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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


A Second Order Time Homogenized Model for Sediment Transport
Yuchen Jiang, Ruo Li, and Shuonan Wu

Particle-Based Multiscale Modeling of Calcium Puff Dynamics
Ulrich Dobramysl, Sten Rüdiger, and Radek Erban


Numerical Homogenization of Elliptic Multiscale Problems by Subspace Decomposition
Ralf Kornhuber and Harry Yserentant


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


Data-Driven Reduction for a Class of Multiscale Fast-Slow Stochastic Dynamical Systems
Carmeline J. Dsilva, Ronen Talmon, C. William Gear, Ronald R. Coifman, and Ioannis G. Kevrekidis

Bifurcation of Lunisolar Secular Resonances for Space Debris Orbits
Alessandra Celletti, Cătălin Galeş, and Giuseppe Pucacco

Understanding Policy Diffusion in the U.S.: An Information-Theoretical Approach to Unveil Connectivity Structures in Slowly Evolving Complex Systems
Ross P. Anderson, Geronimo Jimenez, Jin Yung Bae, Diana Silver, James Macinko, and Maurizio Porfiri


Boundary Value Problems for Statistics of Diffusion in a Randomly Switching Environment: PDE and SDE Perspectives
Sean D. Lawley

Periodic Eigendecomposition and Its Application to Kuramoto--Sivashinsky System
Xiong Ding and Predrag Cvitanović

Heterogeneity and Oscillations in Small Swarms
Jeffrey B. Dunworth and G. Bard Ermentrout

Temporal Evolution of Social Innovation: What Matters?
Varsha S. Kulkarni

A Fast Eulerian Approach for Computation of Global Isochrons in High Dimensions
Miles Detrixhe, Marion Doubeck, Jeff Moehlis, and Frédéric Gibou

Biological Aggregation Driven by Social and Environmental Factors: A Nonlocal Model and Its Degenerate Cahn--Hilliard Approximation
Andrew J. Bernoff and Chad M. Topaz


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Geometry of Refractions and Reflections Through a Biperiodic Medium
Paul Glendinning

Backus Average Under Random Perturbations of Layered Media
Tomasz Danek and Michael A. Slawinski

Interplay of Boltzmann Equation and Continuity Equation for Accelerated Electrons in Solar Flares
A. Codispoti and N. Pinamonti

Convergence of Direct Recursive Algorithm for Identification of Preisach Hysteresis Model with Stochastic Input
D. Rachinskii and M. Ruderman

Front Propagation at the Nematic-Isotropic Transition Temperature
Apala Majumdar, Paul A. Milewski, and Amy Spicer

A Weighted Minimum Gradient Problem with Complete Electrode Model Boundary Conditions for Conductivity Imaging

Adrian Nachman, Alexandru Tamasan, and Johann Veras

A Simple Model of Dynamic Cleavage Producing Constant Speed Crack Propagation in a Sample of Finite Width
Colin Atkinson

Wave Propagation in Bifurcated Waveguides of Square Lattice Strips

Basant Lal Sharma

Protection Zones for Survival of Species in Random Environment
N. T. Dieu, N. H. Du, H. D. Nguyen, and G. Yin

Smoluchowski Reaction Kinetics for Reactions of Any Order
Mark B. Flegg

Particles Moving Around a Two-Lane Circular Track in Both Directions. Avoiding Collisions Leads to Self-Organization
Guillermo H. Goldsztein

Instability of Equilibria for the Two-Dimensional Euler Equations on the Torus
Holger R. Dullin, Robert Marangell, and Joachim Worthington


Cell-Kinetics Based Calibration of a Multiscale Model of Structured Cell Populations in Ovarian Follicles
B. Aymard, F. Clément, D. Monniaux, and M. Postel

Optimizing Intermittent Water Supply in Urban Pipe Distribution Networks
Anna M. Lieb, Chris H. Rycroft, and Jon Wilkening

The Steady-State Convection-Diffusion Equation at High Péclet Numbers for a Cluster of Spheres: An Extension of Levich's Theory
Joseph A. Biello, René Samson, and Eugene Sigal

A Cucker--Smale Model with Noise and Delay

Radek Erban, Jan Haškovec, and Yongzheng Sun

Guaranteed Upper and Lower Bounds on the Uniform Load of Contact Problems in Elasticity
L. Angela Mihai and Alain Goriely

