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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


Contrast Independent Localization of Multiscale Problems
Fredrik Hellman and Axel Målqvist

Backscattering of Continuous and Pulsed Beams
Shelley B. Rohde and Arnold D. Kim

Reduction for Stochastic Biochemical Reaction Networks with Multiscale Conservations
Jae Kyoung Kim, Grzegorz A. Rempala, and Hye-Won Kang

Optimal Balance via Adiabatic Invariance of Approximate Slow Manifolds
Georg A. Gottwald, Haidar Mohamad, and Marcel Oliver

Tensor Network Skeletonization
Lexing Ying

Carbon-Nanotube Geometries as Optimal Configurations
E. Mainini, H. Murakawa, P. Piovano, and U. Stefanelli

Pulse Reflection in a Random Waveguide with a Turning Point
Liliana Borcea and Josselin Garnier

The Vlasov--Poisson--Fokker--Planck System with Uncertainty and a One-dimensional Asymptotic Preserving Method
Yuhua Zhu and Shi Jin


Computation of Quasi-Local Effective Diffusion Tensors and Connections to the Mathematical Theory of Homogenization
D. Gallistl and D. Peterseim

Multivariate Gaussian Extended Quadrature Method of Moments for Turbulent Disperse Multiphase Flow
C. Chalons, R. O. Fox, F. Laurent, M. Massot, and A. Vié

Fast Spatial Gaussian Process Maximum Likelihood Estimation via Skeletonization Factorizations
Victor Minden, Anil Damle, Kenneth L. Ho, and Lexing Ying

Creating Band Gaps in Periodic Media
Robert Lipton and Robert Viator Jr

Cell Averaging Two-Scale Convergence: Applications to Periodic Homogenization
François Alouges and Giovanni Di Fratta

Varying the Resolution of the Rouse Model on Temporal and Spatial Scales: Application to Multiscale Modeling of DNA Dynamics
Edward Rolls, Yuichi Togashi, and Radek Erban

An Asymptotic Preserving Method for Transport Equations with Oscillatory Scattering Coefficients
Qin Li and Jianfeng Lu

The M1 Angular Moments Model in a Velocity-Adaptive Frame for Rarefied Gas Dynamics Applications
S. Guisset, D. Aregba, S. Brull, and B. Dubroca


SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry


Symmetric Tensor Nuclear Norms
Jiawang Nie

Optimal Control Problems with Symmetry Breaking Cost Functions
Anthony M. Bloch, Leonardo J. Colombo, Rohit Gupta, and Tomoki Ohsawa


Private Information Retrieval from Coded Databases with Colluding Servers
Ragnar Freij-Hollanti, Oliver W. Gnilke, Camilla Hollanti, and David A. Karpuk


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


A Model for Cell Polarization Without Mass Conservation
Nicolas Verschueren and Alan Champneys

Dynamic Bifurcation from Infinity of Nonlinear Evolution Equations

Chunqiu Li, Desheng Li, and Zhijun Zhang

Synchrony Branching Lemma for Regular Networks
Pedro Soares

An Invariant Winding Number for the FitzHugh--Nagumo System with Applications to Cardiac Dynamics
Eric N. Cytrynbaum and Kelly M. Paton

Global Stability of the Sync with Amplitude Effects
Shuai Liu, Wei Zou, MiaoZhuang He, Jürgen Kurths, and Meng Zhan

Spatially Localized Self-Assembly Driven by Electrically Charged Phase Separation
Nir Gavish, Idan Versano, and Arik Yochelis

On the Global Dynamics of an Electroencephalographic Mean Field Model of the Neocortex
Farshad Shirani, Wassim M. Haddad, and Rafael de la Llave


Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Diffusive Mussel-Algae Model Near Turing-Hopf Bifurcation
Yongli Song, Heping Jiang, Quan-Xing Liu, and Yuan Yuan

Existence and Stability of Odd and Even Parity Discrete Breathers in Fermi--Pasta--Ulam Lattices
Kazuyuki Yoshimura

Ergodic Theory, Dynamic Mode Decomposition, and Computation of Spectral Properties of the Koopman Operator
Hassan Arbabi and Igor Mezic

