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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


Analysis of Heterogeneous Multiscale Methods for Long Time Wave Propagation Problems
Doghonay Arjmand and Olof Runborg

A Multiscale Meshfree Method for Macroscopic Approximations of Interacting Particle Systems
A. Klar and S. Tiwari


Filtering the Maximum Likelihood for Multiscale Problems
Andrew Papanicolaou and Konstantinos Spiliopoulos

Finite Element Heterogeneous Multiscale Method for the Wave Equation: Long-Time Effects
Assyr Abdulle, Marcus J. Grote, and Christian Stohrer

(In-)stability and Stabilization of QNL-Type Atomistic-to-Continuum Coupling Methods
Christoph Ortner, Alexander V. Shapeev, and Lei Zhang

Oscillatory Survival Probability and Eigenvalues of the Non-Self-Adjoint Fokker--Planck Operator
D. Holcman and Z. Schuss

Wave Backscattering by Point Scatterers in the Random Paraxial Regime
Josselin Garnier and Knut Sølna

Macroscopic Limit of a One-Dimensional Model for Aging Fluids
David Benoit, Claude Le Bris, and Tony Lelièvre


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


Robust Pulse Generators in an Excitable Medium with Jump-Type Heterogeneity
Masaaki Yadome, Yasumasa Nishiura, and Takashi Teramoto

Implicit Methods for Equation-Free Analysis: Convergence Results and Analysis of Emergent Waves in Microscopic Traffic Models
Christian Marschler, Jan Sieber, Rainer Berkemer, Atsushi Kawamoto, and Jens Starke

A Modeling Exploration of How Synaptic Feedback to Descending Projection Neurons Shapes the Activity of an Oscillatory Network
Nickolas Kintos and Farzan Nadim


On the Equivalence between the Sigmoidal Approach and Utkin's Approach for Piecewise-Linear Models of Gene Regulatory Networks
Nicoletta Del Buono, Cinzia Elia, and Luciano Lopez


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Derivation of Seawater Intrusion Models by Formal Asymptotics
M. Jazar and R. Monneau

Analysis of Combined Langerhans and CD4+ T Cells HIV Infection
Faraimunashe Chirove, Sutimin, Edy Soewono, and Nuning Nuraini

What Is the Optimal Shape of a Fin for One-Dimensional Heat Conduction?
Gilles Marck, Grégoire Nadin, and Yannick Privat

Approximation of the Erdélyi--Kober Operator with Application to the Time-Fractional Porous Medium Equation
Łukasz Płociniczak

Gram Charlier Expansion for Time Varying Multiserver Queues with Abandonment
Jamol Pender

Stability Analysis of a Renewal Equation for Cell Population Dynamics with Quiescence
Tomás Alarcón, Philipp Getto, and Yukihiko Nakata

Mixing Time of Molecules Inside of Nanoporous Gold
Daniel M. Packwood, Tienan Jin, Takeshi Fujita, Mingwei Chen, and Naoki Asao


Hexagonal Patterns in a Simplified Model for Block Copolymers
D. P. Bourne, M. A. Peletier, and S. M. Roper

Dimensional Reduction of a Multiscale Continuum Model of Microtubule Gliding Assays
Christel Hohenegger, Steve Cook, and Tamar Shinar

Three-Dimensional Quadratic Model of Paclitaxel Release from Biodegradable Polymer Films

André Garon and Michel C. Delfour

Basic Mechanisms Driving Complex Spike Dynamics in a Chemotaxis Model with Logistic Growth
Theodore Kolokolnikov, Juncheng Wei, and Adam Alcolado

Persistence and Spread of a Species with a Shifting Habitat Edge

Bingtuan Li, Sharon Bewick, Jin Shang, and William F. Fagan

Stability and Sensitivity Analysis of the iSIR Model for Indirectly Transmitted Infectious Diseases with Immunological Threshold
Jude D. Kong, William Davis, Xiong Li, and Hao Wang

Curvature Dependence of Propagating Velocity for a Simplified Calcium Model
Wenjun Zhang, James Sneyd, and Je-Chiang Tsai

An Age-Structured Model for T Cell Homeostasis in Vivo
Bedr'Eddine Ainseba, Houssein Ayoub, and Michel Langlais


SIAM Journal on Computing


Analyzing Walksat on Random Formulas
Amin Coja-Oghlan and Alan Frieze

Down the Rabbit Hole: Robust Proximity Search and Density Estimation in Sublinear Space
Sariel Har-Peled and Nirman Kumar


