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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


White-Noise Paraxial Approximation for a General Random Hyperbolic System
Josselin Garnier and Knut Sølna

Locally Periodic Unfolding Method and Two-Scale Convergence on Surfaces of Locally Periodic Microstructures
Mariya Ptashnyk


Multilevel Monte Carlo Approaches for Numerical Homogenization
Yalchin Efendiev, Cornelia Kronsbein, and Frédéric Legoll

SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


Pseudogenerators of Spatial Transfer Operators
Andreas Bittracher, Péter Koltai, and Oliver Junge

Understanding and Distinguishing Three-Time-Scale Oscillations: Case Study in a Coupled Morris--Lecar System
Pingyu Nan, Yangyang Wang, Vivien Kirk, and Jonathan E. Rubin

On Lotka--Volterra Equations with Identical Minimal Intrinsic Growth Rate

Xiaojing Chen, Jifa Jiang, and Lei Niu

Bifurcations of Two-Dimensional Global Invariant Manifolds near a Noncentral Saddle-Node Homoclinic Orbit
Pablo Aguirre

The Foucault Pendulum (with a Twist)
Richard Moeckel


Computation and Verification of Lyapunov Functions
Peter Giesl and Sigurdur Hafstein

The Tendency toward a Moving Equilibrium
Sheng-Yi Hsu and Mau-Hsiang Shih


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Information Spreading in a Large Population of Active Transmitters and Passive Receivers
Pekka Aalto and Lasse Leskelä

Buckley--Leverett Equation with Viscosities and Relative Permeabilities Depending on Pressure

Lorenzo Fusi, Angiolo Farina, and Giuseppe Saccomandi

A Framework on Moment Model Reduction for Kinetic Equation

Zhenning Cai, Yuwei Fan, and Ruo Li

Noise-induced Canard and Mixed-Mode Oscillations in Large-Scale Stochastic Networks
Jonathan D. Touboul, Martin Krupa, and Mathieu Desroches

Asymptotic Analysis of a Magnetized Target Fusion Reactor
Michael Lindstrom

Diffused Solute-Solvent Interface with Poisson--Boltzmann Electrostatics: Free-Energy Variation and Sharp-Interface Limit
Bo Li and Yuan Liu

Construction of Indistinguishable Conductivity Perturbations for the Point Electrode Model in Electrical Impedance Tomography
Lucas Chesnel, Nuutti Hyvönen, and Stratos Staboulis

Catenoid Stability with a Free Contact Line
Amir Akbari, Reghan J. Hill, and Theo G.M. van de Ven

One-Dimensional Wave Dispersion in Layered Media
H. Ockendon, J. R. Ockendon, C. L. Farmer, and D. J. Allwright

Traveling Waves in Two-Dimensional Plane Poiseuille Flow
Warren R. Smith and Jan G. Wissink

Upscaling the Flow and Transport in an Evolving Porous Medium with General Interaction Potentials

Nadja Ray, Tobias Elbinger, and Peter Knabner


SIAM Journal on Computing


Lower Bounds for Depth-4 Formulas Computing Iterated Matrix Multiplication
Hervé Fournier, Nutan Limaye, Guillaume Malod, and Srikanth Srinivasan


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Exponentially Stable Linear Time-Varying Discrete Behaviors
H. Bourlès, B. Marinescu, and U. Oberst

The Inverse Problem for Rough Controlled Differential Equations
I. Bailleul and J. Diehl

Local Exact Controllability of a One-Dimensional Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Karine Beauchard, Horst Lange, and Holger Teismann

Projection Process with Definable Right-Hand Side
Mira Bivas and Nadezhda Ribarska

A Case of Regularity of Solutions to Nonregular Problems
Arrigo Cellina

Solutions and Approximations to the Riccati Integral Equation with Values in a Space of Compact Operators
John A. Burns and Carlos N. Rautenberg

On the Uniqueness of Unbounded Viscosity Solutions Arising in an Optimal Terminal Wealth Problem with Transaction Costs
Christoph Belak, Olaf Menkens, and Jörn Sass

The Principle of Least Action and Fundamental Solutions of Mass-Spring and N-Body Two-Point Boundary Value Problems
William M. McEneaney and Peter M. Dower

Vehicle Routing Algorithms for Radially Escaping Targets
Pushkarini Agharkar, Shaunak D. Bopardikar, and Francesco Bullo

Controllability Analysis and Control Design for Switched Boolean Networks with State and Input Constraints

Haitao Li and Yuzhen Wang

Distributed Adaptive Control for Synchronization in Directed Complex Networks

Wenwu Yu, Jinhu Lü, Xinghuo Yu, and Guanrong Chen

Boundary Stabilization of the Navier--Stokes Equations in the Case of Mixed Boundary Conditions
Phuong Anh Nguyen and Jean-Pierre Raymond

