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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


Homogenization of Biomechanical Models for Plant Tissues
Andrey Piatnitski and Mariya Ptashnyk

Variance-Reduced Simulation of Multiscale Tumor Growth Modeling
Annelies Lejon, Bert Mortier, and Giovanni Samaey

A Sparse Decomposition of Low Rank Symmetric Positive Semidefinite Matrices
Thomas Y. Hou, Qin Li, and Pengchuan Zhang

Multiscale S-Fraction Reduced-Order Models for Massive Wavefield Simulations
Vladimir Druskin, Alexander V. Mamonov, and Mikhail Zaslavsky

Electronic Density of States for Incommensurate Layers
Daniel Massatt, Mitchell Luskin, and Christoph Ortner

A Kinetic Model for the Sedimentation of Rod--Like Particles
Christiane Helzel and Athanasios E. Tzavaras

Eigenvector-Based Centrality Measures for Temporal Networks
Dane Taylor, Sean A. Myers, Aaron Clauset, Mason A. Porter, and Peter J. Mucha

A Complex Version of the Cahn--Hilliard Equation for Grayscale Image Inpainting
Laurence Cherfils, Hussein Fakih, and Alain Miranville

Image Restoration: Wavelet Frame Shrinkage, Nonlinear Evolution PDEs, and Beyond
Bin Dong, Qingtang Jiang, and Zuowei Shen


Exploring the Locally Low Dimensional Structure in Solving Random Elliptic PDEs
Thomas Y. Hou, Qin Li, and Pengchuan Zhang

A Double Scale Fast Algorithm for the Transient Evolution of a Resonant Tunneling Diode
N. Ben Abdallah and A. Faraj

Uniformly Accurate Forward Semi-Lagrangian Methods for Highly Oscillatory Vlasov--Poisson Equations
Nicolas Crouseilles, Mohammed Lemou, Florian Méhats, and Xiaofei Zhao

Existence Results in The Linear Dynamics of Quasicrystals with Phason Diffusion and Nonlinear Gyroscopic Effects
Luca Bisconti and Paolo Maria Mariano

A Recursive Skeletonization Factorization Based on Strong Admissibility
Victor Minden, Kenneth L. Ho, Anil Damle, and Lexing Ying


SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry


What Makes a Neural Code Convex?
Carina Curto, Elizabeth Gross, Jack Jeffries, Katherine Morrison, Mohamed Omar, Zvi Rosen, Anne Shiu, and Nora Youngs


Sparse Solutions of Linear Diophantine Equations
Iskander Aliev, Jesús A. De Loera, Timm Oertel, and Christopher O'Neill


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


A Posteriori Verification of Invariant Objects of Evolution Equations: Periodic Orbits in the Kuramoto--Sivashinsky PDE
Marcio Gameiro and Jean-Philippe Lessard

Using Invariant Manifolds to Construct Symbolic Dynamics for Three-Dimensional Volume-Preserving Maps
Bryan Maelfeyt, Spencer A. Smith, and Kevin A. Mitchell

Erratum: R0 Analysis of a Benthic-Drift Model for a Stream Population
Qihua Huang, Yu Jin, and Mark A. Lewis


Bifurcation Analysis of the Yamada Model for a Pulsing Semiconductor Laser with Saturable Absorber and Delayed Optical Feedback
Soizic Terrien, Bernd Krauskopf, and Neil G. R. Broderick

Which Small Reaction Networks Are Multistationary?
Badal Joshi and Anne Shiu

Numerical Computations and Computer Assisted Proofs of Periodic Orbits of the Kuramoto--Sivashinsky Equation
Jordi-Lluís Figueras and Rafael de la Llave

Dynamics of a Time-Delayed Lyme Disease Model with Seasonality
Xiunan Wang and Xiao-Qiang Zhao


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Nonlinear Waves in Adhesive Strings
G. M. Coclite, G. Florio, M. Ligabò, and F. Maddalena

Modeling LEAST RECENTLY USED caches with Shot Noise request processes
Emilio Leonardi and Giovanni Luca Torrisi

Stability Estimates for Linearized Near-Field Phase Retrieval in X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging
Simon Maretzke and Thorsten Hohage

An Asymptotic Two-Layer Monodomain Model of Cardiac Electrophysiology in the Atria: Derivation and Convergence
Y. Coudière, J. Henry, and S. Labarthe

Fractional Order Compartment Models
Christopher N. Angstmann, Austen M. Erickson, Bruce I. Henry, Anna V. McGann, John M. Murray, and James A. Nichols

Fractional Euler Limits and their Applications
Shev MacNamara, Bruce Henry, and William McLean