Impossibility of Differentially Private Universally Optimal Mechanisms
Hai Brenner and Kobbi Nissim

Almost Optimal Lower Bounds for Problems Parameterized by Clique-Width
Fedor V. Fomin, Petr A. Golovach, Daniel Lokshtanov, and Saket Saurabh

Protecting Circuits from Computationally Bounded and Noisy Leakage
Sebastian Faust, Tal Rabin, Leonid Reyzin, Eran Tromer, and Vinod Vaikuntanathan

Voting with Limited Information and Many Alternatives
Flavio Chierichetti and Jon Kleinberg


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Scalable ε-Optimal Decision-Making and Stochastic Routing in Large Networks via Distributed Supervision of Probabilistic Automata
Ishanu Chattopadhyay

Controllability on SL(2,C) with Restricted Controls
Victor Ayala, Rodolfo Ribeiro, Jr., and Luiz A. B. San Martin

Minimal Time Control of the Two Tanks Gradostat Model Under a Cascade Input Constraint

Terence Bayen, Alain Rapaport, and Matthieu Sebbah

Almost Sure and pth-Moment Stability and Stabilization of Regime-Switching Jump Diffusion Systems

Xiaofeng Zong, Fuke Wu, George Yin, and Zhuo Jin

Asymptotic Stability and Decay Rates of Homogeneous Positive Systems With Bounded and Unbounded Delays
Hamid Reza Feyzmahdavian, Themistoklis Charalambous, and Mikael Johansson

On the Cost of Fast Controls for Some Families of Dispersive or Parabolic Equations in One Space Dimension
Pierre Lissy


Contraction of Riccati Flows Applied to the Convergence Analysis of a Max-Plus Curse-of-Dimensionality--Free Method
Zheng Qu

How to Decide Consensus? A Combinatorial Necessary and Sufficient Condition and a Proof that Consensus is Decidable but NP-Hard
Vincent D. Blondel and Alex Olshevsky

Optimal Reliability in Design for Fatigue Life
Hanno Gottschalk and Sebastian Schmitz

Achieving Pareto Optimality Through Distributed Learning

Jason R. Marden, H. Peyton Young, and Lucy Y. Pao

Optimal Control of a Free Boundary Problem: Analysis with Second-Order Sufficient Conditions
Harbir Antil, Ricardo H. Nochetto, and Patrick Sodré

Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Rejecting Boundary Disturbance from Multidimensional Kirchhoff Plate via Boundary Control
Bao-Zhu Guo and Hua-Cheng Zhou

Convergence Speed of Nonlinear Luenberger Observers
Vincent Andrieu

Classical and Strong Cconvexity of Sublevel Sets and Application to Attainable Sets of Nonlinear Systems
Alexander Weber and Gunther Reissig


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


Representing Partitions on Trees
K. T. Huber, V. Moulton, C. Semple, and T. Wu

Balancing Degree, Diameter, and Weight in Euclidean Spanners
Shay Solomon and Michael Elkin

Embedding Partial Steiner Triple Systems with Few Triples
Daniel Horsley

ℓ-Degree Turán Density
Allan Lo and Klas Markström

Forbidden Subgraphs and 3-Colorings
Genghua Fan, Baogang Xu, Tianjun Ye, and Xingxing Yu

Homological Face-Width Condition Forcing K6-Minors in Graphs on Surfaces
Roi Krakovski and Bojan Mohar

The Final Size of the C-free Process
Michael E. Picollelli

Strict Inequalities for Connective Constants of Transitive Graphs

Geoffrey R. Grimmett and Zhongyang Li

Beyond the Vizing's Bound for at Most Seven Colors

Marcin Kamiński and Łukasz Kowalik


Hitting and Harvesting Pumpkins
Gwenaël Joret, Christophe Paul, Ignasi Sau, Saket Saurabh, and Stéphan Thomassé

Computing the Stretch of an Embedded Graph
Sergio Cabello, Markus Chimani, and Petr Hliněný

Intertwining Connectivity in Matroids
Rong Chen and Geoff Whittle

Finding a Closest Point in a Lattice of Voronoi's First Kind
Robby G. McKilliam, Alex Grant, and I. Vaughan L. Clarkson

