Important Submission Information

Submission Link

A link to the submission site is available here.


The proceedings will be posted online in early January 2020.

The Program Committee chair will provide final paper submission instructions to authors of accepted papers in October 2019. Final papers may not exceed fifteen (15) pages in double column format.

Acceptance Notification

Authors will be notified by email in October 2019. A list of accepted papers will be posted at this time.

Additional Information

Additional Information

How to Participate

Authors must submit their papers electronically, in PDF format.

Submissions should begin with a title page containing the paper title, each author’s name, affiliation, and email address, and an abstract summarizing the contributions of the paper. There is no page limit. The paper should begin with a clear description of the algorithmic problem to be solved, a survey of prior work on the problem—including a candid assessment of prior work in terms of simplicity and elegance—and a discussion of the contributions of the paper. The body of the paper should be written for a general theoretical computer science audience, and substantiate the main claims of the paper with full proofs. The submission should be typeset using 11 point font, in a single-column format with ample spacing throughout and ample margins all around.  The submissions ought to be visually easy to read. 

Brevity is a hallmark of simplicity. Authors are specifically encouraged to submit short and simple papers.

The program committee may designate one or more papers as SOSA Best Papers. All submissions will be considered.

Speaker Cancellation

The Conference Organizing Committee expects every speaker in a scheduled presentation to register and attend the conference.

If it becomes necessary for a speaker to cancel a presentation, he or she should try to find an alternate presenter immediately, preferably a co-author. Contact SIAM immediately with any change to a scheduled presentation.

A “no-show” or cancelled presentation can cause serious inconvenience to the attendees and conference organizers. The committee thanks all speakers in advance for their compliance to this request.

Paper Presenters

The Program Committee expects every speaker of a scheduled presentation to pre-register and attend the symposium. Each speaker will be allotted 20 minutes for presentation.