The Morbidostat: A Bio-reactor That Promotes Selection for Drug Resistance in Bacteria
Zhenzhen Chen, Sze-Bi Hsu, and Ya-Tang Yang

Focusing Waves Through a Randomly Scattering Medium in the White-Noise Paraxial Regime
Josselin Garnier and Knut Sølna


Reconstruction of Lamé Moduli and Density at the Boundary Enabling Directional Elastic Wavefield Decomposition
Maarten V. de Hoop, Gen Nakamura, and Jian Zhai

Apparent Slip for an Upper Convected Maxwell Fluid
Andreas Münch, Barbara Wagner, L. Pamela Cook, and Richard J. Braun

Rhythmomimetic Drug Delivery: Modeling, Analysis, and Numerical Simulation

Lingxing Yao, M. Carme Calderer, Yoichiro Mori, and Ronald A. Siegel

Charge Transport in Graphene including Thermal Effects
Giovanni Mascali and Vittorio Romano

Traveling Waves in a Reaction-Diffusion System Describing Smoldering Combustion
Ekeoma Rowland Ijioma, Hirofumi Izuhara, and Masayasu Mimura

Critical Yield Numbers of Rigid Particles Settling in Bingham Fluids and Cheeger Sets
Ian A. Frigaard, José A. Iglesias, Gwenael Mercier, Christiane Pöschl, and Otmar Scherzer

Delayed Reaction Kinetics and the Stability of Spikes in the Gierer--Meinhardt Model
Nabil T. Fadai, Michael J. Ward, and Juncheng Wei

Distinguishability Revisited: Depth Dependent Bounds on Reconstruction Quality in Electrical Impedance Tomography
Henrik Garde and Kim Knudsen

Second Order Homogenization of Subwavelength Stratified Media Including Finite Size Effect
Jean-Jacques Marigo and Agnès Maurel

A Dimension-Reduction Based Coupled Model of Mesh-Reinforced Shells
Sunčica Čanić, Matea Galović, Matko Ljulj, and Josip Tambača

Boundary Integral Equations for Calculating Complex Eigenvalues of Transmission Problems
Ryota Misawa, Kazuki Niino, and Naoshi Nishimura

Entropy Solutions of a Scalar Conservation Law Modeling Sedimentation in Vessels With Varying Cross-Sectional Area

Raimund Bürger, Julio Careaga, and Stefan Diehl


SIAM Journal on Computing


An Almost-Optimally Fair Three-Party Coin-Flipping Protocol
Iftach Haitner and Eliad Tsfadia

Optimal CUR Matrix Decompositions
Christos Boutsidis and David P. Woodruff

Performance of Sequential Local Algorithms for the Random NAE-K-SAT Problem

David Gamarnik and Madhu Sudan

Equilibria of Greedy Combinatorial Auctions
Brendan Lucier and Allan Borodin

Parallelism and Time in Hierarchical Self-Assembly

Ho-Lin Chen and David Doty

Partitioning Well-Clustered Graphs: Spectral Clustering Works!
Richard Peng, He Sun, and Luca Zanetti


Near-Optimal Algorithms for Online Matrix Prediction
Elad Hazan, Satyen Kale, and Shai Shalev-Shwartz

Estimating the Longest Increasing Sequence in Polylogarithmic Time
M. Saks and C. Seshadhri

How to Morph Planar Graph Drawings
Soroush Alamdari, Patrizio Angelini, Fidel Barrera-Cruz, Timothy M. Chan, Giordano Da Lozzo, Giuseppe Di Battista, Fabrizio Frati, Penny Haxell, Anna Lubiw, Maurizio Patrignani, Vincenzo Roselli, Sahil Singla, and Bryan T. Wilkinson


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


The Stochastic Linear Quadratic Control Problem with Singular Estimates
Cavit Hafizoglu, Irena Lasiecka, Tijana Levajković, Hermann Mena, and Amjad Tuffaha

A General Verification Result for Stochastic Impulse Control Problems
Christoph Belak, Sören Christensen, and Frank Thomas Seifried

Computing The Stabilizing Solution of a Large Class of Stochastic Game Theoretic Riccati Differential Equations: A Deterministic Approximation
Vasile Dragan and Samir Aberkane

Pole Placement Theorem for Discrete Time-Varying Linear Systems
Artur Babiarz, Adam Czornik, Evgenii Makarov, Michał Niezabitowski, and Svetlana Popova

A Probabilistic Representation for the Value of Zero-Sum Differential Games with Incomplete Information on Both Sides
Fabien Gensbittel and Catherine Rainer