Finding First Foliation Tangencies in the Lorenz System
Jennifer L. Creaser, Bernd Krauskopf, and Hinke M. Osinga


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Globally Strictly Convex Cost Functional for a 1-D Inverse Medium Scattering Problem with Experimental Data
Michael V. Klibanov, Aleksandr E. Kolesov, Lam Nguyen, and Anders Sullivan

On the Recovery of Core and Crustal Components of Geomagnetic Potential Fields
L. Baratchart and C. Gerhards

Modeling Pharmacodynamics on HIV Latent Infection: Choice of Drugs is Key to Successful Cure via Early Therapy
Naveen K. Vaidya and Libin Rong

The Dynamics of Three-Phase Triple Junction and Contact Points
Dong Wang, Xiao-Ping Wang, and Ya-Guang Wang

A Mathematical and Numerical Framework for Bubble Meta-Screens
Habib Ammari, Brian Fitzpatrick, David Gontier, Hyundae Lee, and Hai Zhang


Revisiting the Two-Dimensional Defect-Free Azimuthal Nematic Equilibrium on an Annulus
A. H. Lewis, D. G. A. L. Aarts, P. D. Howell, and A. Majumdar

Optimal Location of Resources for Biased Movement of Species: The 1D Case
Fabien Caubet, Thibaut Deheuvels, and Yannick Privat

Bounds on the Average Velocity of a Rigid Body in a Stokes Fluid
O. Gonzalez

Finite Propagation Speed of Waves in Anisotropic Viscoelastic Media
Joyce R. McLaughlin and Jeong-Rock Yoon

Mathematical Modeling of Chemical Agent Removal by Reaction with an Immiscible Cleanser
M. P. Dalwadi, D. O'Kiely, S. J. Thomson, T. S. Khaleque, and C. L. Hall

Homogenization of Elastic Dielectric Composites with Rapidly Oscillating Passive and Active Source Terms
Victor Lefèvre and Oscar Lopez-Pamies

On the Elliptic-Hyperbolic Transition in Whitham Modulation Theory
Thomas J. Bridges and Daniel J. Ratliff

Stress-Dependent Local Oxidation of Silicon
J. D. Evans and J. R. King


SIAM Journal on Computing


Peeling Potatoes Near-Optimally in Near-Linear Time
Sergio Cabello, Josef Cibulka, Jan Kynčl, Maria Saumell, and Pavel Valtr

Approximately Counting Triangles in Sublinear Time
Talya Eden, Amit Levi, Dana Ron, and C. Seshadhri

Physical Limitations of Quantum Cryptographic Primitives or Optimal Bounds for Quantum Coin Flipping and Bit Commitment

André Chailloux and Iordanis Kerenidis


On Clustering Induced Voronoi Diagrams
Danny Z. Chen, Ziyun Huang, Yangwei Liu, and Jinhui Xu

Approximation Algorithms for Polynomial-Expansion and Low-Density Graphs
Sariel Har-Peled and Kent Quanrud

Geometric Packing under Nonuniform Constraints
Alina Ene, Sariel Har-Peled, and Benjamin Raichel


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Error Analysis for POD Approximations of Infinite Horizon Problems via the Dynamic Programming Approach
A. Alla, M. Falcone, and S. Volkwein

Convergence Analysis of a Family of Robust Kalman Filters Based on the Contraction Principle
Mattia Zorzi

Relative Controllability of Linear Difference Equations

Guilherme Mazanti

Relaxation and Purification for Nonconvex Variational Problems in Dual Banach Spaces: The Minimization Principle in Saturated Measure Spaces

Nobusumi Sagara

Flatness of Multi-Input Control-Affine Systems Linearizable via One-Fold Prolongation
Florentina Nicolau and Witold Respondek

On Some Impulse Control Problems with Constraint
J. L. Menaldi and M. Robin

Fréchet Differentiability of Unsteady Incompressible Navier--Stokes Flow with Respect to Domain Variations of Low Regularity by Using a General Analytical Framework
Michael Fischer, Florian Lindemann, Michael Ulbrich, and Stefan Ulbrich

Connection between MP and DPP for Stochastic Recursive Optimal Control Problems: Viscosity Solution Framework in the General Case
Tianyang Nie, Jingtao Shi, and Zhen Wu