A Caching Game with Infinitely Divisible Hidden Material

Thomas Lidbetter

Multiagent Systems with Compasses
Ziyang Meng, Guodong Shi, and Karl Henrik Johansson

Shape Optimization for Quadratic Functionals and States with Random Right-Hand Sides
Marc Dambrine, Charles Dapogny, and Helmut Harbrecht


Efficient Algorithms for the Consensus Decision Problem
P.-Y. Chevalier, J. M. Hendrickx, and R. M. Jungers

Optimal One-Dimensional Coverage by Unreliable Sensors
Paolo Frasca, Federica Garin, Balázs Gerencsér, and Julien M. Hendrickx


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


Recognizing Coverage Functions
Deeparnab Chakrabarty and Zhiyi Huang

Canonical Trees, Compact Prefix-Free Codes, and Sums of Unit Fractions: A Probabilistic Analysis

Clemens Heuberger, Daniel Krenn, and Stephan Wagner

Smoothed Analysis on Connected Graphs
Michael Krivelevich, Daniel Reichman, and Wojciech Samotij

A Precise Threshold for Quasi-Ramsey Numbers
Ross J. Kang, János Pach, Viresh Patel, and Guus Regts

Building Spanning Trees Quickly in Maker-Breaker Games
Dennis Clemens, Asaf Ferber, Roman Glebov, Dan Hefetz, and Anita Liebenau

Minimum Average Distance Clique Trees

Shou-Jun Xu, Rob Gysel, and Dan Gusfield

Planar graphs with Δ≥ 8 are (Δ+1)-edge-choosable
Marthe Bonamy

The Generalized Terminal Backup Problem
Attila Bernáth, Yusuke Kobayashi, and Tatsuya Matsuoka


Integer Factorization of a Positive-Definite Matrix
Joel A. Tropp

Graphs with Χ=Δ Have Big Cliques
Daniel W. Cranston and Landon Rabern


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Derivatives Pricing in Energy Markets: An Infinite-Dimensional Approach
Fred Espen Benth and Paul Krühner

A Feedback Model for the Financialization of Commodity Markets
Patrick Chan, Ronnie Sircar, and Michael V. Stein

On the Level-Slope-Curvature Effect in Yield Curves and Eventual Total Positivity

Liliana Forzani and Carlos F. Tolmasky

Analytical Approximations of BSDEs with Nonsmooth Driver
Emmanuel Gobet and Stefano Pagliarani

Dynamic Contracting: Accidents Lead to Nonlinear Contracts
Agostino Capponi and Christoph Frei


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


A Weighted Difference of Anisotropic and Isotropic Total Variation Model for Image Processing
Yifei Lou, Tieyong Zeng, Stanley Osher, and Jack Xin

Compressive Imaging and Characterization of Sparse Light Deflection Maps
Prasad Sudhakar, Laurent Jacques, Xavier Dubois, Philippe Antoine, and Luc Joannes

Steerable PCA for Rotation-Invariant Image Recognition
Cédric Vonesch, Frédéric Stauber, and Michael Unser

A Coherence Enhancing Penalty for Diffusion MRI: Regularizing Property and Discrete Approximation
T. Hohage and C. Rügge

Variational Approach for Restoring Blurred Images with Cauchy Noise
Federica Sciacchitano, Yiqiu Dong, and Tieyong Zeng

Signal Recovery and System Calibration from Multiple Compressive Poisson Measurements
Liming Wang, Jiaji Huang, Xin Yuan, Kalyani Krishnamurthy, Joel Greenberg, Volkan Cevher, Miguel R. D. Rodrigues, David Brady, Robert Calderbank, and Lawrence Carin

A Variational Model with Barrier Functionals for Retinex
Wei Wang and Chuanjiang He

Joint Segmentation/Registration Model by Shape Alignment via Weighted Total Variation Minimization and Nonlinear Elasticity
Solène Ozeré, Christian Gout, and Carole Le Guyader

Linear Multiscale Analysis of Similarities between Images on Riemannian Manifolds: Practical Formula and Affine Covariant Metrics
Vadim Fedorov, Pablo Arias, Rida Sadek, Gabriele Facciolo, and Coloma Ballester

Analysis of the Magnetoacoustic Tomography with Magnetic Induction
Lingyun Qiu and Fadil Santosa

Alternating Minimization Algorithm with Automatic Relevance Determination for Transmission Tomography under Poisson Noise
Yan Kaganovsky, Shaobo Han, Soysal Degirmenci, David G. Politte, David J. Brady, Joseph A. O'Sullivan, and Lawrence Carin

Sparsity Based Methods for Overparameterized Variational Problems
R. Giryes, M. Elad, and A. M. Bruckstein

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


Vibro-Impact Problems with Dry Friction---Part I: Existence Result
Laetitia Paoli