On the Existence of Identifiable Reparametrizations for Linear Compartment Models

Jasmijn A. Baaijens and Jan Draisma

Analytical Solution for Spheroidal Drop under Axisymmetric Linearized Boundary Conditions
Michael Zabarankin


SIAM Journal on Computing


Designing FPT Algorithms for Cut Problems Using Randomized Contractions
Rajesh Chitnis, Marek Cygan, MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi, Marcin Pilipczuk, and Michał Pilipczuk

The HOM Problem is EXPTIME-Complete
Carles Creus, Adrià Gascón, Guillem Godoy, and Lander Ramos

On the Power of Conditional Samples in Distribution Testing
Sourav Chakraborty, Eldar Fischer, Yonatan Goldhirsh, and Arie Matsliah

Local Correlation Breakers and Applications to Three-Source Extractors and Mergers
Gil Cohen


Semantic Acyclicity on Graph Databases
Pablo Barceló, Miguel Romero, and Moshe Y. Vardi

Half-integrality, LP-branching, and FPT Algorithms
Yoichi Iwata, Magnus Wahlström, and Yuichi Yoshida

Upper and Lower Bounds on the Power of Advice

Arkadev Chattopadhyay, Jeff Edmonds, Faith Ellen, and Toniann Pitassi


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Stability of a String with Local Kelvin--Voigt Damping and Nonsmooth Coefficient at Interface
Zhuangyi Liu and Qiong Zhang

Synchronization in Pulse-Coupled Oscillators with Delayed Excitatory/Inhibitory Coupling
Deepti Kannapan and Francesco Bullo

On Stability Preservation under Sampling and Approximation of Feedbacks for Retarded Systems
P. Pepe

Almost Sure Exponential Stability of Stochastic Differential Delay Equations
Qian Guo, Xuerong Mao, and Rongxian Yue


Coupled ODEs Control System with Unbounded Hysteresis Region
Pavel Krejĉí and Sergey A. Timoshin

Multidimensional Rational Covariance Extension with Applications to Spectral Estimation and Image Compression
Axel Ringh, Johan Karlsson, and Anders Lindquist

Strong Uniform Value in Gambling Houses and Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
Xavier Venel and Bruno Ziliotto

Null Controllability of Linear Heat and Wave Equations with Nonlocal Spatial Terms
Enrique Fernández-Cara, Qi Lü, and Enrique Zuazua

Classical Optimal Design in Two-Phase Conductivity Problems
Marko Vrdoljak

The Minimum Time Function for the Controlled Moreau's Sweeping Process
Giovanni Colombo and Michele Palladino

Average Reachability of Continuous-time Markov Jump Linear Systems and the Linear Minimum Mean Square Estimator
Alfredo R. R. Narváez and Eduardo F. Costa


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


On the Random Greedy F-Free Hypergraph Process
Daniela Kühn, Deryk Osthus, and Amelia Taylor

Perfect Matchings in Hypergraphs and the Erdös Matching Conjecture
Jie Han

Counting Co-Cyclic Lattices
Phong Q. Nguyen and Igor E. Shparlinski

Tree Deletion Set Has a Polynomial Kernel but No OPTO(1) Approximation)
Archontia C. Giannopoulou, Daniel Lokshtanov, Saket Saurabh, and Ondřej Suchý

Cyclically Consecutive Permutation Avoidance
Richard Ehrenborg

Bounding Connected Tree-Width
Matthias Hamann and Daniel Weißauer

Partially Polynomial Kernels for Set Cover and Test Cover
Manu Basavaraju, Mathew C. Francis, M. S. Ramanujan, and Saket Saurabh

To Approximate Treewidth, Use Treelength!
David Coudert, Guillaume Ducoffe, and Nicolas Nisse

Lower Bounds on the Probability of a Finite Union of Events
Jun Yang, Fady Alajaji, and Glen Takahara

Near Perfect Matchings in k-Uniform Hypergraphs II
Jie Han


Generating Functions and Triangulations for Lecture Hall Cones
Matthias Beck, Benjamin Braun, Matthias Köppe, Carla D. Savage, and Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos

