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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


Optimization of First Passage Times by Multiple Cooperating Mobile Traps
A. E. Lindsay, J. C. Tzou, and T. Kolokolnikov

Estimates for the Upscaling Error in Heterogeneous Multiscale Methods for Wave Propagation Problems in Locally Periodic Media
Doghonay Arjmand and Olof Runborg

Uniform Error Bounds of a Finite Difference Method for the Zakharov System in the Subsonic Limit Regime via an Asymptotic Consistent Formulation

Weizhu Bao and Chunmei Su

Eigenvalue Problem in a Solid with Many Inclusions: Asymptotic Analysis
V. G. Maz'ya, A. B. Movchan, and M. J. Nieves

Radiative Transfer with Long-Range Interactions: Regularity and Asymptotics
Christophe Gomez, Olivier Pinaud, and Lenya Ryzhik


Absolute versus Relative Entropy Parameter Estimation in a Coarse-Grain Model of DNA
O. Gonzalez, M. Pasi, D. Petkevičiūtė, J. Glowacki, and J. H. Maddocks

Exact Recovery of Chaotic Systems from Highly Corrupted Data
Giang Tran and Rachel Ward


SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry


Higher Interpolation and Extension for Persistence Modules
Peter Bubenik, Vin de Silva, and Vidit Nanda

Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Requires Irrationality
Dmitry Chistikov, Stefan Kiefer, Ines Marušić, Mahsa Shirmohammadi, and James Worrell


Positive Alexander Duality for Pursuit and Evasion
Robert Ghrist and Sanjeevi Krishnan

Strong μ-Bases for Rational Tensor Product Surfaces and Extraneous Factors Associated to Bad Base Points and Anomalies at Infinity
Li-Yong Shen and Ron Goldman

The Arithmetic Geometry of Resonant Rossby Wave Triads
Gene S. Kopp

Perturbation of Higher-Order Singular Values
Wolfgang Hackbusch, Daniel Kressner, and André Uschmajew


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


Transport between Two Fluids across Their Mutual Flow Interface: The Streakline Approach
Sanjeeva Balasuriya

Bifurcations in a Periodically Stimulated Limit Cycle Oscillator with Finite Relaxation Times
Peter Langfield, Wilson L. C. Façanha, Bart Oldeman, and Leon Glass

A Framework for the Numerical Computation and A Posteriori Verification of Invariant Objects of Evolution Equations
Jordi-Lluís Figueras, Marcio Gameiro, Jean-Philippe Lessard, and Rafael de la Llave

One-Dimensional Map for the Circadian Modulation of Sleep in a Sleep-Wake Regulatory Network Model for Human Sleep
Victoria Booth, Ismael Xique, and Cecilia G. Diniz Behn

Spatially Periodic Multipulse Patterns in a Generalized Klausmeier--Gray--Scott Model
Lotte Sewalt and Arjen Doelman

Sparse Sensing and DMD-Based Identification of Flow Regimes and Bifurcations in Complex Flows
Boris Kramer, Piyush Grover, Petros Boufounos, Saleh Nabi, and Mouhacine Benosman


Velocity Integration in a Multilayer Neural Field Model of Spatial Working Memory
Daniel B. Poll and Zachary P. Kilpatrick

A Center Manifold Reduction of the Kuramoto--Daido Model with a Phase-Lag
Hayato Chiba

Swarm Equilibria in Domains with Boundaries

R. C. Fetecau and M. Kovacic

Finite Time Distributions of Stochastically Modeled Chemical Systems with Absolute Concentration Robustness
David F. Anderson, Daniele Cappelletti, and Thomas G. Kurtz


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Stability Switches Induced by Immune System Boosting in an SIRS Model with Discrete and Distributed Delays
M. V. Barbarossa, M. Polner, and G. Röst

Analysis of Carrier's Problem

S. J. Chapman and P. E. Farrell

Scattering and Field Enhancement of a Perfect Conducting Narrow Slit
Junshan Lin and Hai Zhang

Pauses of Larval Development and Their Consequences for Stage-Structured Populations
Hermann Brunner, Stephen A. Gourley, Rongsong Liu, and Yanyu Xiao