Stabilization of Regime-Switching Processes by Feedback Control Based on Discrete Time Observations
Jinghai Shao

Rank Deficiency of Kalman Error Covariance Matrices in Linear Time-Varying System With Deterministic Evolution
Karthik S. Gurumoorthy, Colin Grudzien, Amit Apte, Alberto Carrassi, and Christopher K. R. T. Jones

Global Feedback Stabilization for a Class of Nonlocal Transport Equations: The Continuous and Discrete Case
Wenbin Chen, Chang Liu, and Zhiqiang Wang

Boundary Controllability for Finite-Differences Semidiscretizations of a Clamped Beam Equation
Nicolae Cîndea, Sorin Micu, and Ionel Rovenţa

First Order BSPDEs in Higher Dimension for Optimal Control Problems
Nikolai Dokuchaev

Relative Controllability of Neutral Differential Equations with a Delay
M. Pospíšil

Optimal Control of Conditional Value-at-Risk in Continuous Time
Christopher W. Miller and Insoon Yang

SISO Output Affine Feedback Transformation Group and Its Faà di Bruno Hopf Algebra
W. Steven Gray and Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard

A Time-Dependent Optimal Harvesting Problem with Measure-Valued Solutions
G. M. Coclite and M. Garavello

Impulse Control Maximizing Average Cost per Unit Time: A Nonuniformly Ergodic Case
Jan Palczewski and Łukasz Stettner

A Variational Formula for Risk-Sensitive Reward

V. Anantharam and V. S. Borkar

Control of Three Heat Equations Coupled with Two Cubic Nonlinearities
Jean-Michel Coron and Jean-Philippe Guilleron


Optimal Investment Under Information Driven Contagious Distress
Lijun Bo and Agostino Capponi

Dynamic Programming for Optimal Control of Stochastic McKean--Vlasov Dynamics
Huyên Pham and Xiaoli Wei

Controllability and Observability of Some Stochastic Complex Ginzburg--Landau Equations
Xiaoyu Fu and Xu Liu

Actuator Design for Parabolic Distributed Parameter Systems with the Moment Method
Yannick Privat, Emmanuel Trélat, and Enrique Zuazua

Asymptotics for Infinite Systems of Differential Equations
Lassi Paunonen and David Seifert

On Feedback Stabilization of Linear Switched Systems via Switching Signal Control
Raphaël M. Jungers and Paolo Mason

The Hamilton Jacobi Equation For Optimal Control Problems with Discontinuous Time Dependence
Piernicola Bettiol and Richard B. Vinter

Computational Methods for Extremal Steklov Problems
Eldar Akhmetgaliyev, Chiu-Yen Kao, and Braxton Osting

On Stochastic Stability of a Class of non-Markovian Processes and Applications in Quantization
Serdar Yüksel

Time-Inconsistent Stochastic Linear-Quadratic Control: Characterization and Uniqueness of Equilibrium

Ying Hu, Hanqing Jin, and Xun Yu Zhou

Opinion Dynamics and Social Power Evolution over Reducible Influence Networks
Peng Jia, Noah E. Friedkin, and Francesco Bullo

Global Dynamical Solvers for Nonlinear Programming Problems
Iasson Karafyllis and Miroslav Krstic

Controllability of Linear Systems on Lie Groups with Finite Semisimple Center
Víctor Ayala and Adriano Da Silva

Erratum: Stochastic Minimum Principle for Partially Observed Systems Subject to Continuous and Jump Diffusion Processes and Driven by Relaxed Controls
N. U. Ahmed and Charalambos D. Charalambous


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


On Degree Sequences Forcing The Square of a Hamilton Cycle
Katherine Staden and Andrew Treglown

The Excluded Minors for Isometric Realizability in the Plane
Samuel Fiorini, Tony Huynh, Gwenaël Joret, and Antonios Varvitsiotis

Minimum Cuts and Shortest Cycles in Directed Planar Graphs via Noncrossing Shortest Paths
Hung-Chun Liang and Hsueh-I Lu

A Power-of-Two-Choices Unbalanced Allocation Process
Amanda Redlich

Minimum Cost Matching in a Random Graph with Random Costs
Alan Frieze and Tony Johansson

The Parameterized Complexity of Graph Cyclability
Petr A. Golovach, Marcin Kamiński, Spyridon Maniatis, and Dimitrios M. Thilikos

Dichotomy Results on the Hardness of H-free Edge Modification Problems
N. R. Aravind, R. B. Sandeep, and Naveen Sivadasan

Covering the Large Spectrum and Generalized Riesz Products
James R. Lee

Maximizing Barrier Coverage Lifetime with Mobile Sensors
Amotz Bar-Noy, Dror Rawitz, and Peter Terlecky