Popular Matchings: Structure and Strategic Issues
Meghana Nasre

Pebbling in Split Graphs
Liliana Alcón, Marisa Gutierrez, and Glenn Hurlbert

Universality of Random Graphs for Graphs of Maximum Degree Two

Jeong Han Kim and Sang June Lee


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


VWAP Execution and Guaranteed VWAP
Olivier Guéant and Guillaume Royer

Generalizations of Functionally Generated Portfolios with Applications to Statistical Arbitrage
Winslow Strong

An Affine Multicurrency Model with Stochastic Volatility and Stochastic Interest Rates
Alessandro Gnoatto and Martino Grasselli


Construction of Mean-Self-Financing Strategies for European Options under Regime-Switching
G. N. Milstein and V. Spokoiny

Monte Carlo Variance Reduction by Conditioning for Pricing with Underlying a Continuous-Time Finite State Markov Process
Juan Miguel Montes, Valentina Prezioso, and Wolfgang J. Runggaldier

Optimal Exercise of Swing Contracts in Energy Markets: An Integral Constrained Stochastic Optimal Control Problem
Matteo Basei, Annalisa Cesaroni, and Tiziano Vargiolu


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


Fast Alternating Direction Optimization Methods
Tom Goldstein, Brendan O'Donoghue, Simon Setzer, and Richard Baraniuk

Simultaneous High Dynamic Range and Superresolution Imaging without Regularization
Yann Traonmilin and Cecilia Aguerrebere

Statistical Shape Analysis of Neuroanatomical Structures via Level-Set--based Shape Morphing
Tammy Riklin Raviv, Yi Gao, James J. Levitt, and Sylvain Bouix

Inverse Problem in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
Jae Kyu Choi, Hyoung Suk Park, Shuai Wang, Yi Wang, and Jin Keun Seo


On Stable Reconstructions from Nonuniform Fourier Measurements
Ben Adcock, Milana Gataric, and Anders Hansen

Primal-Dual Decomposition by Operator Splitting and Applications to Image Deblurring
Daniel O'Connor and Lieven Vandenberghe

Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography with Piecewise Constant Material Parameters

W. Naetar and O. Scherzer

Solving 2D Fredholm Integral from Incomplete Measurements Using Compressive Sensing
Alexander Cloninger, Wojciech Czaja, Ruiliang Bai, and Peter J. Basser

Inverse Elastic Scattering for Multiscale Rigid Bodies with a Single Far-Field Pattern
Guanghui Hu, Jingzhi Li, Hongyu Liu, and Hongpeng Sun

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


A Priori Estimates and Analytical Construction of Radially Symmetric Solutions in the Gas Dynamics
Magali Lécureux-Mercier

Global Existence of Weak Solutions for the Burgers--Hilbert Equation
Alberto Bressan and Khai T. Nguyen

The Concept of Heterogeneous Scattering Coefficients and Its Application in Inverse Medium Scattering
Habib Ammari, Yat Tin Chow, and Jun Zou

Asymptotic Analysis of Ambrosio--Tortorelli Energies in Linearized Elasticity
M. Focardi and F. Iurlano

Spectral Optimization Problems for Potentials and Measures
Dorin Bucur, Giuseppe Buttazzo, and Bozhidar Velichkov

Wavenumber-Explicit Bounds in Time-Harmonic Acoustic Scattering
E. A. Spence

Diffusion on Surfaces and the Boundary Periodic Unfolding Operator with an Application to Carcinogenesis in Human Cells
Isabell Graf and Malte A. Peter

Well-Posedness of a Fully Coupled Navier--Stokes/Q-tensor System with Inhomogeneous Boundary Data
Helmut Abels, Georg Dolzmann, and YuNing Liu

Global Well-Posedness for the Two-Dimensional Incompressible Chemotaxis-Navier--Stokes Equations
Qian Zhang and Xiaoxin Zheng


Discretization of the Time Domain CFIE for Acoustic Scattering Problems Using Convolution Quadrature
Qiang Chen and Peter Monk

Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to the Liquid Crystal System in HM(R3)
Mimi Dai and Maria Schonbek

On a Lower Bound for the Jensen Inequality
Stephen G. Walker

On a Miscible Displacement Model in Porous Media Flow with Measure Data
Jérôme Droniou and Kyle S. Talbot


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


An Accelerated Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for the Bidiagonal SVD Problem
Shengguo Li, Ming Gu, Lizhi Cheng, Xuebin Chi, and Meng Sun