Robustness Properties in Fictitious-Play-Type Algorithms
Brian Swenson, Soummya Kar, João Xavier, and David S. Leslie

Hedging of Covered Options with Linear Market Impact and Gamma Constraint
Bruno Bouchard, Grégoire Loeper, and Yiyi Zou

Linear Quantum System Transfer Function Realization Using Static Networks for Input/Output Processing and Feedback
Symeon Grivopoulos and Ian Petersen

Delayed Optimal Control of Stochastic LQ Problem
Yuan-Hua Ni, Ka-Fai Cedric Yiu, Huanshui Zhang, and Ji-Feng Zhang


Model-Independent Bounds for Asian Options: A Dynamic Programming Approach
Alexander M. G. Cox and Sigrid Källblad

Lyapunov-Based Stability and Construction of Lyapunov Functions for Boolean Networks
Haitao Li and Yuzhen Wang

Almost Sure and Moment Exponential Stability of Regime-Switching Jump Diffusions

Zhen Chao, Kai Wang, Chao Zhu, and Yanling Zhu

Relaxation for a Control Problem in Concrete Carbonation Modeling
Toyohiko Aiki and Sergey A. Timoshin

Neumann Boundary Controllability of the Korteweg--de Vries Equation on a Bounded Domain

Miguel Andres Caicedo, Roberto Capistrano Filho, and Bing-Yu Zhang

Rebalancing with Linear and Quadratic Costs
Ren Liu, Johannes Muhle-Karbe, and Marko H. Weber

Observers and Dynamic Controllers for Linear Differential-Algebraic Systems
Thomas Berger and Timo Reis

Skorohod's Representation Theorem and Optimal Strategies for Markets with Frictions
Huy N. Chau and Miklós Rásonyi

Optimal Sensor Placement: A Robust Approach
Michael Hintermüller, Carlos N. Rautenberg, Masoumeh Mohammadi, and Martin Kanitsar


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


Binarisation for Valued Constraint Satisfaction Problems
David A. Cohen, Martin C. Cooper, Peter G. Jeavons, Andrei Krokhin, Robert Powell, and Stanislav Živný

An Algorithmic Regularity Lemma for Lp Regular Sparse Matrices
Silouanos Brazitikos and Thodoris Karageorgos

Extremal Results for Berge Hypergraphs

Dániel Gerbner and Cory Palmer

Loose Hamiltonian Cycles Forced by Large (k-2)-Degree---Approximate
Josefran de Oliveira Bastos, Guilherme Oliveira Mota, Mathias Schacht, Jakob Schnitzer, and Fabian Schulenburg

Popular Matchings with Two-Sided Preferences and One-Sided Ties
Ágnes Cseh, Chien-Chung Huang, and Telikepalli Kavitha

Two Double Poset Polytopes
Thomas Chappell, Tobias Friedl, and Raman Sanyal

Rumors Spread Slowly in a Small-World Spatial Network
Jeannette Janssen and Abbas Mehrabian

Plane Triangulations Without a Spanning Halin Subgraph II
Guantao Chen, Hikoe Enomoto, Kenta Ozeki, and Shoichi Tsuchiya

Maximum Minimal Vertex Cover Parameterized by Vertex Cover
Meirav Zehavi


Conformal Decomposition of Integral Tensions and Potentials of Signed Graphs
Beifang Chen

Constructive Packings of Triple Systems
Brendan Nagle

Broadcast Transmission to Prioritizing Receivers
Noga Alon and Guy Rutenberg

The Minimum Distance of Some Narrow-Sense Primitive BCH Codes

Shuxing Li

Quasisymmetric Functions for Nestohedra
Vladimir Grujić

Valid Plane Trees: Combinatorial Models for RNA Secondary Structures with Watson--Crick Base Pairs
Francis Black, Elizabeth Drellich, and Julianna Tymoczko

Steiner Triple Systems with High Chromatic Index
Darryn Bryant, Charles J. Colbourn, Daniel Horsley, and Ian M. Wanless


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Magic Points in Finance: Empirical Integration for Parametric Option Pricing
Maximilian Gaß, Kathrin Glau, and Maximilian Mair