A Variational Characterization of Fluid Sloshing with Surface Tension
Chee Han Tan, Christel Hohenegger, and Braxton Osting

Analysis of Interacting Local Oscillation Mechanisms in Three-Timescale Systems
Benjamin Letson, Jonathan E. Rubin, and Theodore Vo

Radiation from Structured-Ring Resonators
B. Maling, O. Schnitzer, and R. V. Craster

Stability Of Shear Shallow Water Flows with Free Surface
A. A. Chesnokov, G. A. El, S. L. Gavrilyuk, and M. V. Pavlov


A Model of Planar Borehole Propagation
Luc Perneder, Julien Marck, and Emmanuel Detournay

Active Cloaking for Finite Clusters of Pins in Kirchhoff Plates
J. O'Neill, Ö. Selsil, S. G. Haslinger, N. V. Movchan, and R. V. Craster

Strongly Nonlinear Asymptotic Model of Cellular Instabilities in Premixed Flames with Stepwise Ignition-Temperature Kinetics
Nathan Kilker, Dmitry Golovaty, Peter V. Gordon, Leonid Kagan, and Gregory I. Sivashinsky


SIAM Journal on Computing


Membership in Moment Polytopes is in NP and coNP
Peter Bürgisser, Matthias Christandl, Ketan D. Mulmuley, and Michael Walter

A PAC Approach to Application-Specific Algorithm Selection
Rishi Gupta and Tim Roughgarden

Nearly Optimal NP-Hardness of Unique Coverage
Venkatesan Guruswami and Euiwoong Lee

Greedy Algorithms for the Maximum Satisfiability Problem: Simple Algorithms and Inapproximability Bounds
Matthias Poloczek, Georg Schnitger, David P. Williamson, and Anke van Zuylen

The Power of Oblivious Wireless Power
Magnús M. Halldórsson, Stephan Holzer, Pradipta Mitra, and Roger Wattenhofer

The Complexity of General-Valued CSPs
Vladimir Kolmogorov, Andrei Krokhin, and Michal Rolínek

The Power of Local Consistency in Conjunctive Queries and Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Gianluigi Greco and Francesco Scarcello

A Correction on Shiloach's Algorithm for Minimum Linear Arrangement of Trees
Juan Luis Esteban and Ramon Ferrer-i-Cancho


Algorithms for Group Isomorphism via Group Extensions and Cohomology
Joshua A. Grochow and Youming Qiao

Randomization Helps Computing a Minimum Spanning Tree under Uncertainty
Nicole Megow, Julie Meißner, and Martin Skutella

The Power of Sherali--Adams Relaxations for General-Valued CSPs
Johan Thapper and Stanislav Živný


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Optimal Control of Semilinear Parabolic Equations by BV-Functions
Eduardo Casas, Florian Kruse, and Karl Kunisch

On Feller and Strong Feller Properties and Exponential Ergodicity of Regime-Switching Jump Diffusion Processes with Countable Regimes
Fubao Xi and Chao Zhu

Utility-Deviation-Risk Portfolio Selection
K. C. Wong, S. C. P. Yam, and H. Zheng

Observability Inequalities from Measurable Sets for Some Abstract Evolution Equations

Gengsheng Wang and Can Zhang

Robustness and Invariance of Connectivity Maintenance Control for Multiagent Systems

Dimitris Boskos and Dimos V. Dimarogonas

Ergodicity of Robust Switching Control and Nonlinear System of Quasi-Variational Inequalities
Erhan Bayraktar, Andrea Cossc, and Huyên Pham

Optimal Control of a Semidiscrete Cahn--Hilliard--Navier--Stokes System with Nonmatched Fluid Densities
Michael Hintermüller, Tobias Keil, and Donat Wegner

Asymptotic Optimal Strategy for Portfolio Optimization in a Slowly Varying Stochastic Environment
Jean-Pierre Fouque and Ruimeng Hu

Optimizing the Diffusion System Based on Continuous-Time Consensus Algorithm
Saber Jafarizadeh

