Accepted Papers

Visualizer: Accepted Papers

Paper titles and author information appears as submitted.

Paper title and author changes will not be made to this page. The online program will reflect the most up-to-date presentation details, and is scheduled for posting in November.

Shared-Memory Branch-and-Reduce for Multiterminal Cuts
Monika Henzinger, Alexander Noe and Christian Schulz

RecSplit: Minimal Perfect Hashing via Recursive Splitting
Emmanuel Esposito, Thomas Mueller Graf and Sebastiano Vigna

Fully Dynamic Single-Source Reachability in Practice: An Experimental Study
Kathrin Hanauer, Monika Henzinger and Christian Schulz

Reverse-Safe Data Structures for Text Indexing
Giulia Bernardini, Huiping Chen, Gabriele Fici, Grigorios Loukides and Solon Pissis

Engineering Kernelization for Maximum Cut
Damir Ferizovic, Demian Hespe, Sebastian Lamm, Matthias Mnich, Christian Schulz and Darren Strash

Puzzling Grid Embeddings
Moritz Beck and Sabine Storandt

Cost-optimal assignment of elements in genome-scale multi-way bucketed Cuckoo hash tables
Jens Zentgraf, Henning Timm and Sven Rahmann

Approximating Vertex Cover using Structural Rounding
Brian Lavallee, Hayley Russell, Blair D. Sullivan and Andrew van der Poel

A Multi-criteria Approximation Algorithm for Influence Maximization with Probabilistic Guarantees
Nguyen Pham, Gopal Pandurangan, Anil Vullikanti, Maleq Khan and Qin Zhang

Computing Optimal Hypertree Decompositions
Andre Schidler and Stefan Szeider

Karp-Sipser based Kernels for Bipartite Graph Matching
Kamer Kaya, Johannes Langguth, Ioannis Panagiotas and Bora Ucar

Group Centrality Maximization for Large-scale Graphs
Eugenio Angriman, Alexander van der Grinten, Aleksandar Bojchevski, Daniel Zügner, Stephan Günnemann and Henning Meyerhenke

Engineering Top-Down Weight-Balanced Trees
Lukas Barth and Dorothea Wagner

Approximating Multiobjective Shortest Path in Practice
Fritz Bökler and Markus Chimani

Constructing the Wavelet Tree and Wavelet Matrix in Distributed Memory
Patrick Dinklage, Johannes Fischer and Florian Kurpicz

FixCon: A Generic Solver for Fixed-Cardinality Subgraph Problems
Christian Komusiewicz and Frank Sommer

Shrinking Trees not Blossoms: A Recursive Maximum Matching Approach
Erik Thordsen, Petra Mutzel and Andre Droschinsky