Phase Transitions for the Uniform Distribution in the Pattern Maximum Likelihood Problem and its Bethe Approximation
Chun Lam Chan, Winston Fernandes, Navin Kashyap, and Manjunath Krishnapur

Toward a 6/5 Bound for the Minimum Cost 2-Edge Connected Spanning Subgraph
Sylvia Boyd and Philippe Legault

Erratum: Constructing Optimal k-Radius Sequences
Adrian Bondy, Zbigniew Lonc, and Paweł Rzaͅżewski


On the Push&Pull Protocol for Rumor Spreading
Hüseyin Acan, Andrea Collevecchio, Abbas Mehrabian, and Nick Wormald

Total Weight Choosability of Trees
Gerard Jennhwa Chang, Guan-Huei Duh, Tsai-Lien Wong, and Xuding Zhu

Spotting Trees with Few Leaves
Andreas Björklund, Vikram Kamat, Łukasz Kowalik, and Meirav Zehavi

Unavoidable Subtournaments in Large Tournaments with No Homogeneous Sets

Ringi Kim

List-Coloring Claw-Free Graphs with Δ-1 Colors
Daniel W. Cranston and Landon Rabern

An Inequality for Gaussians on Lattices
Oded Regev and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz

A 4n-Point Elliptic Interpolation Formula and its Applications
Sandy H. L. Chen and Amy M. Fu

Packing Edge-Disjoint Odd Eulerian Subgraphs Through Prescribed Vertices in 4-Edge-Connected Graphs
Naonori Kakimura, Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi, and Yusuke Kobayashi

H-Representation of the Kimura-3 Polytope for the m-Claw Tree
Marie Mauhar, Joseph Rusinko, and Zoe Vernon

Extremal Bases for Finite Cyclic Groups
Xingde Jia and Jian Shen

Structure of Graphs with Locally Restricted Crossings
Vida Dujmović, David Eppstein, and David R. Wood


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Rank-Dependent Utility and Risk Taking in Complete Markets
Xue Dong He, Roy Kouwenberg, and Xun Yu Zhou

A Semi-Markovian Modeling of Limit Order Markets
Anatoliy Swishchuk and Nelson Vadori


Central Clearing Valuation Adjustment
Yannick Armenti and Stéphane Crépey

A Weak Law of Large Numbers for a Limit Order Book Model with Fully State Dependent Order Dynamics
Ulrich Horst and Dörte Kreher


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


CLEAR: Covariant LEAst-Square Refitting with Applications to Image Restoration
Charles-Alban Deledalle, Nicolas Papadakis, Joseph Salmon, and Samuel Vaiter

Maximum-a-Posteriori Estimation with Bayesian Confidence Regions
Marcelo Pereyra

A Geodesic Landmark Shooting Algorithm for Template Matching and Its Applications
Roberto Camassa, Dongyang Kuang, and Long Lee

On the Absence of Uniform Recovery in Many Real-World Applications of Compressed Sensing and the Restricted Isometry Property and Nullspace Property in Levels
Alexander Bastounis and Anders C. Hansen

Filtrated Algebraic Subspace Clustering
Manolis C. Tsakiris and René Vidal

A Nonlocal Denoising Algorithm for Manifold-Valued Images Using Second Order Statistics
Friederike Laus, Mila Nikolova, Johannes Persch, and Gabriele Steidl


Multiscale Nonrigid Point Cloud Registration Using Rotation-Invariant Sliced-Wasserstein Distance via Laplace--Beltrami Eigenmap
Rongjie Lai and Hongkai Zhao

ADMM in Krylov Subspace and Its Application to Total Variation Restoration of Spatially Variant Blur
Joo Dong Yun and Seungjoon Yang

Steerable Principal Components for Space-Frequency Localized Images
Boris Landa and Yoel Shkolnisky

Analytic Inversion of a Conical Radon Transform Arising in Application of Compton Cameras on the Cylinder

Sunghwan Moon and Markus Haltmeier

Fast Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography with Highly Undersampled Data
Yizhuang Song, Habib Ammari, and Jin Keun Seo

Most Likely Separation of Intensity and Warping Effects in Image Registration
Line Kühnel, Stefan Sommer, Akshay Pai, and Lars Lau Raket


SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


Well Posedness Of A Coupled ICE-Hydrology Problem Arising In Glaciology
Luca Bertagna and Max Gunzburger

