequivalence Deflation for Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems Arising in Photonic Crystal Modeling
Tsung-Ming Huang, Wen-Wei Lin, and Volker Mehrmann

Preconditioning Heterogeneous H(div) Problems by Additive Schur Complement Approximation and Applications
Johannes Kraus, Raytcho Lazarov, Maria Lymbery, Svetozar Margenov, and Ludmil Zikatanov

Fast Algorithms for the Computation of Fourier Extensions of Arbitrary Length
Roel Matthysen and Daan Huybrechs

Stable Coupling of Nonconforming, High-Order Finite Difference Methods

Jeremy E. Kozdon and Lucas C. Wilcox

XFEM-Based Fictitious Domain Method for Linear Elasticity Model with Crack

Olivier Bodart, Valérie Cayol, Sébastien Court, and Jonas Koko

A Highly Scalable Multilevel Schwarz Method with Boundary Geometry Preserving Coarse Spaces for 3D Elasticity Problems on Domains with Complex Geometry

Fande Kong and Xiao-Chuan Cai

MultiSymplectic Discretization of Wave Map Equations
David Cohen and Olivier Verdier

Eddy Current Model for Nondestructive Evaluation with Thin Cracks
Xue Jiang, Peijun Li, and Weiying Zheng

Functional Regression for State Prediction Using Linear PDE Models and Observations
N. C. Nguyen, H. Men, R. M. Freund, and J. Peraire

Nonlinearly Preconditioned Optimization on Grassmann Manifolds for Computing Approximate Tucker Tensor Decompositions
Hans De Sterck and Alexander Howse

Analysis of an XFEM Discretization for Stokes Interface Problems
Matthias Kirchhart, Sven Gross, and Arnold Reusken


Interpolation of Inverse Operators for Preconditioning Parameter-Dependent Equations
Olivier Zahm and Anthony Nouy

A Practical Guide to the Recovery of Wavelet Coefficients from Fourier Measurements
Milana Gataric and Clarice Poon

Pseudotransient Continuation for Combustion Simulation with Detailed Reaction Mechanisms
M. A. Hansen and J. C. Sutherland

Direct Inversion of the Three-Dimensional Pseudo-polar Fourier Transform
Amir Averbuch, Gil Shabat, and Yoel Shkolnisky

An Improved Method for Solving Quasi-linear Convection Diffusion Problems on a Coarse Mesh
Sara Pollock

Energy Stable Model Reduction of Neurons by Nonnegative Discrete Empirical Interpolation

David Amsallem and Jan Nordström

Massively Parallel Algorithms for the Lattice Boltzmann Method on NonUniform Grids

Florian Schornbaum and Ulrich Rüde

Orthogonal Bases for Vertex-Mapped Pyramids
Jesse Chan and T. Warburton

The Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: Regularization and Complexity
K. Ito and A. K. Landi

The Role of Numerical Boundary Procedures in the Stability of Perfectly Matched Layers
Kenneth Duru

Operator-Splitting Based Fast Sweeping Methods for Isotropic Wave Propagation in a Moving Fluid
Roland Glowinski, Shingyu Leung, and Jianliang Qian

A Fast Block-Greedy Algorithm for Quasi-optimal Meshless Trial Subspace Selection
Leevan Ling

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


Microstructure Models and Material Response by Extreme Value Theory
M. Grigoriu

A Flexible Uncertainty Propagation Framework for General Multiphysics Systems
A. Mittal, X. Chen, C. H. Tong, and G. Iaccarino

An Empirical Interpolation and Model-Variance Reduction Method for Computing Statistical Outputs of Parametrized Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
F. Vidal-Codina, N. C. Nguyen, M. B. Giles, and J. Peraire

Parameter Selection and Verification Techniques Based on Global Sensitivity Analysis Illustrated for an HIV Model
Mami T. Wentworth, Ralph C. Smith, and H. T. Banks

An Optimal Solver for Linear Systems Arising from Stochastic FEM Approximation of Diffusion Equations with Random Coefficients
David Silvester and Pranjal


A Multilevel Monte Carlo Method for Computing Failure Probabilities
Daniel Elfverson, Fredrik Hellman, and Axel Målqvist

The Algebraic Method in Quadrature for Uncertainty Quantification
Jordan Ko and Henry P. Wynn

Empirical Regression Method for Backward Doubly Stochastic Differential Equations
Achref Bachouch, Emmanuel Gobet, and Anis Matoussi

Accurate Solution of Bayesian Inverse Uncertainty Quantification Problems Combining Reduced Basis Methods and Reduction Error Models
A. Manzoni, S. Pagani, and T. Lassila

A First Order Scheme for Backward Doubly Stochastic Differential Equations
Feng Bao, Yanzhao Cao, Amnon Meir, and Weidong Zhao

Complexity Reduction in Many Particle Systems with Random Initial Data
Leonid Berlyand, Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin, and Mykhailo Potomkin

Stochastic Collocation Methods for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations with Random Coefficients
David A. Barajas-Solano and Daniel M. Tartakovsky


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 60-1


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