The Structure of U2,5, U3,5-Fragile Matroids
Ben Clark, Dillon Mayhew, Stefan van Zwam, and Geoff Whittle

Maximizing the Order of a Regular Graph of Given Valency and Second Eigenvalue
Sebastian M. Cioabă, Jack H. Koolen, Hiroshi Nozaki, and Jason R. Vermette

A Combinatorial Proof of a Plethystic Murnaghan--Nakayama Rule

Mark Wildon

Exploiting Chordal Structure in Polynomial Ideals: A Gröbner Bases Approach
Diego Cifuentes and Pablo A. Parrilo


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Small-Time Asymptotics for Basket Options---the Bivariate SABR Model and the Hyperbolic Heat Kernel on H3
Martin Forde and Hongzhong Zhang

Conditional Analysis and a Principal-Agent Problem
Julio Backhoff and Ulrich Horst

Hedging Under an Expected Loss Constraint with Small Transaction Costs

Bruno Bouchard, Ludovic Moreau, and H. Mete Soner


Optimal Mortgage Prepayment Under the Cox--Ingersoll--Ross Model
Chris Jones and Xinfu Chen

Stability and Analytic Expansions of Local Solutions of Systems of Quadratic BSDEs with Applications to a Price Impact Model
Dmitry Kramkov and Sergio Pulido


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


Synchronization of Independently Moving Cameras via Motion Recovery
Tiago Gaspar, Paulo Oliveira, and Paolo Favaro

A Parallel Douglas--Rachford Algorithm for Minimizing ROF-like Functionals on Images with Values in Symmetric Hadamard Manifolds
Ronny Bergmann, Johannes Persch, and Gabriele Steidl

Multiresolution Parameter Choice Method for Total Variation Regularized Tomography
Kati Niinimäki, Matti Lassas, Keijo Hämäläinen, Aki Kallonen, Ville Kolehmainen, Esa Niemi, and Samuli Siltanen

Diffeomorphic Surface Registration with Atrophy Constraints
Sylvain Arguillère, Michael I. Miller, and Laurent Younes

Off-the-Grid Recovery of Piecewise Constant Images from Few Fourier Samples
Greg Ongie and Mathews Jacob

On the Continuous Steering of the Scale of Tight Wavelet Frames

Zsuzsanna Püspöki, John Paul Ward, Daniel Sage, and Michael Unser

CT Image Reconstruction by Spatial-Radon Domain Data-Driven Tight Frame Regularization
Ruohan Zhan and Bin Dong


Multicontrast MRI Reconstruction with Structure-Guided Total Variation
Matthias J. Ehrhardt and Marta M. Betcke

Sparsity and Nullity: Paradigms for Analysis Dictionary Learning
Xiao Bian, Hamid Krim, Alex Bronstein, and Liyi Dai

Image Reconstruction in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
Frank Natterer

Efficient Inclusion of Total Variation Type Priors in Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography
A. Hannukainen, N. Hyvönen, H. Majander, and T. Tarvainen

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


Limited Data Problems for the Generalized Radon Transform in Rn
Jürgen Frikel and Eric Todd Quinto

Stability For Some Inverse Problems For Transport Equations

Fikret Gölgeleyen and Masahiro Yamamoto

Long Wavelength Limit for the Quantum Euler--Poisson Equation
Huimin Liu and Xueke Pu

Discreteness of Transmission Eigenvalues for Higher-Order Main Terms and Perturbations
Andoni García, Esa V. Vesalainen, and Miren Zubeldia

Probability Measures with Finite Moments and the Homogeneous Boltzmann Equation
Yong-Kum Cho, Yoshinori Morimoto, Shuaikun Wang, and Tong Yang

On Sonic Curves of Smooth Subsonic-Sonic and Transonic Flows
Chunpeng Wang and Zhouping Xin

Global Dynamics of Bose--Einstein Condensation for a Model of the Kompaneets Equation
C. David Levermore, Hailiang Liu, and Robert L. Pego

Regularity Properties of Stationary Harmonic Functions Whose Laplacian is a Radon Measure
Rémy Rodiac


On the Homogenization of a Scalar Scattering Problem for Highly Oscillating Anisotropic Media
Fioralba Cakoni, Bojan B. Guzina, and Shari Moskow

