Free Student Membership

Students: you can join SIAM for free:

How to Join

Graduate students (Master's and Ph.D. candidates) who attend an institution that is an Academic Member of SIAM can join SIAM for free. These memberships can be renewed for up to six years as long as the member remains a student at an eligible school. Undergraduate students who attend an institution that is an Academic Member of SIAM can be nominated for complimentary membership by any regular SIAM member in good standing or by their department chair in mathematics, engineering, computer science, physical science, or any field of study using mathematics or computational methods. Nominations can be made by e-mailing the student's name, shipping address, and e-mail address to Nominators should notify students that they have been nominated for a complimentary SIAM membership.

Student members of SIAM student chapters are eligible to receive free student memberships in SIAM. Chapter members can join online at See for detailed instructions. As an alternative, faculty advisor or chapter officer can send the list of student chapter members to Membership Coordinator Nancy Snell, including student name, mailing address, e-mail address, and whether each member is a graduate or undergraduate student.

Any SIAM Regular Member in good standing can nominate up to two students per year for membership in SIAM. Fill in and submit the online nomination form.

Benefits of Free Student Membership

Benefits of free student membership are the same as for regular student members, except that free student members are not eligible to vote in SIAM elections and only receive SIAM Review in electronic format.
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