Lower Bound of Mass in a Chemotactic Model with Advection and Absorbing Reaction

Jaewook Ahn, Kyungkeun Kang, Junha Kim, and Jihoon Lee

Differentiability of the Dirichlet to Neumann Map Under Movements of Polygonal Inclusions with an Application to Shape Optimization
Elena Beretta, Elisa Francini, and Sergio Vessella

Traveling Curved Waves in Two-Dimensional Excitable Media

Hirokazu Ninomiya and Chang-Hong Wu

Two-Dimensional Steady Supersonic Exothermically Reacting Euler Flow past Lipschitz Bending Walls
Gui-Qiang G. Chen, Jie Kuang, and Yongqian Zhang

Homogenization for Non-self-adjoint Periodic Elliptic Operators on an Infinite Cylinder
Nikita N. Senik

Local Well Posedness of the Near-Equilibrium Contact Line Problem in 2-Dimensional Stokes Flow
Yunrui Zheng and Ian Tice

On a Degenerate Nonlocal Parabolic Problem Describing Infinite Dimensional Replicator Dynamics
Nikos I. Kavallaris, Johannes Lankeit, and Michael Winkler

Strong Solutions to the Compressible Navier--Stokes--Vlasov--Fokker--Planck Equations: Global Existence Near the Equilibrium and Large Time Behavior
Fucai Li, Yanmin Mu, and Dehua Wang

Symmetry-Breaking Global Bifurcation in a Surface Continuum Phase-Field Model for Lipid Bilayer Vesicles
Timothy J. Healey and Sanjay Dharmavaram

On the Cauchy Problem and the Black Solitons of a Singularly Perturbed Gross--Pitaevskii Equation
Isabella Ianni, Stefan Le Coz, and Julien Royer

A JKO Splitting Scheme for Kantorovich--Fisher--Rao Gradient Flows
Thomas O. Gallouët and Léonard Monsaingeon

Boundary Nevanlinna--Pick Interpolation with Prescribed Peak Points. Application to Impedance Matching
Laurent Baratchart, Martine Olivi, and Fabien Seyfert


Regularity for the Optimal Compliance Problem with Length Penalization
Antonin Chambolle, Jimmy Lamboley, Antoine Lemenant, and Eugene Stepanov

Convergence of the Lawrence--Doniach Energy for Layered Superconductors with Magnetic Fields Near Hc1
Guanying Peng

Global Convergence of a Sticky Particle Method for the Modified Camassa--Holm Equation
Yu Gao and Jian-Guo Liu

Dynamics and Stability of Surface Waves with Surfactants
Chanwoo Kim and Ian Tice

The Semilinear Heat Equation on Sparse Random Graphs
Dmitry Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi and Georgi S. Medvedev

Finite Plasticity in PTP. Part II: Quasi-Static Evolution and Linearization
D. Grandi and U. Stefanelli

Convergence of Entropic Schemes for Optimal Transport and Gradient Flows
Guillaume Carlier, Vincent Duval, Gabriel Peyré, and Bernhard Schmitzer

Coupling Rate-Independent and Rate-Dependent Processes: Existence Results
Riccarda Rossi and Marita Thomas

Stochastic Lattice Dynamical Systems with Fractional Noise
Hakima Bessaih, María J. Garrido-Atienza, Xiaoying Han, and Björn Schmalfuss

Thresholds for Existence of Dispersion Management Solitons for General Nonlinearities
Mi-Ran Choi, Dirk Hundertmark, and Young-Ran Lee

Diffusion Coefficients Estimation for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

Andrea Bonito, Albert Cohen, Ronald DeVore, Guergana Petrova, and Gerrit Welper

Multilayered Equilibria in a Density Functional Model of Copolymer-solvent Mixtures

Karl Glasner

Trace Theorems for some Nonlocal Function Spaces with Heterogeneous Localization
Xiaochuan Tian and Qiang Du

Optimal Shapes Maximizing the Steklov Eigenvalues
B. Bogosel, D. Bucur, and A. Giacomini


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


A Framework for Structured Linearizations of Matrix Polynomials in Various Bases
Leonardo Robol, Raf Vandebril, and Paul Van Dooren

A Preconditioner for the Ohta--Kawasaki Equation
Patrick E. Farrell and John W. Pearson

Reordering Strategy for Blocking Optimization in Sparse Linear Solvers
Gregoire Pichon, Mathieu Faverge, Pierre Ramet, and Jean Roman

Linearizations of Hermitian Matrix Polynomials Preserving the Sign Characteristic
María I. Bueno, Froilán M. Dopico, and Susana Furtado


Accelerating Convergence by Augmented Rayleigh--Ritz Projections For Large-Scale Eigenpair Computation
Zaiwen Wen and Yin Zhang