On the Global Convergence of the Alternating Least Squares Method for Rank-One Approximation to Generic Tensors
Liqi Wang and Moody T. Chu

The Exact Condition Number of the Truncated Singular Value Solution of a Linear Ill-Posed Problem
El Houcine Bergou, Serge Gratton, and Jean Tshimanga

Best Kronecker Product Approximation of The Blurring Operator in Three Dimensional Image Restoration Problems
Mansoor Rezghi, S. Mohammad Hosseini, and Lars Eldén

Fast Updating Algorithms for Latent Semantic Indexing

Eugene Vecharynski and Yousef Saad

A Logarithmic Minimization Property of the Unitary Polar Factor in the Spectral and Frobenius Norms
Patrizio Neff, Yuji Nakatsukasa, and Andreas Fischle

Semidefinite Relaxations for Best Rank-1 Tensor Approximations

Jiawang Nie and Li Wang


Factorization Approach to Structured Low-Rank Approximation with Applications
Mariya Ishteva, Konstantin Usevich, and Ivan Markovsky

Fast Enclosure for All Eigenvalues and Invariant Subspaces in Generalized Eigenvalue Problems
Shinya Miyajima


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


Numerical Algorithms Based on Analytic Function Values at Roots of Unity
Anthony P. Austin, Peter Kravanja, and Lloyd N. Trefethen

Divergence-Conforming Discontinuous Galerkin Methods and C0 Interior Penalty Methods
Guido Kanschat and Natasha Sharma

Good Behavior with Respect to the Stiffness in the Numerical Integration of Retarded Functional Differential Equations
S. Maset and M. Zennaro

Approximate Calculation of Sums I: Bounds for the Zeros of Gram Polynomials
Iván Area, Dimitar K. Dimitrov, Eduardo Godoy, and Vanessa Paschoa

New Exponential Variable Transform Methods for Functions with Endpoint Singularities
Ben Adcock and Mark Richardson

Optimal Domain Splitting for Interpolation by Chebyshev Polynomials
Tobin A. Driscoll and J. A. C. Weideman

An Online Manifold Learning Approach for Model Reduction of Dynamical Systems
Liqian Peng and Kamran Mohseni

A Multistep Legendre--Gauss Spectral Collocation Method for Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations
Chang-Tao Sheng, Zhong-Qing Wang, and Ben-Yu Guo

Optimized Schwarz Methods for Circular Domain Decompositions with Overlap
Martin J. Gander and Yingxiang Xu

Stability Of A Force-Based Hybrid Method With Planar Sharp Interface
Jianfeng Lu and Pingbing Ming

Two-Grid Methods for Maxwell Eigenvalue Problems

J. Zhou, X. Hu, L. Zhong, S. Shu, and L. Chen

Analysis of Asymptotic Preserving DG-IMEX Schemes for Linear Kinetic Transport Equations in a Diffusive Scaling
Juhi Jang, Fengyan Li, Jing-Mei Qiu, and Tao Xiong

A New Angular Momentum Method for Computing Wave Maps into Spheres
Trygve K. Karper and Franziska Weber

Error Analysis of a Space-Time Finite Element Method for Solving PDEs on Evolving Surfaces
Maxim A. Olshanskii and Arnold Reusken

An Equilibrated A Posteriori Error Estimator for the Interior Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin Method
D. Braess, T. Fraunholz, and R. H. W. Hoppe

Unfitted Finite Element Methods Using Bulk Meshes for Surface Partial Differential Equations

Klaus Deckelnick, Charles M. Elliott, and Thomas Ranner

A Second-Order Maximum Principle Preserving Lagrange Finite Element Technique for Nonlinear Scalar Conservation Equations
Jean-Luc Guermond, Murtazo Nazarov, Bojan Popov, and Yong Yang

An Optimization-based Atomistic-to-Continuum Coupling Method
Derek Olson, Pavel B. Bochev, Mitchell Luskin, and Alexander V. Shapeev

Corrigendum: Regularized Least Squares Approximations on the Sphere Using Spherical Designs
Congpei An, Xiaojun Chen, Ian H. Sloan, and Robert S. Womersley


Stabilized Finite Elements for a Reaction-Dispersion Saddle-Point Problem with NonConstant Coefficients
Faker Ben Belgacem, Christine Bernardi, Frédéric Hecht, and Stéphanie Salmon

