Information for Section Officers

Section officers are responsible for running their Sections with little oversight from SIAM. Officers are responsible for helping to coordinate Section meetings, submitting annual reports, and ensuring new officers are elected or determined prior to the end of their term.

Description of Officer Positions


The Section President/Chair presides at the business meetings of the Section. Often times, they are heavily involved in the coordination of the Section's annual meeting.


The Section Vice-President/Vice-Chair assumes the duties of the President/Chair should they be unable to attend the annual meeting.


The Section Secretary keeps a record of the affairs of the section, handles correspondences to the Section, and submits an annual report of Section activities to SIAM HQ.


The Section Treasurer keeps a record of the finances and expenses of the Section and submits an annual Treasurer's report and a budget request for the upcoming year to SIAM HQ.

Officer Reports

Section officers are required to submit an annual Secretary's report on its activities, an annual Treasurer's report, and a budget request for the next year's funding. SIAM will request this information in later summer; reports are typically due in September.

The proposed budget requests will be reviewed and evaluated as a group by the SIAM staff and sent to the Committee on Section Activities for approval. On occasion, a Section may be asked to revise their budget request. Final approval of budgets is made by the SIAM Board of Trustees during their December Board Meeting. Templates for all three officer reports can be found below.

Activity Report Template

Treasurer's Report Template

Budget Request Template

Resources and General Information

SIAM provides each Section a webpage containing the upcoming Section meetings, a list of officers, rules of procedure, and other news relevant to the Section. Additionally, SIAM will advertise local Section meetings through appropriate media channels at the Section's request.