Krylov--Schur-Type Restarts for the Two-Sided Arnoldi Method
Ian N. Zwaan and Michiel E. Hochstenbach

A Matrix-Algebraic Algorithm for the Riemannian Logarithm on the Stiefel Manifold under the Canonical Metric
Ralf Zimmermann


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


Error Estimates for the Euler Discretization of an Optimal Control Problem with First-Order State Constraints
J. Frédéric Bonnans and Adriano Festa

A Fractional Laplace Equation: Regularity of Solutions and Finite Element Approximations
Gabriel Acosta and Juan Pablo Borthagaray

A Kernel Compression Scheme for Fractional Differential Equations
Daniel Baffet and Jan S. Hesthaven

Maximal Regularity of Fully Discrete Finite Element Solutions of Parabolic Equations
Buyang Li and Weiwei Sun

Analysis of an SDG Method for the Incompressible Navier--Stokes Equations

Eric T. Chung and Weifeng Qiu

Accurate Solution and Gradient Computation for Elliptic Interface Problems with Variable Coefficients
Zhilin Li, Haifeng Ji, and Xiaohong Chen

Characterizations of Variational Source Conditions, Converse Results, and Maxisets of Spectral Regularization Methods
Thorsten Hohage and Frederic Weidling

Fast and Oblivious Algorithms for Dissipative and Two-dimensional Wave Equations
L. Banjai, M. López-Fernández, and A. Schädle

Numerical Analysis of Elliptic Hemivariational Inequalities
Weimin Han, Mircea Sofonea, and Mikaël Barboteu

Implicit-Explicit Linear Multistep Methods for Stiff Kinetic Equations
Giacomo Dimarco and Lorenzo Pareschi

Convergent Semi-Lagrangian Methods for the Monge--Ampère Equation on Unstructured Grids
Xiaobing Feng and Max Jensen

A Convergent Numerical Scheme for Scattering of Aperiodic Waves from Periodic Surfaces Based on the Floquet--Bloch Transform
Armin Lechleiter and Ruming Zhang

Variational Formulation and Numerical Analysis of Linear Elliptic Equations in Nondivergence form with Cordes Coefficients

Dietmar Gallistl


A New Hydrostatic Reconstruction Scheme Based on Subcell Reconstructions
Guoxian Chen and Sebastian Noelle

Well Posedness of Fully Coupled Fracture/Bulk Darcy Flow with XFEM
Marco Del Pra, Alessio Fumagalli, and Anna Scotti

Convergence Rates for Upwind Schemes with Rough Coefficients
André Schlichting and Christian Seis

Error Estimates for Galerkin Approximations of the Serre Equations
D. C. Antonopoulos, V. A. Dougalis, and D. E. Mitsotakis

An Error Analysis of a Finite Element Method with IMEX-Time Semidiscretizations for Some Partial Integro-differential Inequalities Arising in the Pricing of American Options
Mohan K. Kadalbajoo, Lok Pati Tripathi, and Alpesh Kumar

On the Quasi-unconditional Stability of BDF-ADI Solvers for the Compressible Navier--Stokes Equations and Related Linear Problems
Oscar P. Bruno and Max Cubillos

The Finite Element Method for the Time-Dependent Gross--Pitaevskii Equation with Angular Momentum Rotation
Patrick Henning and Axel Målqvist

Milstein-Type Procedures for Numerical Solutions of Stochastic Differential Equations with Markovian Switching
Son L. Nguyen, Tuan A. Hoang, Dung T. Nguyen, and George Yin

A Method of Verified Computations for Solutions to Semilinear Parabolic Equations Using Semigroup Theory
Makoto Mizuguchi, Akitoshi Takayasu, Takayuki Kubo, and Shin'ichi Oishi

Uncertainty Quantification for PDEs with Anisotropic Random Diffusion
H. Harbrecht, M. D. Peters, and M. Schmidlin

HFES: A Height Function Method with Explicit Input and Signed Output for High-Order Estimations of Curvature and unit Vectors of Planar Curves

Qinghai Zhang

Error Analysis of a Finite Difference Method on Graded Meshes for a Time-Fractional Diffusion Equation
Martin Stynes, Eugene O'Riordan, and José Luis Gracia

Numerical Analysis for a System Coupling Curve Evolution to Reaction Diffusion on the Curve
John W. Barrett, Klaus Deckelnick, and Vanessa Styles

Adaptive Symmetric Interior Penalty Galerkin Method for Boundary Control Problems
Peter Benner and Hamdullah Yücel


SIAM Journal on Optimization


An Extended Frank--Wolfe Method with “In-Face” Directions, and Its Application to Low-Rank Matrix Completion
Robert M. Freund, Paul Grigas, and Rahul Mazumder

