Accepted Papers

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Paper titles and author information appears as submitted.

Paper title and author changes will not be made to this page. The online program will reflect the most up-to-date presentation details, and is scheduled for posting in November.

Title: Unifying Matrix Data Structures: Simplifying and Speeding-up Iterative Algorithms.
Authors: Jan van den Brand

Title: Floors and Ceilings in Divide-and-Conquer Recurrences
Authors: William Kuszmaul; Charles Leiserson

Title: On Hardness of Approximation of Parameterized Set Cover and Label Cover: Threshold Graphs from Error Correcting Codes
Authors: Karthik C. S.; Inbal Livni-Navon

Title: A Simple and Fast Algorithm for Computing the N-th Term of a Linearly Recurrent
Authors: Alin Bostan; Ryuhei Mori

Title: Simpler and Stronger Approaches for Non-Uniform Hypergraph Matching and the F\"uredi, Kahn, and Seymour Conjecture
Authors: Georg Anegg; Haris Angelidakis;Rico Zenklusen

Title: Hutch++: Faster Stochastic Trace Estimation
Authors: Raphael Meyer; Cameron Musco; Christopher Musco, David P. Woodruff

Title: New Bounds for the Vertices of the Integer Hull
Authors: Sebastian Berndt; Klaus Jansen; Kim-Manuel Klein

Title: Recognizing (Unit) Interval Graphs by Zigzag Graph Searches
Authors: Yixin Cao

Title: A Note on a Recent Algorithm for Minimum Cut
Authors: Pawel Gawrychowski; Shay Mozes; Oren Weimann

Title: Quasi-polynomial-time algorithm for Independent Set in $P_t$-free graphs via shrinking the space of induced paths
Authors: Marcin Pilipczuk; Michał Pilipczuk; Paweł Rzążewski

Title: Dispersion for Intervals: A Geometric Approach
Authors: Therese Biedl; Anna Lubiw; Anurag Murty Naredla; Peter Dominik Ralbovsky; Graeme Stroud

Title: Generalized Sorting with Predictions
Authors: Pinyan Lu; Xuandi Ren; Enze Sun; Yubo Zhang

Title: An Auction Algorithm for Bipartite Matching in Streaming and Massively Parallel Computation Models
Authors: Sepehr Assadi; Cliff Liu; Robert Tarjan

Title: A Breezing Proof of the KMW Bound
Authors: Corinna Coupette; Christoph Lenzen

Title: An Economics-Based Analysis of RANKING for Online Bipartite Matching
Authors: Alon Eden; Michal Feldman; Amos Fiat; Kineret Segal

Title: Improved Algorithms for Edge Colouring in the Streaming Model
Authors: Moses Charikar; Paul Liu

Title: Soft Sequence Heaps
Authors: Gerth Stølting Brodal

Title: Recursive Random Contraction Revisited
Authors: David Karger; David Williamson

Title: Further Unifying the Landscape of Cell Probe Lower Bounds
Authors: Kasper Green Larsen; Jonathan Lindegaard Starup; Jesper Steensgaard

Title: A Simple Semi-Streaming Algorithm for Global Minimum Cuts
Authors: Sepehr Assadi; Aditi Dudeja

Title: A Simple Deterministic Algorithm for Edge Connectivity
Authors: Thatchaphol Saranurak

Title: Communication Efficient Coresets for Maximum Matching
Authors: Michael Kapralov; Gilbert Maystre; Jakab Tardos

Title: Simple dynamic algorithms for Maximal Independent Set, Maximum Flow and Maximum Matching
Authors: Manoj Gupta; Shahbaz Khan

Title: Modular Subset Sum, Dynamic Strings, and Zero-Sum Sets
Authors: Jean Cardinal; John Iacono

Title: Fast and Simple Modular Subset Sum
Authors: Kyriakos Axiotis; Arturs Backurs; Karl Bringmann; Ce Jin; Vasileios Nakos; Christos Tzamos; Hongxun Wu

Title: Simple Reductions from Formula-SAT to Pattern Matching on Labeled Graphs and Subtree Isomorphism
Authors: Daniel Gibney; Gary Hoppenworth; Sharma V. Thankachan