Optimal Initiation of Guaranteed Lifelong Withdrawal Benefit with Dynamic Withdrawals
Yao Tung Huang, Pingping Zeng, and Yue Kuen Kwok

A Stochastic Model of Optimal Debt Management and Bankruptcy
Alberto Bressan, Antonio Marigonda, Khai T. Nguyen, and Michele Palladino

Ergodicity and Diffusivity of Markovian Order Book Models: A General Framework
Weibing Huang and Mathieu Rosenbaum


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


Low Dimensional Manifold Model for Image Processing
Stanley Osher, Zuoqiang Shi, and Wei Zhu

Total Variation Denoising in l1 Anisotropy
Michał Łasica, Salvador Moll, and Piotr B. Mucha

Cut Pursuit: Fast Algorithms to Learn Piecewise Constant Functions on General Weighted Graphs

Loic Landrieu and Guillaume Obozinski

The Mapping-Adaptive Convolution: A Fundamental Theory for Homography or Perspective Invariant Matching Methods
Zheng Li, Yiguang Liu, Jipeng Li, and Wenzheng Xu

The Little Engine That Could: Regularization by Denoising (RED)
Yaniv Romano, Michael Elad, and Peyman Milanfar

Sequential Convex Programming for Computing Information-Theoretic Minimal Partitions: Nonconvex Nonsmooth Optimization
Youngwook Kee, Yegang Lee, Mohamed Souiai, Daniel Cremers, and Junmo Kim


Nonlocal Means and Optimal Weights for Noise Removal
Qiyu Jin, Ion Grama, Charles Kervrann, and Quansheng Liu

Reducing Streaking Artifacts in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
Benjamin Palacios, Gunther Uhlmann, and Yiran Wang

Generalized Sinkhorn Iterations for Regularizing Inverse Problems Using Optimal Mass Transport
Johan Karlsson and Axel Ringh

Finite Differences in Forward and Inverse Imaging Problems: MaxPol Design
Mahdi S. Hosseini and Konstantinos N. Plataniotis

Joint Multichannel Deconvolution and Blind Source Separation
Ming Jiang, Jérôme Bobin, and Jean-Luc Starck

A Forward-Adjoint Operator Pair Based on the Elastic Wave Equation for Use in Transcranial Photoacoustic Computed Tomography
Kenji Mitsuhashi, Joemini Poudel, Thomas P. Matthews, Alejandro Garcia-Uribe, Lihong V. Wang, and Mark A. Anastasio


SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


A Rigorous Treatment of Moist Convection in a Single Column
Bin Cheng, Jingrui Cheng, Michael Cullen, John Norbury, and Matthew Turner

Regularity Theory and Extension Problem for Fractional Nonlocal Parabolic Equations and the Master Equation
Pablo Raúl Stinga and José L. Torrea

Longtime Behavior of Solutions of a SIS Epidemiological Model
Xinfu Chen, Je-Chiang Tsai, and Yaping Wu

Analysis of Transient Acoustic-Elastic Interaction in an Unbounded Structure
Yixian Gao, Peijun Li, and Bo Zhang

Eulerian and Lagrangian Solutions to the Continuity and Euler Equations with L1 Vorticity

Gianluca Crippa, Camilla Nobili, Christian Seis, and Stefano Spirito

On Wilson Bases in L2(Rd)
Marcin Bownik, Mads S. Jakobsen, Jakob Lemvig, and Kasso A. Okoudjou

Instabilities of the Relativistic Vlasov--Maxwell System on Unbounded Domains

Jonathan Ben-Artzi and Thomas Holding

Analyticity of Solutions to Parabolic Evolutions and Applications
Luis Escauriaza, Santiago Montaner, and Can Zhang

Comparison of Viscosity Solutions of Fully Nonlinear Degenerate Parabolic Path-Dependent PDEs
Zhenjie Ren, Nizar Touzi, and Jianfeng Zhang

Center Manifolds of Coupled Cell Networks
Eddie Nijholt, Bob Rink, and Jan Sanders

Convergence of Interaction-Driven Evolutions of Dislocations with Wasserstein Dissipation and Slip-Plane Confinement