Control and Stabilization of Degenerate Wave Equations
Fatiha Alabau-Boussouira, Piermarco Cannarsa, and Günter Leugering

Converse Symmetry and Intermediate Energy Values in Rearrangement Optimization Problems
Yichen Liu and Behrouz Emamizadeh

Sliding Mode Control for a Nonlinear Phase-Field System
Viorel Barbu, Pierluigi Colli, Gianni Gilardi, Gabriela Marinoschi, and Elisabetta Rocca

On the Kronecker Canonical Form of Singular Mixed Matrix Pencils

Satoru Iwata and Mizuyo Takamatsu


Solving Two-Point Boundary Value Problems for a Wave Equation via the Principle of Stationary Action and Optimal Control
Peter M. Dower and William M. McEneaney

Optimal Control of Nonsmooth, Semilinear Parabolic Equations
Christian Meyer and Livia M. Susu

On the Attainable Set for a Scalar Nonconvex Conservation Law
Boris P. Andreianov, Carlotta Donadello, and Andrea Marson

An Optimal Control Problem Governed by a Regularized Phase-Field Fracture Propagation Model
I. Neitzel, T. Wick, and W. Wollner

A New Convergence Analysis of Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Distributed Optimal Control Problems with Pointwise State Constraints
Susanne C. Brenner and Li-yeng Sung


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


A Census of Plane Graphs with Polyline Edges
Andrea Francke and Csaba D. Tóth

Combinatorial Algorithms for Minimizing the Maximum Laplacian and Signless Laplacian Eigenvalues of Weighted Graphs

Christoph Helmberg, Israel Rocha, and Uwe Schwerdtfeger

Metric Dimension of Bounded Tree-length Graphs
Rémy Belmonte, Fedor V. Fomin, Petr A. Golovach, and M. S. Ramanujan

Deciding Orthogonality in Construction-A Lattices
Karthekeyan Chandrasekaran, Venkata Gandikota, and Elena Grigorescu

Sparsification of Two-Variable Valued Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Arnold Filtser and Robert Krauthgamer

Upper Bounds on the Size of Covering Arrays
Kaushik Sarkar and Charles J. Colbourn

Parameterized Complexity of Directed Steiner Tree on Sparse Graphs

Mark Jones, Daniel Lokshtanov, M. S. Ramanujan, Saket Saurabh, and Ondřej Suchý

On Treewidth and Related Parameters of Random Geometric Graphs
Dieter Mitsche and Guillem Perarnau

Large Independent Sets in Triangle-Free Planar Graphs

Zdeněk Dvořák and Matthias Mnich

Almost Partitioning a 3-Edge-Colored Kn,n into Five Monochromatic Cycles
Richard Lang, Oliver Schaudt, and Maya Stein

Bounding the Optimal Rate of the ICSI and ICCSI problem
Eimear Byrne and Marco Calderini

Algebraic Combinatorics on Trace Monoids: Extending Number Theory to Walks on Graphs
P.-L. Giscard and P. Rochet

Quasi-Cyclic Subcodes of Cyclic Codes

Jean-Claude Belfiore, Cem Güneri̇, and Buket Özkaya


Packing a Knapsack of Unknown Capacity
Yann Disser, Max Klimm, Nicole Megow, and Sebastian Stiller

An Asymptotic Multipartite Kühn--Osthus Theorem

Ryan R. Martin, Richard Mycroft, and Jozef Skokan

Duality Theorems for Blocks and Tangles in Graphs

Reinhard Diestel, Philipp Eberenz, and Joshua Erde

Refining a Tree-Decomposition which Distinguishes Tangles
Joshua Erde

Inapproximability of H-Transversal/Packing
Venkatesan Guruswami and Euiwoong Lee

Hadwiger's Conjecture for Graphs with Forbidden Holes

Zi-Xia Song and Brian Thomas

Hitting Selected (Odd) Cycles

Daniel Lokshtanov, Pranabendu Misra, M. S. Ramanujan, and Saket Saurabh


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Representation of Homothetic Forward Performance Processes in Stochastic Factor Models via Ergodic and Infinite Horizon BSDE
Gechun Liang and Thaleia Zariphopoulou