Internal Error Propagation in Explicit Runge--Kutta Methods
David I. Ketcheson, Lajos Lóczi, and Matteo Parsani

On Noncoercive Variational Inequalities

Silke Glas and Karsten Urban

Error Analysis of a Finite Element Method for the Space-Fractional Parabolic Equation
Bangti Jin, Raytcho Lazarov, Joseph Pasciak, and Zhi Zhou


SIAM Journal on Optimization


On Wolfe's Method for Resolving Degeneracy in Linearly Constrained Optimization
Roger Fletcher

A Stochastic Smoothing Algorithm for Semidefinite Programming
Alexandre d'Aspremont and Noureddine El Karoui

An Efficient Matrix Splitting Method for the Second-Order Cone Complementarity Problem
Lei-Hong Zhang and Wei Hong Yang

Sensitivity Analysis of the Value Function for Parametric Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints
Lei Guo, Gui-Hua Lin, Jane J. Ye, and Jin Zhang

Convergence of Trust-Region Methods Based on Probabilistic Models
A. S. Bandeira, K. Scheinberg, and L. N. Vicente

Semidefinite Approximation for Mixed Binary Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programs
Zi Xu, Mingyi Hong, and Zhi-Quan Luo

Iterated Chvátal--Gomory Cuts and the Geometry of Numbers
Iskander Aliev and Adam Letchford

Probabilistic Algorithm for Polynomial Optimization over a Real Algebraic Set
Aurélien Greuet and Mohab Safey El Din

Full Lipschitzian and Hölderian Stability in Optimization with Applications to Mathematical Programming and Optimal Control
B. S. Mordukhovich and T. T. A. Nghia

On the Complexity of Computing Critical Points with Gröbner Bases
Pierre-Jean Spaenlehauer

Robust Solutions of MultiObjective Linear Semi-Infinite Programs under Constraint Data Uncertainty
M. A. Goberna, V. Jeyakumar, G. Li, and J. Vicente-Pérez

Proximal Newton-Type Methods for Minimizing Composite Functions
Jason D. Lee, Yuekai Sun, and Michael A. Saunders


Primal-Dual Subgradient Method for Huge-Scale Linear Conic Problems
Yu. Nesterov and S. Shpirko

Symmetric Confidence Regions and Confidence Intervals for Normal Map Formulations of Stochastic Variational Inequalities

Shu Lu

Distributionally Robust Stochastic Knapsack Problem
Jianqiang Cheng, Erick Delage, and Abdel Lisser

A Matrix-Free Trust-Region SQP Method for Equality Constrained Optimization

Matthias Heinkenschloss and Denis Ridzal

SIAM Review

SIREV 56-2


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Localized Orthogonal Decomposition Techniques for Boundary Value Problems
Patrick Henning and Axel

Minimal Dirichlet Energy Partitions for Graphs

Braxton Osting, Chris D. White, and Édouard Oudet

A Recursive Sparse Grid Collocation Method for Differential Equations with White Noise

Z. Zhang, M. V. Tretyakov, B. Rozovskii, and G. E. Karniadakis

Discontinuous Spectral Element Methods for Time- and Space-Fractional Advection Equations
Mohsen Zayernouri and George Em Karniadakis

Algebraic Multigrid for Moderate Order Finite Elements
Artem Napov and Yvan Notay

Globally Adaptive Control Variate for Robust Numerical Integration
Anthony Pajot, Loïc Barthe, and Mathias Paulin

New Kinds of High-Order Multistep Schemes for Coupled Forward Backward Stochastic Differential Equations
Weidong Zhao, Yu Fu, and Tao Zhou

On Sparse Interpolation and the Design of Deterministic Interpolation Points

Zhiqiang Xu and Tao Zhou

Weak Second Order Multirevolution Composition Methods for Highly Oscillatory Stochastic Differential Equations with Additive or Multiplicative Noise
Gilles Vilmart

A Chebyshev PseudoSpectral Method to Solve the Space-Time Tempered Fractional Diffusion Equation
Emmanuel Hanert and Cécile Piret

Discrete Conservation Laws on Curved Surfaces II: A Dual Approach
Sheng-Gwo Chen and Jyh-Yang Wu

Two-Phase Fluid Simulation Using a Diffuse Interface Model with Peng--Robinson Equation of State
Zhonghua Qiao and Shuyu Sun