Maria Giovanna Mora, Mark A. Peletier, and Lucia Scardia

Smoothing for the Zakharov and Klein--Gordon--Schrödinger Systems on Euclidean Spaces
E. Compaan

Spectrum of Neumann--Poincaré Operator on Annuli and Cloaking by Anomalous Localized Resonance for Linear Elasticity
Kazunori Ando, Hyeonbae Kang, Kyoungsun Kim, and Sanghyeon Yu

Consistency of Dirichlet Partitions
Braxton Osting and Todd Harry Reeb

Asymptotic Analysis of Stratified Elastic Media in the Space of Functions with Bounded Deformation
Michel Bellieud and Shane Cooper


Spectral Theory for Random Poincaré Maps
Manon Baudel and Nils Berglund

Electromagnetic Stekloff Eigenvalues in Inverse Scattering
Jessika Camaño, Christopher Lackner, and Peter Monk

Two-Weight Mixed Norm Estimates for a Generalized Spherical Mean Radon Transform Acting on Radial Functions
Óscar Ciaurri, Adam Nowak, and Luz Roncal

Asymptotic Analysis for Randomly Forced MHD
Juraj Földes, Susan Friedlander, Nathan Glatt-Holtz, and Geordie Richards

Existence of Regular Solutions of the Landau--Lifshitz--Gilbert Equation in 3D with Natural Boundary Conditions

Michael Feischl and Thanh Tran

The Weighted Ambrosio--Tortorelli Approximation Scheme
Irene Fonseca and Pan Liu

Random Perturbations of Viscous, Compressible Fluids: Global Existence of Weak Solutions
Scott A. Smith

The Strauss Conjecture on Asymptotically Flat Space-Times
Jason Metcalfe and Chengbo Wang

The Effect on Fisher-KPP Propagation in a Cylinder with Fast Diffusion on the Boundary
Luca Rossi, Andrea Tellini, and Enrico Valdinoci

Fluid-Rigid Structure Interaction System with Coulomb's Law
Loredana Bălilescu, Jorge San Martín, and Takéo Takahashi


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


Fast Estimation of tr(f(A)) via Stochastic Lanczos Quadrature
Shashanka Ubaru, Jie Chen, and Yousef Saad

On the Symmetric Componentwise Relative Backward Error for Linear Systems of Equations
Stanley C. Eisenstat, Serge Gratton, and David Titley-Peloquin

Faster Kernel Ridge Regression Using Sketching and Preconditioning

Haim Avron, Kenneth L. Clarkson, and David P. Woodruff

Endpoint Geodesics on the Stiefel Manifold Embedded in Euclidean Space

Darshan Bryner

Incomplete LU Preconditioner Based on Max-Plus Approximation of LU Factorization
James Hook and Françoise Tisseur

Eigenvalue Embedding of Undamped Vibroacoustic Systems with No-spillover
Jiang Qian, Yunfeng Cai, Delin Chu, and Roger C. E. Tan

Greedy Approaches to Symmetric Orthogonal Tensor Decomposition
Cun Mu, Daniel Hsu, and Donald Goldfarb

On the Singular Values of Matrices with Displacement Structure
Bernhard Beckermann and Alex Townsend


Canonical Structure Transitions of System Pencils
Andrii Dmytryshyn, Stefan Johansson, and Bo Kågström

A Fast Contour-Integral Eigensolver for Non-Hermitian Matrices
Xin Ye, Jianlin Xia, Raymond H. Chan, Stephen Cauley, and Venkataramanan Balakrishnan

Effective and Robust Preconditioning of General SPD Matrices via Structured Incomplete Factorization
Jianlin Xia and Zixing Xin

Approximating the Real Structured Stability Radius with Frobenius-Norm Bounded Perturbations
N. Guglielmi, M. Gürbüzbalaban, T. Mitchell, and M. L. Overton

Iterative Computation of the Fréchet Derivative of the Polar Decomposition
Evan S. Gawlik and Melvin Leok

Randomized Quasi-Newton Updates Are Linearly Convergent Matrix Inversion Algorithms
Robert M. Gower and Peter Richtárik

Max-Plus Algebraic Statistical Leverage Scores
James Hook


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


Unconditional Stability for Multistep ImEx Schemes: Theory
Rodolfo R. Rosales, Benjamin Seibold, David Shirokoff, and Dong Zhou