On the Curvature of the Smile in Stochastic Volatility Models
Elisa Alòs and Jorge A. León

Long-Term Optimal Investment in Matrix Valued Factor Models
Scott Robertson and Hao Xing

Equilibrium Pricing Under Relative Performance Concerns
Jana Bielagk, Arnaud Lionnet, and Gonçalo Dos Reis


On Regularity of Primal and Dual Dynamic Value Functions Related to Investment Problems and Their Representations as Backward Stochastic PDE Solutions
Michael Mania and Revaz Tevzadze

Discrete Time Term Structure Theory and Consistent Recalibration Models
Anja Richter and Josef Teichmann

Game Options in an Imperfect Market with Default

Roxana Dumitrescu, Marie-Claire Quenez, and Agnès Sulem


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


The Generalized Linear Sampling Method for Limited Aperture Measurements
Lorenzo Audibert and Houssem Haddar

A Bayesian Topological Framework for the Identification and Reconstruction of Subcellular Motion
Ioannis Sgouralis, Andreas Nebenführ, and Vasileios Maroulas

Mathematical Framework for Abdominal Electrical Impedance Tomography to Assess Fatness
Habib Ammari, Hyeuknam Kwon, Seungri Lee, and Jin Keun Seo

A Block Nonlocal TV Method for Image Restoration
Jun Liu and Xiaojun Zheng

Graph Similarity through Entropic Manifold Alignment
Francisco Escolano, Edwin R. Hancock, and Miguel A. Lozano


A Large-Scale Optimization Method Using a Sparse Approximation of the Hessian for Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting
Gerd Wübbeler and Clemens Elster

Multifrequency Interferometric Imaging with Intensity-Only Measurements
Miguel Moscoso, Alexei Novikov, George Papanicolaou, and Chrysoula Tsogka

Layover Analysis in Synthetic Aperture Imagery
Ling Wang and Birsen Yazıcı


SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


Phaselocked Solutions Of The Finite Size Kuramoto Coupled Oscillator Model
William C. Troy

Remarks on the Inviscid Limit for the Navier--Stokes Equations for Uniformly Bounded Velocity Fields
Peter Constantin, Tarek Elgindi, Mihaela Ignatova, and Vlad Vicol

Phase Segregation for Binary Mixtures of Bose--Einstein Condensates
M. Goldman and B. Merlet

Interior Jump and Regularity of Compressible Viscous Navier--Stokes Flows Through a Cut
Oh Sung Kwon and Jae Ryong Kweon

Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions Toward a Multiwave Pattern to the Cauchy Problem for the Scalar Conservation Law with the Ostwald--de Waele-Type Viscosity
Natsumi Yoshida

On a Class of Forward-Backward Parabolic Equations: Properties of Solutions
Michiel Bertsch, Flavia Smarrazzo, and Alberto Tesei

Viscous Scalar Rarefaction Waves
Tai-Ping Liu and Haitao Wang

Linear Damping of Alfvén Waves by Phase Mixing
Siqi Ren and Weiren Zhao

Stability of Stationary Solutions to the Inflow Problem for Full Compressible Navier--Stokes Equations with a Large Initial Perturbation
Hakho Hong and Teng Wang

Asymptotic Expansions of Solutions of Fractional Diffusion Equations
Kazuhiro Ishige, Tatsuki Kawakami, and Hironori Michihisa

On the Well-Posedness of the Defocusing mKdV Equation Below L2
Thomas Kappeler and Jan-Cornelius Molnar

Analytical Validation of a Continuum Model for the Evolution of a Crystal Surface in Multiple Space Dimensions

Jian-Guo Liu and Xiangsheng Xu

The One-Dimensional Dirac Equation With Concentrated Nonlinearity
Claudio Cacciapuoti, Raffaele Carlone, Diego Noja, and Andrea Posilicano

On Nearly Homogeneous States in Collisionless Plasma

Jack Schaeffer

Theoretical Study of a Multidimensional Pressureless Model with Unilateral Constraint
F. Berthelin