A High-Order Dirac-Delta Regularization with Optimal Scaling in the Spectral Solution of One-Dimensional Singular Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
Jean-Piero Suarez, Gustaaf B. Jacobs, and Wai-Sun Don

Low-Rank Approximate Inverse for Preconditioning Tensor-Structured Linear Systems
L. Giraldi, A. Nouy, and G. Legrain

Conforming Delaunay Triangulation of Stochastically Generated Three Dimensional Discrete Fracture Networks: A Feature Rejection Algorithm for Meshing Strategy
Jeffrey D. Hyman, Carl W. Gable, Scott L. Painter, and Nataliia Makedonska

Randomize-Then-Optimize: A Method for Sampling from Posterior Distributions in Nonlinear Inverse Problems
Johnathan M. Bardsley, Antti Solonen, Heikki Haario, and Marko Laine

Discrete-Ordinates and Streamline Diffusion Methods for a Flow Described by BGK Model
M. Asadzadeh, E. Kazemi, and R. Mokhtari

A Parallel Directional Fast Multipole Method
Austin R. Benson, Jack Poulson, Kenneth Tran, Björn Engquist, and Lexing Ying

Stabilized Finite Element Methods for Nonsymmetric, Noncoercive, and Ill-Posed Problems. Part II: Hyperbolic Equations
Erik Burman

A Plane-Wave Least-Squares Method for Time-Harmonic Maxwell's Equations in Absorbing Media

Qiya Hu and Long Yuan

Analysis of Block Preconditioners for Models of Coupled Magma/Mantle Dynamics
Sander Rhebergen, Garth N. Wells, Richard F. Katz, and Andrew J. Wathen

An Inverse Iteration Method for Eigenvalue Problems with Eigenvector Nonlinearities

Elias Jarlebring, Simen Kvaal, and Wim Michiels

Preconditioned Iterative Methods for Solving Linear Least Squares Problems
Rafael Bru, José Marín, José Mas, and Miroslav Tůma

A Scalable O(N) Algorithm for Large-Scale Parallel First-Principles Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Daniel Osei-Kuffuor and Jean-Luc Fattebert

A Direct Solver with O(N) Complexity for Variable Coefficient Elliptic PDEs Discretized via a High-Order Composite Spectral Collocation Method
A. Gillman and P. G. Martinsson

Relaxing the CFL Number of the Discontinuous Galerkin Method
N. Chalmers, L. Krivodonova, and R. Qin

An Energy Stable Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Discretization for Variable Coefficient Advection Problems
David A. Kopriva and Gregor J. Gassner

Real-Time Ensemble Control with Reduced-Order Modeling
Binghuai Lin and Dennis McLaughlin

Erratum: Immersed Boundary Method for Variable Viscosity and Variable Density Problems Using Fast Constant-Coefficient Linear Solvers I: Numerical Method and Results
Thomas G. Fai, Boyce E. Griffith, Yoichiro Mori, and Charles S. Peskin

Dynamic Autotuning of Adaptive Fast Multipole Methods on Hybrid Multicore CPU and GPU Systems
Marcus Holm, Stefan Engblom, Anders Goude, and Sverker Holmgren


Pricing Derivative Securities Using Integrated Quasi--Monte Carlo Methods with Dimension Reduction and Discontinuity Realignment
Junichi Imai and Ken Seng Tan

A-Optimal Design of Experiments for Infinite-Dimensional Bayesian Linear Inverse Problems with Regularized ℓ0-Sparsification
Alen Alexanderian, Noemi Petra, Georg Stadler, and Omar Ghattas

Finite Element Formulation in Flat Coordinate Spaces to Solve Elliptic Problems on General Closed Riemannian Manifolds

Lizhen Qin, Shangyou Zhang, and Zhimin Zhang

A Unified Sparse Matrix Data Format for Efficient General Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on Modern Processors with Wide SIMD Units
Moritz Kreutzer, Georg Hager, Gerhard Wellein, Holger Fehske, and Alan R. Bishop

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


Variational Multiscale Analysis: The Fine-Scale Green's Function for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
J. Jagalur Mohan, O. Sahni, A. Doostan, and A. A. Oberai


Subsampled Gauss Quadrature Nodes for Estimating Polynomial Chaos Expansions
Gary Tang and Gianluca Iaccarino

Computational Aspects of Stochastic Collocation with Multifidelity Models
Xueyu Zhu, Akil Narayan, and Dongbin Xiu


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 58-3


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