Unconditional Uniqueness of the cubic Gross--Pitaevskii Hierarchy with Low Regularity
Younghun Hong, Kenneth Taliaferro, and Zhihui Xie

Admissible speeds of transition fronts for nonautonomous monostable equations
François Hamel and Luca Rossi

Fast Pulses with Oscillatory Tails in the FitzHugh--Nagumo System

Paul Carter and Björn Sandstede

Exponential Decay Estimates for the Stability of Boundary Layer Solutions to Poisson--Nernst--Planck Systems: One Spatial Dimension Case
Chia-Yu Hsieh and Tai-Chia Lin

Existence and Approximation for Variational Problems Under Uniform Constraints on the Gradient by Power Penalty
Felipe Alvarez and Salvador Flores

The Enclosure Method for the Anisotropic Maxwell System

Rulin Kuan, Yi-Hsuan Lin, and Mourad Sini

Stability of Periodic Traveling Waves for Nonlinear Dispersive Equations
Vera Mikyoung Hur and Mathew A. Johnson

Nonlinear Diffusion Problems with Free Boundaries: Convergence, Transition Speed, and Zero Number Arguments
Yihong Du, Bendong Lou, and Maolin Zhou

Stability of the Rarefaction Wave of the Vlasov--Poisson--Boltzmann System
Renjun Duan and Shuangqian Liu

Steady Viscous Compressible Channel Flows
Yan Guo, Song Jiang, and Chunhui Zhou


Discrete Cucker--Smale Flocking Model with a Weakly Singular Weight
Jan Peszek

Nonrelativistic Limit of the Compressible Navier--Stokes--Fourier--P1 Approximation Model Arising in Radiation Hydrodynamics
Song Jiang, Fucai Li, and Feng Xie

Analysis of the Diffuse Domain Approach for a Bulk-Surface Coupled PDE System
Helmut Abels, Kei Fong Lam, and Björn Stinner

Heat-Conducting, Compressible Mixtures with Multicomponent Diffusion: Construction of a Weak Solution
P. B. Mucha, M. Pokorný, and E. Zatorska


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


Decay Bounds for Functions of Hermitian Matrices with Banded or Kronecker Structure
Michele Benzi and Valeria Simoncini

Fast Sparse Selected Inversion
Jianlin Xia, Yuanzhe Xi, Stephen Cauley, and Venkataramanan Balakrishnan

A Constructive Algorithm for Decomposing a Tensor into a Finite Sum of Orthonormal Rank-1 Terms
Kim Batselier, Haotian Liu, and Ngai Wong

On Efficiently Computing the Eigenvalues of Limited-Memory Quasi-Newton Matrices
Jennifer B. Erway and Roummel F. Marcia

Counting Real Critical Points of the Distance to Orthogonally Invariant Matrix Sets
Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy, Hon-Leung Lee, and Rekha R. Thomas


New Uniqueness Conditions for the Canonical Polyadic Decomposition of Third-Order Tensors
Mikael Sørensen and Lieven De Lathauwer


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


High-Order Compact Schemes for Parabolic Problems with Mixed Derivatives in Multiple Space Dimensions
Bertram Düring and Christof Heuer

A Discontinuous-Skeletal Method for Advection-Diffusion-Reaction on General Meshes
Daniele A. Di Pietro, Jérôme Droniou, and Alexandre Ern

Discretizing Distributions with Exact Moments: Error Estimate and Convergence Analysis
Ken'ichiro Tanaka and Alexis Akira Toda

A Posteriori Modeling Error Estimates for the Assumption of Perfect Incompressibility in the Navier--Stokes Equation
Julian Fischer

Newton--Picard Preconditioners for Time-Periodic Parabolic Optimal Control Problems
F. M. Hante, M. S. Mommer, and A. Potschka


An Energy-Minimization Finite-Element Approach for the Frank--Oseen Model of Nematic Liquid Crystals
J. H. Adler, T. J. Atherton, D. B. Emerson, and S. P. MacLachlan


SIAM Journal on Optimization


An Exact Penalty Method for Nonconvex Problems Covering, in Particular, Nonlinear Programming, Semidefinite Programming, and Second-Order Cone Programming
Alfred Auslender

Convergence Rate Analysis of the Forward-Douglas-Rachford Splitting Scheme
Damek Davis

Updating Constraint Preconditioners for KKT Systems in Quadratic Programming Via Low-Rank Corrections
Stefania Bellavia, Valentina De Simone, Daniela di Serafino, and Benedetta Morini

Generalized Benders Decomposition for one Class of MINLPs with Vector Conic Constraint
Zhou Wei and M. Montaz Ali

Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems in Banach Spaces: Theory, Nikaido--Isoda-Based Path-Following Methods, and Applications
M. Hintermüller, T. Surowiec, and A. Kämmler