The Cauchy Problem on Large Time for Surface-Waves-Type Boussinesq Systems II
Jean-Claude Saut, Chao Wang, and Li Xu

H-Convergence Result for Nonlocal Elliptic-Type Problems via Tartar's Method
Julián Fernández Bonder, Antonella Ritorto, and Ariel Martin Salort

Global Existence for a Class of Large Solutions to Three-Dimensional Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Equations with Vacuum
Guangyi Hong, Xiaofeng Hou, Hongyun Peng, and Changjiang Zhu

Fractional Space-Time Variational Formulations of (Navier--) Stokes Equations
Christoph Schwab and Rob Stevenson

Singular Limit and Long-Time Dynamics of Bresse Systems
To Fu Ma and Rodrigo Nunes Monteiro

Trace-Free Korn Inequalities in Orlicz Spaces
D. Breit, A. Cianchi, and L. Diening

Nonrelativistic Asymptotics of Solitary Waves in the Dirac Equation with Soler-Type Nonlinearity
Nabile Boussaïd and Andrew Comech

On the Support of Compressed Modes
Farzin Barekat, Russel Caflisch, and Stanley Osher

Singularity Formation for the Compressible Euler Equations
Geng Chen, Ronghua Pan, and Shengguo Zhu

Homogenization of Stratified Elastic Composites with High Contrast
Michel Bellieud

Trend to Equilibrium for Reaction-Diffusion Systems Arising from Complex Balanced Chemical Reaction Networks
Laurent Desvillettes, Klemens Fellner, and Bao Quoc Tang

Uniform Estimate of Viscous Free-Boundary Magnetohydrodynamics with Zero Vacuum Magnetic Field
Donghyun Lee


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


Sparse Matrix Factorizations for Fast Linear Solvers with Application to Laplacian Systems
Michael T. Schaub, Maguy Trefois, Paul van Dooren, and Jean-Charles Delvenne

On a Problem of Weighted Low-Rank Approximation of Matrices

Aritra Dutta and Xin Li

A Method for Computing Moments of Quadratic Forms Involving Wrapped Random Variables
Phillip Ainsleigh

Fast Hessenberg Reduction of Some Rank Structured Matrices
L. Gemignani and L. Robol

An Explicit Formula for the Splitting of Multiple Eigenvalues for Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems and Connections with the Linearization for the Delay Eigenvalue Problem
Wim Michiels, Islam Boussaada, and Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

Solving Graph Laplacian Systems Through Recursive Partitioning and Two-Grid Preconditioning
Colin Ponce and Panayot S. Vassilevski

The Numerical Range is a (1+ √2)-Spectral Set
M. Crouzeix and C. Palencia

Effective Criteria for Specific Identifiability of Tensors and Forms
Luca Chiantini, Giorgio Ottaviani, and Nick Vannieuwenhoven


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


A Finite Element Method for Nematic Liquid Crystals with Variable Degree of Orientation
Ricardo H. Nochetto, Shawn W. Walker, and Wujun Zhang

High Order Exponential Integrators for Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations with Application to Rotating Bose--Einstein Condensates
C. Besse, G. Dujardin, and I. Lacroix-Violet

Mass Lumping for the Optimal Control of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
Arnd Rösch and Gerd Wachsmuth

Some Properties of the Arnoldi-Based Methods for Linear Ill-Posed Problems
Paolo Novati

An ODE-Based Method for Computing the Distance of Coprime Polynomials to Common Divisibility

Nicola Guglielmi and Ivan Markovsky

Automatic Smoothness Detection of the Resolvent Krylov Subspace Method for the Approximation of C0-Semigroups
Volker Grimm and Tanja Göckler

Numerical Solution of a Föppl--von Kármán Model
Sören Bartels

On The Characterization and Uniqueness of Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations

John C. Urschel


Convergence Analysis of Douglas--Rachford Splitting Method for “Strongly + Weakly” Convex Programming
Ke Guo, Deren Han, and Xiaoming Yuan

Convergent Algorithm Based on Carleman Estimates for the Recovery of a Potential in the Wave Equation
Lucie Baudouin, Maya de Buhan, and Sylvain Ervedoza