Stationary States of Reaction-Diffusion and Schrödinger Systems with Inhomogeneous or Controlled Diffusion
Alexandre Montaru and Boyan Sirakov

Vertex Order in Some Large Constrained Random Graphs
Hans Koch

The Compressible Viscous Surface-Internal Wave Problem: Local Well-Posedness

Juhi Jang, Ian Tice, and Yanjin Wang

Eigenvalue Fluctuations for Lattice Anderson Hamiltonians
Marek Biskup, Ryoki Fukushima, and Wolfgang König

Homogenization of a Mean Field Game System in the Small Noise Limit
Annalisa Cesaroni, Nicolas Dirr, and Claudio Marchi

Stability, Instability, and Bifurcation in Electrified Thin Films

Marco A. Fontelos, Hyung Ju Hwang, and Youngmin Oh


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


Generic Change of the Partial Multiplicities of Regular Matrix Pencils under Low-Rank Perturbations
Fernando De Terán and Froilán M. Dopico

Computation of Generalized Matrix Functions
Francesca Arrigo, Michele Benzi, and Caterina Fenu

Solvability of the Core Problem with Multiple Right-Hand Sides in the TLS Sense
Iveta Hnětynková, Martin Plešinger, and Diana Maria Sima

Error Bounds for Augmented Truncations of Discrete-Time Block-Monotone Markov Chains under Subgeometric Drift Conditions
Hiroyuki Masuyama

A Positivity Preserving Inverse Iteration for Finding the Perron Pair of an Irreducible Nonnegative Third Order Tensor

Ching-Sung Liu, Chun-Hua Guo, and Wen-Wei Lin

The Hitting Time of Multiple Random Walks
Rushabh Patel, Andrea Carron, and Francesco Bullo

Convergence Analysis of Restarted Krylov Subspace Eigensolvers
Klaus Neymeyr and Ming Zhou


Structure-Preserving Flows of Symplectic Matrix Pairs
Yueh-Cheng Kuo, Wen-Wei Lin, and Shih-Feng Shieh

On Special Cases of the Generalized Max-Plus Eigenproblem
Peter Butkovič and Daniel Jones

An Inverse Problem for the k-Rank Numerical Range
Georgios Katsouleas and John Maroulas

Optimal-Order Preconditioners for Linear Systems Arising in the Semismooth Newton Solution of a Class of Control-Constrained Problems

Andrei Drăgănescu and Jyoti Saraswat

Numerical Equivalences among Krylov Subspace Algorithms for Skew-Symmetric Matrices
C. Greif, C. C. Paige, D. Titley-Peloquin, and J. M. Varah

Bounds for the Distance to the Nearest Correlation Matrix

Nicholas J. Higham and Nataša Strabić

Null-Space Preconditioners for Saddle Point Systems
Jennifer Pestana and Tyrone Rees


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


A Geometric Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Method for Stochastic Inverse Eigenvalue Problems
Zhi Zhao, Xiao-Qing Jin, and Zheng-Jian Bai

Functionally Fitted Energy-Preserving Methods for Solving Oscillatory Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems

Yu--Wen Li and Xinyuan Wu

Optimal Order L2 Error Estimate of SDFEM on Shishkin Triangular Meshes for Singularly Perturbed Convection-Diffusion Equations

Jin Zhang, Xiaowei Liu, and Min Yang

On Interpolation Approximation: Convergence Rates for Polynomial Interpolation for Functions of Limited Regularity
Shuhuang Xiang

Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Linear Inverse Problems
Yuling Jiao, Qinian Jin, Xiliang Lu, and Weijie Wang

A New Discretization for mth-Laplace Equations with Arbitrary Polynomial Degrees

M. Schedensack

Globally Structured Three-Dimensional Analysis-Suitable T-Splines: Definition, Linear Independence and m-graded local refinement

Philipp Morgenstern

Semi-discretization for Stochastic Scalar Conservation Laws with Multiple Rough Fluxes

Benjamin Gess, Benoît Perthame, and Panagiotis E. Souganidis

Approximate Calculation of Sums II: Gaussian Type Quadrature
Iván Area, Dimitar K. Dimitrov, Eduardo Godoy, and Vanessa G. Paschoa