Boundary Integral Equation Methods for the Two-Dimensional Fluid-Solid Interaction Problem
Tao Yin, George C. Hsiao, and Liwei Xu

Quasi-nonlocal Coupling of Nonlocal Diffusions
Xingjie Helen Li and Jianfeng Lu

Asymptotically Preserving Particle-in-Cell Methods for Inhomogeneous Strongly Magnetized Plasmas

Francis Filbet and Luis Miguel Rodrigues

Hyperbolic Maxwell Variational Inequalities for Bean's Critical-State Model in Type-II Superconductivity
Irwin Yousept

Nonlocal Conservation Laws. A New Class of Monotonicity-Preserving Models
Qiang Du, Zhan Huang, and Philippe G. LeFloch

Symmetric Interior Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Elliptic Problems in Polygons
Fabian Müller, Dominik Schötzau, and Christoph Schwab


The Penalty-Free Nitsche Method and Nonconforming Finite Elements for the Signorini Problem
Erik Burman, Peter Hansbo, and Mats G. Larson

Sampling the Fourier Transform Along Radial Lines
Charles Dossal, Vincent Duval, and Clarice Poon

Inf-Sup Stable Finite Element Methods for the Landau--Lifshitz--Gilbert and Harmonic Map Heat Flow Equations
Juan Vicente Gutiérrez-Santacreu and Marco Restelli

A High Order Method for the Approximation of Integrals Over Implicitly Defined Hypersurfaces

Lukas Drescher, Holger Heumann, and Kersten Schmidt

Inverse Random Source Scattering for Elastic Waves
Gang Bao, Chuchu Chen, and Peijun Li

Axioms of Adaptivity with Separate Marking for Data Resolution
C. Carstensen and H. Rabus

High Order Continuous Local-Conserving Fluxes and Finite-Volume-Like Finite Element Solutions for Elliptic Equations
Qingsong Zou, Li Guo, and Quanling Deng

A Hybrid High-Order Method for Nonlinear Elasticity
Michele Botti, Daniele A. Di Pietro, and Pierre Sochala

Mixed and Stabilized Finite Element Methods for the Obstacle Problem
Tom Gustafsson, Rolf Stenberg, and Juha Videman

A Micro-Macro Acceleration Method for the Monte Carlo Simulation of Stochastic Differential Equations
Kristian Debrabant, Giovanni Samaey, and Przemysław Zieliński

Edge Element Method for Optimal Control of Stationary Maxwell System with Gauss Law

Irwin Yousept and Jun Zou

Guaranteed, Locally Space-Time Efficient, and Polynomial-Degree Robust a Posteriori Error Estimates for High-Order Discretizations of Parabolic Problems
Alexandre Ern, Iain Smears, and Martin Vohralík

Universality for Eigenvalue Algorithms on Sample Covariance Matrices
Percy Deift and Thomas Trogdon


SIAM Journal on Optimization


The Variable Metric Forward-Backward Splitting Algorithm Under Mild Differentiability Assumptions
Saverio Salzo

Generalized Lexicographic MultiObjective Combinatorial Optimization. Application to Cryptography
Pedro J. Zufiria and José A. Álvarez-Cubero

Perturbed Iterate Analysis for Asynchronous Stochastic Optimization
Horia Mania, Xinghao Pan, Dimitris Papailiopoulos, Benjamin Recht, Kannan Ramchandran, and Michael I. Jordan

Optimization with Reference-Based Robust Preference Constraints
Jian Hu and Gevorg Stepanyan

Distributionally Robust Stochastic Programming
Alexander Shapiro

Fast and Reliable Parameter Estimation from Nonlinear Observations
Samet Oymak and Mahdi Soltanolkotabi

Noisy Euclidean Distance Realization: Robust Facial Reduction and the Pareto Frontier
D. Drusvyatskiy, N. Krislock, Y.-L. Voronin, and H. Wolkowicz


Quadratic Growth Conditions for Convex Matrix Optimization Problems Associated with Spectral Functions
Ying Cui, Chao Ding, and Xinyuan Zhao