A Stable Numerical Scheme for Stochastic Differential Equations with Multiplicative Noise
C. M. Mora, H. A. Mardones, J. C. Jimenez, M. Selva, and R. Biscay

A Systematic Construction of Finite Element Commuting Exact Sequences
Bernardo Cockburn and Guosheng Fu

Analysis and Approximation of a Fractional Cahn--Hilliard Equation
Mark Ainsworth and Zhiping Mao

On Hanging Node Constraints for Nonconforming Finite Elements using the Douglas--Santos--Sheen--Ye Element as an Example
Wolfgang Bangerth, Imbunm Kim, Dongwoo Sheen, and Jaeryun Yim

A Spacetime DPG Method for the Schrödinger Equation
L. Demkowicz, J. Gopalakrishnan, S. Nagaraj, and P. Sepúlveda

Improving Newton's Method Performance by Parametrization: The Case of the Richards Equation
Konstantin Brenner and Clément Cancès

The Eddy Current--LLG Equations: FEM-BEM Coupling and A Priori Error Estimates
Michael Feischl and Thanh Tran

The "Exterior Approach" Applied to the Inverse Obstacle Problem for the Heat Equation
Laurent Bourgeois and Jérémi Dardé

Error Estimates for Multivariate Regression on Discretized Function Spaces

Bastian Bohn and Michael Griebel

A Partial Fourier Transform Method for a Class of Hypoelliptic Kolmogorov Equations
Christoph Reisinger, Endre Süli, and Alan Whitley


SIAM Journal on Optimization


A New Scalarization Technique and New Algorithms to Generate Pareto Fronts
R. S. Burachik, C. Y. Kaya, and M. M. Rizvi

On the Convergence Rate of Incremental Aggregated Gradient Algorithms
M. Gürbüzbalaban, A. Ozdaglar, and P. A. Parrilo

The Use of Quadratic Regularization with a Cubic Descent Condition for Unconstrained Optimization
E. G. Birgin and J. M. Martínez

A Unified Approach to Robust Farkas-Type Results with Applications to Robust Optimization Problems
N. Dinh, T. H. Mo, G. Vallet, and M. Volle

A Selective Linearization Method For Multiblock Convex Optimization

Yu Du, Xiaodong Lin, and Andrzej Ruszczyński

Variational Theory for Optimization under Stochastic Ambiguity

Johannes O. Royset and Roger J.-B. Wets

Stable Minimizers of φ-Regular Functions
Jen-Chih Yao, Xi Yin Zheng, and Jiangxing Zhu

Newton-like Method with Diagonal Correction for Distributed Optimization
Dragana Bajović, Dušan Jakovetić, Nataša Krejić, and Nataša Krklec Jerinkić

A New Type of Directional Regularity for Mappings and Applications to Optimization
Marius Durea, Marian Panţiruc, and Radu Strugariu

An Extended Fenchel--Lagrange Duality Approach and Optimality Conditions for Strong Bilevel Programming Problems
A. Aboussoror, S. Adly, and F. E. Saissi


Solving Conic Optimization Problems via Self-Dual Embedding and Facial Reduction: A Unified Approach
Frank Permenter, Henrik A. Friberg, and Erling D. Andersen

Exact Worst-Case Performance of First-Order Methods for Composite Convex Optimization
Adrien B. Taylor , Julien M. Hendrickx, and François Glineur

Primal-Dual Extragradient Methods for Nonlinear Nonsmooth PDE-Constrained Optimization
Christian Clason and Tuomo Valkonen

On the Polyhedrality of Closures of Multibranch Split Sets and Other Polyhedra with Bounded Max-Facet-Width
Sanjeeb Dash, Oktay Günlük, and Diego A. Morán

Semidefinite Representations of Gauge Functions for Structured Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition
Hsiao-Han Chao and Lieven Vandenberghe

Commutation Principles in Euclidean Jordan Algebras and Normal Decomposition Systems
M. Seetharama Gowda and Juyoung Jeong

