Accepted Papers

Visualizer: Accepted Papers

Paper titles and author information appears as submitted.

Paper title and author changes will not be made to this page. The online program will reflect the most up-to-date presentation details, and is scheduled for posting in November.

Extending Optimal Oblivious Reconfigurable Networks to all N
Tegan Wilson, Daniel Amir, Vishal Shrivastav, Hakim Weatherspoon and Robert Kleinberg

Efficient Algorithms for Parallel Bi-core Decomposition
Yihao Huang, Claire Wang, Jessica Shi and Julian Shun

Analyzing and Implementing GPU Hash Tables
Muhammad A. Awad, Saman Ashkiani, Serban D. Porumbescu, Martin Farach-Colton and John D. Owens

Distance and Time Sensitive Filters for Similarity Search in Trajectory Datasets
Paul Cesaretti, Madhav Narayan Bhat, Mayank Goswami and Prashant Pandey