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In accordance with the goals and mission, SIAM works with the media, our membership, institutions, academia, corporations, students, scientific societies and the general public to advance the application of mathematics and computational science to engineering, industry, science, and society. We promote member research, SIAM conferences, events, prizes and publications, deliver timely information regarding science policy to members and policy makers, and provide for the exchange of relevant information and ideas to the international community. We are happy to accept requests for promotion of relevant events or announcements. Please be aware that this request and content will need to fit SIAM criteria for promotion, and it should be expected that publishing will happen at least 2-3 weeks after receiving the request.

SIAM Resources explain why we learn Math


This is your one-stop-shop to stay up-to-date on leading applied math research, SIAM happenings and so much more. Stay in the know. Article submissions are also welcome!

Free electronic newsletter distributed monthly to members: provides links to industry news, information on membership, meetings, publications, and other activities of interest.
Select articles from SIAM journals are boiled down to a popular science level, making current research in the field more accessible to a general audience.
An applied mathematics awareness campaign designed to highlight the math and technologies behind everyday life. The one-page PDF flyers explaining a variety of concepts are especially appropriate for middle and high school students and are available for download in English, with some translated into Spanish.
An audio, slide, and video archive of presentations and brief video clips recorded at SIAM conferences to share the exciting and valuable work being done in our fields.
WhyDoMath presents a variety of applications that illustrate the innovative ways that the mathematical sciences are being used in a wide range of disciplines through an engaging, layered, multimedia website.
This guide provides answers to questions about careers in applied mathematics and computational science and profiles of professionals working in a variety of environments for which a strong background in mathematics is necessary for success.
Moody’s Mega Math Challenge is a high school math modeling contest that spotlights applied mathematics as a powerful problem-solving tool, as a viable and exciting profession, and as a vital contributor to advances in an increasingly technical society. The annual Challenge is entirely Internet-based and there are no entrance or participation fees.
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