The Watermelon Algorithm for The Bilevel Integer Linear Programming Problem

Lizhi Wang and Pan Xu

Weak, Strong, and Linear Convergence of a Double-Layer Fixed Point Algorithm

Victor I. Kolobov, Simeon Reich, and Rafał Zalas

Accelerated First-Order Primal-Dual Proximal Methods for Linearly Constrained Composite Convex Programming
Yangyang Xu


SIAM Review

SIREV 59-2


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Fast Updating Multipole Coulombic Potential Calculation
Thomas A. Höft and Bradley K. Alpert

Numerical Methods for Interface Coupling of Compressible and Almost Incompressible Media
M. J. Del Razo and R. J. LeVeque

The Waveguide Eigenvalue Problem and the Tensor Infinite Arnoldi Method
Elias Jarlebring, Giampaolo Mele, and Olof Runborg

A New Type of Modified WENO Schemes for Solving Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
Jun Zhu and Jianxian Qiu

Numerical Minimization of Dirichlet Laplacian Eigenvalues of Four-Dimensional Geometries
Pedro R. S. Antunes and Édouard Oudet

A Novel Surface Remeshing Scheme via Radial Basis Functions and Higher-Dimensional Embedding
Franco Dassi, Patricio Farrell, and Hang Si

A Generalized Sampling and Preconditioning Scheme for Sparse Approximation of Polynomial Chaos Expansions
John D. Jakeman, Akil Narayan, and Tao Zhou

A Rational Function Preconditioner For Indefinite Sparse Linear Systems

Yuanzhe Xi and Yousef Saad

Robust Data Assimilation Using L1 and Huber Norms

Vishwas Rao, Adrian Sandu, Michael Ng, and Elias D. Nino-Ruiz

SDE Based Regression for Linear Random PDEs
Felix Anker, Christian Bayer, Martin Eigel, Marcel Ladkau, Johannes Neumann, and John Schoenmakers

On the Use of Compressed Polyhedral Quadrature Formulas in Embedded Interface Methods

Y. Sudhakar, Alvise Sommariva, Marco Vianello, and Wolfgang A. Wall

Computing with Functions in Spherical and Polar Geometries II. The Disk
Heather Wilber, Alex Townsend, and Grady B. Wright


An Error-Oriented Newton/Inexact Augmented Lagrangian Approach for Fully Monolithic Phase-Field Fracture Propagation
Thomas Wick

H-Matrix Based Second Moment Analysis for Rough Random Fields and Finite Element Discretizations
J. Dölz, H. Harbrecht, and M. D. Peters

Multigrid Waveform Relaxation for the Time-Fractional Heat Equation
Francisco J. Gaspar and Carmen Rodrigo

Interpolation of Functions with Parameter Dependent Jumps by Transformed Snapshots

G. Welper

Dual Control and Online Optimal Experimental Design
H. C. La, A. Potschka, J. P. Schlöder, and H. G. Bock

hp-Version Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Parabolic Problems on Prismatic Meshes
Andrea Cangiani, Zhaonan Dong, and Emmanuil H. Georgoulis

Cyclic Coordinate-Update Algorithms for Fixed-Point Problems: Analysis and Applications
Yat Tin Chow, Tianyu Wu, and Wotao Yin


SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


Surrogate Models for Oscillatory Systems Using Sparse Polynomial Chaos Expansions and Stochastic Time Warping
Chu V. Mai and Bruno Sudret

Robustness of Solutions of the Inverse Problem for Linear Dynamical Systems with Uncertain Data
S. Stanhope, J. E. Rubin, and D. Swigon


Flexible Correlation Structure for Accurate Prediction and Uncertainty Quantification in Bayesian Gaussian Process Emulation of a Computer Model
Hao Chen, Jason L. Loeppky, and William J. Welch

A Hybrid Adaptive MCMC Algorithm in Function Spaces
Qingping Zhou, Zixi Hu, Zhewei Yao, and Jinglai Li

Sequential Design of Computer Experiments for the Solution of Bayesian Inverse Problems
Michael Sinsbeck and Wolfgang Nowak


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 61-2


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