Correlation Clustering with Constrained Cluster Sizes and Extended Weights Bounds
Gregory J. Puleo and Olgica Milenkovic

Deciding Polyhedrality of Spectrahedra
Avinash Bhardwaj, Philipp Rostalski, and Raman Sanyal

A Nonmonotone Filter SQP Method: Local Convergence and Numerical Results
Nicholas I. M. Gould, Yueling Loh, and Daniel P. Robinson

Convergence Rate Analysis of Primal-Dual Splitting Schemes
Damek Davis

Ellipsoidal Relaxations of the Stable Set Problem: Theory and Algorithms
Monia Giandomenico, Adam N. Letchford, Fabrizio Rossi, and Stefano Smriglio

SIAM Review

SIREV 57-3


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


A Comparison of High Order Interpolation Nodes for the Pyramid
Jesse Chan and T. Warburton

ILU Preconditioners for Nonsymmetric Saddle-Point Matrices with Application to the Incompressible Navier--Stokes Equations
Igor N. Konshin, Maxim A. Olshanskii, and Yuri V. Vassilevski

A Multilevel Correction Method for Optimal Controls of Elliptic Equations
Wei Gong, Hehu Xie, and Ningning Yan

Recursive Algorithms for Distributed Forests of Octrees
Tobin Isaac, Carsten Burstedde, Lucas C. Wilcox, and Omar Ghattas

Stabilized Lowest-Order Finite Element Approximation for Linear Three-Field Poroelasticity
Lorenz Berger, Rafel Bordas, David Kay, and Simon Tavener

A Stochastic Galerkin Method for Hamilton--Jacobi Equations with Uncertainty
Jingwei Hu, Shi Jin, and Dongbin Xiu

A Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Trefftz Method for Time Dependent Maxwell's Equations
Herbert Egger, Fritz Kretzschmar, Sascha M. Schnepp, and Thomas Weiland

Numerical Analysis of Fixed Point Algorithms in the Presence of Hardware Faults
Miroslav Stoyanov and Clayton Webster

Three-Field Block Preconditioners for Models of Coupled Magma/Mantle Dynamics
Sander Rhebergen, Garth N. Wells, Andrew J. Wathen, and Richard F. Katz

Rare Event Simulation Using Reversible Shaking Transformations
E. Gobet and G. Liu

Fault Resilient Domain Decomposition Preconditioner for PDEs
Khachik Sargsyan, Francesco Rizzi, Paul Mycek, Cosmin Safta, Karla Morris, Habib Najm, Olivier Le Maître, Omar Knio, and Bert Debusschere

Vector Fitting for Matrix-valued Rational Approximation
Z. Drmač, S. Gugercin, and C. Beattie

Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis for Nonsmooth Differential-Algebraic Equation Systems
Ralf Hannemann-Tamás, Diego A. Mun͂oz, and Wolfgang Marquardt

Fast Algorithms for Hyperspectral Diffuse Optical Tomography

Arvind K. Saibaba, Misha Kilmer, Eric L. Miller, and Sergio Fantini

A Robust Numerical Algorithm for Computing Maxwell's Transmission Eigenvalue Problems
Tsung-Ming Huang, Wei-Qiang Huang, and Wen-Wei Lin

Second-Order Pure Lagrange--Galerkin Methods for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
Marta Benítez and Alfredo Bermúdez

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


A Posteriori Error Estimates for the Solution of Variational Inverse Problems
Vishwas Rao and Adrian Sandu

Numerical Continuation and SPDE Stability for the 2D Cubic-Quintic Allen--Cahn Equation
Christian Kuehn

An Efficient Numerical Method for Acoustic Wave Scattering in Random Media
Xiaobing Feng, Junshan Lin, and Cody Lorton

Analysis of the Ensemble and Polynomial Chaos Kalman Filters in Bayesian Inverse Problems
Oliver G. Ernst, Björn Sprungk, and Hans-Jörg Starkloff

Hierarchical Tensor Approximation of Output Quantities of Parameter-Dependent PDEs
Jonas Ballani and Lars Grasedyck

Probabilistic Density Function Method for Stochastic ODEs of Power Systems with Uncertain Power Input

P. Wang, D. A. Barajas-Solano, E. Constantinescu, S. Abhyankar, D. Ghosh, B. F. Smith, Z. Huang, and A. M. Tartakovsky

A Least-Squares Method for Sparse Low Rank Approximation of Multivariate Functions
M. Chevreuil, R. Lebrun, A. Nouy, and P. Rai

Multilevel Estimation of Rare Events
Elisabeth Ullmann and Iason Papaioannou

Impact of Data Assimilation on Cost-Accuracy Tradeoff in Multifidelity Models
Michael Sinsbeck and Daniel M. Tartakovsky


Sequential Monte Carlo with Highly Informative Observations
Pierre Del Moral and Lawrence M. Murray


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 59-3


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