Instructions for Authors


I. Research Papers Authored by Undergraduates

Submitted papers must be authored or coauthored by undergraduate students and written in English. The submitted paper must be accompanied by a letter from an adviser or sponsor that documents the fact that the authors did a significant amount of the research and that the research was done while the authors were undergraduates.

Submission of a manuscript to SIAM Undergraduate Research Online is representation by the author that the manuscript has not been published or submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere. If the paper appeared in a preliminary form in a conference proceedings, this must be clearly indicated in both the cover letter and in a footnote on the title page of the manuscript. If the paper contains material (for example, tables or figures) from another published source, the previously published material must be accompanied by written permission from the author and publisher. Complete addresses (including e-mail addresses and fax and phone numbers) should be provided for all authors.

Instructions to Authors

Submissions to SIAM Undergraduate Research Online must be in electronic form. Hard-copy submissions will not be considered. Authors should submit the manuscript, supplemental files, a cover letter, and a letter from an adviser or sponsor.
Figures, tables: Figures and tables, if any, must be embedded "inline" in your PDF manuscript file. Supplemental files are accepted, but are optional.  See the section below titled Supplemental files for specifics.

Papers may not exceed the equivalent of 20 ordinary journal pages and 3 megabytes. This limit may be exceeded at the discretion of the editorial board.

Submitted papers needn’t conform to any particular style or format; however they should be prepared with software that has adequate equation editing capabilities. The manuscript must be submitted in PDF format (Adobe PDF is preferred) with fonts embedded. Figures and tables should be labeled consecutively throughout the paper.

Each paper must be submitted with a letter from an adviser or sponsor. The adviser/sponsor may be a faculty member at the student’s institution or someone associated with a non-academic organization or government lab who supervised the research. The adviser/sponsor’s letter must document the fact that the research was done while the student was an undergraduate. The letter should state the student's current status, including student's graduation date or anticipated graduation date, student's major, and an assessment by the sponsor of the amount of the research performed independently by the student.

Advisers/sponsors will not be listed as coauthors; however, a line will appear on the title page recognizing the guidance of the adviser/sponsor.

Prize competitions: Students may submit their work to SIURO and to a competition for undergraduates, such as USRESP (the Undergraduate Research Project Competition). If the paper is under prize consideration at the time of SIURO submission, the cover letter must note this. If the paper is submitted to SIURO following award of a prize and resulting appearance on a website, a page 1 footnote is required.

Supplemental Files

Authors may and should take advantage of the web-based nature of the publication by submitting supplemental files that include animations, software demonstrations, and innovative graphics. Supplemental files will be evaluated with the manuscript as part of the peer-review process. We accept the following file formats for supplemental files:

TIF (tif), JPEG (jpg), GIF (gif), Animated GIF (gif), PostScript (ps), Encapsulated PostScript (eps), Adobe Photoshop (psd), AdobePDF (pdf), Audio (au), Audio (mp3), Audio (wav), MPEG (mpg), Quicktime (avi), Quicktime (mov).  

Computer code: should be contained within a common compressed file format such as TAR, TGZ, RAR, or ZIP.

Parts of a Paper

Title: Titles should be brief and appropriate for indexing and should specifically describe the content of the paper.

Authors’ names: Full names, affiliations and contact information for the authors must appear on the first page.

adviser/Sponsor’s name
: Full name, affiliation and contact information for the sponsor must appear on the first page.

: An abstract not exceeding 250 words that summarizes the principal techniques and conclusions of the manuscript in relation to known results must accompany each manuscript.
Note: Because the abstract must be able to stand independently, mathematical formulas and bibliographic references in the abstract should be avoided entirely or kept to a minimum. Bibliographic references must be written out in full (not given by number).

: All papers must have clearly written introductions in which the authors outline their new results, describe the motivation for the study, and explain why their work is of interest. The introduction should help the reader to decide whether to read the details in the paper.

: References should be listed in either alphabetical order (preferred) or order of citation at the end of the manuscript. The following reference styles should be used:


Manuscript, supplemental files, a cover letter, and a letter from an adviser or sponsor should be submitted to

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