Quasi-Nonexpansive Iterations on the Affine Hull of Orbits: From Mann's Mean Value Algorithm to Inertial Methods
Patrick L. Combettes and Lilian E. Glaudin

Sampling Algebraic Varieties for Sum of Squares Programs
Diego Cifuentes and Pablo A. Parrilo


SIAM Review

SIREV 59-4


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Hierarchical Matrix Approximation for Kernel-Based Scattered Data Interpolation
Armin Iske, Sabine Le Borne, and Michael Wende

Numerical Analysis of the Immersed Boundary Method for Cell-Based Simulation
Fergus R. Cooper, Ruth E. Baker, and Alexander G. Fletcher

Coarse Mesh Partitioning for Tree-Based AMR
Carsten Burstedde and Johannes Holke

Method of Lines Transpose: Energy Gradient Flows Using Direct Operator Inversion for Phase-Field Models
Matthew Causley, Hana Cho, and Andrew Christlieb

Staggered Grid Residual Distribution Scheme for Lagrangian Hydrodynamics
Rémi Abgrall and Svetlana Tokareva

A Smooth Partition of Unity Finite Element Method for Vortex Particle Regularization
Matthias Kirchhart and Shinnosuke Obi

Stabilization and Best Actuator Location for the Navier--Stokes Equations
Christophe Airiau, Jean-Marie Buchot, Ritesh Kumar Dubey, Michel Fournié, Jean-Pierre Raymond, and Jessie Weller-Calvo

A Data Scalable Augmented Lagrangian KKT Preconditioner for Large-Scale Inverse Problems
Nick Alger, Umberto Villa, Tan Bui-Thanh, and Omar Ghattas

Special Section: 2016 Copper Mountain Conference - 40 papers in section following this introduction
Michele Benzi


Weight-Adjusted Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: Curvilinear Meshes
Jesse Chan, Russell J. Hewett, and T. Warburton

Is the Multigrid Method Fault Tolerant? The Multilevel Case

Mark Ainsworth and Christian Glusa

Solving Mixed Sparse-Dense Linear Least-Squares Problems by Preconditioned Iterative Methods
Jennifer Scott and Miroslav Tuma

Provably Robust Directional Vertex Relaxation for Geometric Mesh Optimization
Ramsharan Rangarajan and Adrian J. Lew

On a Power WENO Scheme with Improved Accuracy Near Discontinuities
Sergio Amat, Jacques Liandrat, Juan Ruiz, and Juan C. Trillo

The Fiedler Vector of a Laplacian Tensor for Hypergraph Partitioning
Yannan Chen, Liqun Qi, and Xiaoyan Zhang

A Least Squares Radial Basis Function Partition of Unity Method for Solving PDEs

Elisabeth Larsson, Victor Shcherbakov, and Alfa Heryudono

Central Weighted ENO Schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws on Fixed and Moving Unstructured Meshes
Michael Dumbser, Walter Boscheri, Matteo Semplice, and Giovanni Russo

Local Multilevel Methods with Rectangular Finite Elements for the Biharmonic Problem
Shibing Tang and Xuejun Xu

Structure Preserving Model Reduction of Parametric Hamiltonian Systems
Babak Maboudi Afkham and Jan S. Hesthaven

Symmetric Interior Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin Discretizations and Block Preconditioning for Heterogeneous Stokes Flow
D. E. Charrier, D. A. May, and S. M. Schnepp

Nonlinear FETI-DP and BDDC Methods: A Unified Framework and Parallel Results
Axel Klawonn, Martin Lanser, Oliver Rheinbach, and Matthias Uran


SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


Well-Posed Bayesian Inverse Problems with Infinitely Divisible and Heavy-Tailed Prior Measures
Bamdad Hosseini


Sequential Design of Experiment for Sparse Polynomial Chaos Expansions
Noura Fajraoui, Stefano Marelli, and Bruno Sudret

Universal Prediction Distribution for Surrogate Models
Malek Ben Salem, Olivier Roustant, Fabrice Gamboa, and Lionel Tomaso

Stochastic Resin Transfer Molding Process
M. Park and M. V. Tretyakov

Gaussian Approximations for Probability Measures on Rd
Yulong Lu, Andrew Stuart, and Hendrik Weber


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 61-3


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