Improved Convergence Rates for Lasserre-Type Hierarchies of Upper Bounds for Box-Constrained Polynomial Optimization
Etienne de Klerk, Roxana Hess, and Monique Laurent

Kronecker Product Constraints with an Application to the Two-Trust-Region Subproblem
Kurt M. Anstreicher

Improved Pointwise Iteration-Complexity of A Regularized ADMM and of a Regularized Non-Euclidean HPE Framework
Max L. N. Gonçalves, Jefferson G. Melo, and Renato D. C. Monteiro

Activity Identification and Local Linear Convergence of Forward--Backward-type Methods
Jingwei Liang, Jalal Fadili, and Gabriel Peyré

Robinson Stability of Parametric Constraint Systems via Variational Analysis
Helmut Gfrerer and Boris S. Mordukhovich

The Resolvent Order: A Unification of the Orders by Zarantonello, by Loewner, and by Moreau
Sedi Bartz, Heinz H. Bauschke, and Xianfu Wang

Regularized Newton Methods for Minimizing Functions with Hölder Continuous Hessians
G. N. Grapiglia and Yu. Nesterov

On the Finite Convergence of the Douglas--Rachford Algorithm for Solving (Not Necessarily Convex) Feasibility Problems in Euclidean Spaces
Heinz H. Bauschke and Minh N. Dao

A Predictor-Corrector Path-Following Algorithm for Dual-Degenerate Parametric Optimization Problems
Vyacheslav Kungurtsev and Johannes Jäschke

Exact Semidefinite Programming Relaxations with Truncated Moment Matrix for Binary Polynomial Optimization Problems
Shinsaku Sakaue, Akiko Takeda, Sunyoung Kim, and Naoki Ito


IMRO: A Proximal Quasi-Newton Method for Solving ℓ1-Regularized Least Squares Problems
Sahar Karimi and Stephen Vavasis

The Alternating Descent Conditional Gradient Method for Sparse Inverse Problems
Nicholas Boyd, Geoffrey Schiebinger, and Benjamin Recht

A First Order Method for Solving Convex Bilevel Optimization Problems
Shoham Sabach and Shimrit Shtern

Minimax Results on Dense Sets and Dense Families of Functionals
Szilárd László

Extragradient Method with Variance Reduction for Stochastic Variational Inequalities
A. N. Iusem, A. Jofré, R. I. Oliveira, and P. Thompson

Finding Low-rank Solutions of Sparse Linear Matrix Inequalities using Convex Optimization

Ramtin Madani, Somayeh Sojoudi, Ghazal Fazelnia, and Javad Lavaei

A Simple Parallel Algorithm with an O(1/T) Convergence Rate for General Convex Programs
Hao Yu and Michael J. Neely

Convergence Analysis for Mathematical Programs with Distributionally Robust Chance Constraint
Shaoyan Guo, Huifu Xu, and Liwei Zhang

Stability and Continuity in Robust Optimization
Timothy C.Y. Chan and Philip Allen Mar


SIAM Review

SIREV 59-1


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Hybrid and Iteratively Reweighted Regularization by Unbiased Predictive Risk and Weighted GCV for Projected Systems
Rosemary A. Renaut, Saeed Vatankhah, and Vahid E. Ardestani

Determination of a Transversely Isotropic Medium Equivalent to a Fractured Fluid-Saturated Poroelastic Medium. A Finite Element Approach
Juan E. Santos, Robiel Martínez Corredor, and José M. Carcione

Invariant Domains Preserving Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Approximation of Hyperbolic Systems with Continuous Finite Elements
Jean-Luc Guermond, Bojan Popov, Laura Saavedra, and Yong Yang

Computing Reduced Order Models via Inner-Outer Krylov Recycling in Diffuse Optical Tomography

Meghan O'Connell, Misha E. Kilmer, Eric de Sturler, and Serkan Gugercin

Eulerian Methods for Visualizing Continuous Dynamical Systems using Lyapunov Exponents
Guoqiao You, Tony Wong, and Shingyu Leung

How Large a Shift is Needed in the Shifted Helmholtz Preconditioner for its Effective Inversion by Multigrid?
Pierre-Henri Cocquet and Martin J. Gander

A High-Order Staggered Meshless Method for Elliptic Problems
Nathaniel Trask, Mauro Perego, and Pavel Bochev

Efficient Computation of Option Prices and Greeks by Quasi--Monte Carlo Method with Smoothing and Dimension Reduction
Chengfeng Weng, Xiaoqun Wang, and Zhijian He

