SIAM Student Paper Prize

Principal Guidelines

The SIAM Student Paper Prizes are awarded every year to the student author(s) of the most outstanding paper(s) submitted to the SIAM Student Paper Competition. This award is based solely on the merit and content of the student's contribution to the submitted paper.

The purpose of the Student Paper Prizes is to recognize outstanding scholarship by students in applied mathematics or computing.


Eligibility is restricted to students in good standing who do not yet hold the degree of PhD on the application deadline.

A student may submit only one paper for consideration in any year.

Submissions may be based on co-authored papers, provided that each PhD-holding co-author writes a letter attesting to the student's (students') pivotal role and contributions to the results.

Papers entered in the competition must have already been submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal in English. Papers do not need to be published at the time of submission.

Requirements for Submission

To enter the competition, each student author must submit.

(1) an extended abstract in English of the paper. The total length of the submitted abstract (including bibliography) may not exceed five pages.

(2) a short vitae (at most two pages).

(3) the complete paper.

(4) a letter from the Department Chair or Advisor attesting to the fact that the student(s) meet the conditions of the award.

(5) proof that the paper has been submitted for publication.

The student's advisor also must submit a letter that:

(1) describes and evaluates the paper's contribution to the literature and the student's role in the scholarship;

(2) verifies that the student meets the conditions of eligibility for the award.

Notification of Prize Winners

The SIAM president will notify the recipient(s) at least six weeks before the award date.

Each recipient is required to present his or her paper at the meeting where the prizes are awarded; if attending the meeting poses a serious hardship, an exception may be granted by the SIAM president.

Description of the Award

Each recipient of the SIAM Student Paper Prize shall receive a framed certificate and reimbursement of up to $500 toward travel expenses. A cash prize of $1,000 per paper will be awarded. Up to three awards will be made each year.

Please direct your submission and any questions you may have to Joanna Littleton at SIAM, 3600 Market Street, 6th Floor, Philadelphia, PA
19104-2688; telephone (215) 382-9800; e-mail to

Revision approved by SIAM Board and Council, July 2005, New Orleans.

Prize History

1999 Awards

2000 Awards 2001 Awards 2002 Awards 2003 Awards 2004 Awards

2005 Awards

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2017 Awards

The next award will be made in 2017.


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