Flow Simulation in Heterogeneous Porous Media With the Moving Least-Squares Method
Laurent White, Rohan Panchadhara, and Dimitar Trenev

A Fluidity-Based First-Order System Least-Squares Method for Ice Sheets
Jeffery Allen, Chris Leibs, Tom Manteuffel, and Harihar Rajaram

Interpolative Butterfly Factorization
Yingzhou Li and Haizhao Yang

Mixed Methods for Two-Phase Darcy--Stokes Mixtures of Partially Melted Materials with Regions of Zero Porosity
Todd Arbogast, Marc A. Hesse, and Abraham L. Taicher

Refficientlib: An Efficient Load-Rebalanced Adaptive Mesh Refinement Algorithm for High-Performance Computational Physics Meshes
Joan Baiges and Camilo Bayona


Deflation as a Method of Variance Reduction for Estimating the Trace of a Matrix Inverse
Arjun Singh Gambhir, Andreas Stathopoulos, and Kostas Orginos

Edge Detection of Piecewise Smooth Functions from UnderSampled Fourier Data Using Variance Signatures
Dennis Denker and Anne Gelb

Householder QR Factorization With Randomization for Column Pivoting (HQRRP)

Per-Gunnar Martinsson, Gregorio Quintana OrtÍ, Nathan Heavner, and Robert van de Geijn

Is the Multigrid Method Fault Tolerant? The Two-Grid Case

Mark Ainsworth and Christian Glusa

Structure-preserving Exponential Runge--Kutta Methods
Ashish Bhatt and Brian E. Moore

Primal Domain Decomposition Methods for the Total Variation Minimization, Based on Dual Decomposition
Chang-Ock Lee and Changmin Nam

Modifiable Array Data Structures for Mesh Topology

Dan Ibanez and Mark S. Shephard

Embedded Ensemble Propagation for Improving Performance, Portability, and Scalability of Uncertainty Quantification on Emerging Computational Architectures
E. Phipps, M. D'Elia, H. C. Edwards, M. Hoemmen, J. Hu, and S. Rajamanickam

Computing the Action of Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Matrix Functions
Nicholas J. Higham and Peter Kandolf

GPU-Accelerated Bernstein--Bézier Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Wave Problems
Jesse Chan and T. Warburton

Dynamic Evaluation of Free-Form Curves and Surfaces
Xunnian Yang and Jialin Hong

Iterative Improvement of Lower and Upper Bounds for Backward SDEs
Christian Bender, Christian Gärtner, and Nikolaus Schweizer

Space-Time Balancing Domain Decomposition

Santiago Badia and Marc Olm

Fast Nonnegative Least Squares Through Flexible Krylov Subspaces
Silvia Gazzola and Yves Wiaux


SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


On the Application of McDiarmid's Inequality to Complex Systems
Timothy C. Wallstrom

Rising Above Chaotic Likelihoods
Hailiang Du and Leonard A. Smith

Metropolized Randomized Maximum Likelihood for Improved Sampling from Multimodal Distributions
Dean S. Oliver

Polynomial Chaos Expansions for the Stability Analysis of Uncertain Delay Differential Equations
Rossana Vermiglio

Degenerate Kalman Filter Error Covariances and Their Convergence onto the Unstable Subspace
Marc Bocquet, Karthik S. Gurumoorthy, Amit Apte, Alberto Carrassi, Colin Grudzien, and Christopher K. R. T. Jones

Quantification of Airfoil Geometry-Induced Aerodynamic Uncertainties---Comparison of Approaches
Dishi Liu, Alexander Litvinenko, Claudia Schillings, and Volker Schulz


Multipoint Distribution of Saturation for Stochastic Nonlinear Two-Phase Transport
Fayadhoi Ibrahima and Hamdi A. Tchelepi

Nonintrusive Polynomial Chaos Expansions for Sensitivity Analysis in Stochastic Differential Equations
M. Navarro Jimenez, O. P. Le Maître, and O. M. Knio

Comparison of Surrogate-Based Uncertainty Quantification Methods for Computationally Expensive Simulators
N. E. Owen, P. Challenor, P. P. Menon, and S. Bennani

Well-Posed Bayesian Inverse Problems: Priors with Exponential Tails
Bamdad Hosseini and Nilima Nigam

Multilevel Monte Carlo Analysis for Optimal Control of Elliptic PDEs with Random Coefficients
Ahmad Ahmad Ali, Elisabeth Ullmann, and Michael Hinze

Quasi-Monte Carlo and Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods for Computing Posterior Expectations in Elliptic Inverse Problems
R. Scheichl, A. M. Stuart, and A. L. Teckentrup


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 61-1


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