Adaptive Vertex-Centered Finite Volume Methods with Convergence Rates
Christoph Erath and Dirk Praetorius

A Mapped Polynomial Method for High-Accuracy Approximations on Arbitrary Grids
Ben Adcock and Rodrigo B. Platte

A High-Dimensional Inverse Frame Operator Approximation Technique
Guohui Song, Jacqueline Davis, and Anne Gelb

Ultraconvergence of Finite Element Method by Richardson Extrapolation for Elliptic Problems with Constant Coefficients

Wen-ming He, Runchang Lin, and Zhimin Zhang


A Posteriori Error Estimates for Pressure-Correction Schemes
E. Bänsch and A. Brenner

Analysis of a Modified Second-Order Mixed Hybrid BDM1 Finite Element Method for Transport Problems in Divergence Form

Fabian Brunner, Julian Fischer, and Peter Knabner

Convergence and Optimality of Higher-Order Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Eigenvalue Clusters
Andrea Bonito and Alan Demlow

An Exponential Wagner--Platen Type Scheme for SPDEs
Sebastian Becker, Arnulf Jentzen, and Peter E. Kloeden

Analysis of Algebraic Flux Correction Schemes
Gabriel R. Barrenechea, Volker John, and Petr Knobloch

On the Convergence of Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes for Scalar Conservation Laws
Georg May and Mohammad Zakerzadeh

Invariant Domains and First-Order Continuous Finite Element Approximation for Hyperbolic Systems
Jean-Luc Guermond and Bojan Popov

Geometric Euler--Maruyama Schemes for Stochastic Differential Equations in SO(n) and SE(n)
M. J. Piggott and V. Solo

Generalizing the GSVD
Mark S. Gockenbach

Multilevel Higher Order QMC Petrov--Galerkin Discretization for Affine Parametric Operator Equations
Josef Dick, Frances Y. Kuo, Quoc T. Le Gia, and Christoph Schwab


SIAM Journal on Optimization


Well-Posedness in Unconstrained Polynomial Optimization Problems
Văn Doạt Dang, Huy Vui Hà, and Tien Son Phạm

A Filter Active-Set Algorithm for Ball/Sphere Constrained Optimization Problem
Chungen Shen, Lei-Hong Zhang, and Wei Hong Yang

Penalty Methods for a Class of Non-Lipschitz Optimization Problems
Xiaojun Chen, Zhaosong Lu, and Ting Kei Pong

A Linearly Convergent Variant of the Conditional Gradient Algorithm under Strong Convexity, with Applications to Online and Stochastic Optimization
Dan Garber and Elad Hazan


Quantum Bilinear Optimization
Mario Berta, Omar Fawzi, and Volkher B. Scholz

On the Ball-Constrained Weighted Maximin Dispersion Problem
Shu Wang and Yong Xia

Linear Convergence of Comparison-based Step-size Adaptive Randomized Search via Stability of Markov Chains
Anne Auger and Nikolaus Hansen

Semi-Infinite Relaxations for the Dynamic Knapsack Problem with Stochastic Item Sizes
Daniel Blado, Weihong Hu, and Alejandro Toriello

Simultaneous Diagonalization of Matrices and Its Applications in Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming
Rujun Jiang and Duan Li


SIAM Review

SIREV 58-3


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


An Invariant Preserving Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Camassa--Holm Equation
Hailiang Liu and Yulong Xing

Multidimensional Summation-by-Parts Operators: General Theory and Application to Simplex Elements
Jason E. Hicken, David C. Del Rey Fernández, and David W. Zingg

Compressing Rank-Structured Matrices via Randomized Sampling
Per-Gunnar Martinsson

Sixth-order Weighted Essentially Nonoscillatory Schemes Based on Exponential Polynomials
Youngsoo Ha, Chang Ho Kim, Hyoseon Yang, and Jungho Yoon

Preconditioned Low-rank Riemannian Optimization for Linear Systems with Tensor Product Structure
Daniel Kressner, Michael Steinlechner, and Bart Vandereycken

Reduced Basis Methods: From Low-Rank Matrices to Low-Rank Tensors
Jonas Ballani and Daniel Kressner

An Advective-Spectral-Mixed Method for Time-Dependent Many-Body Wigner Simulations

Yunfeng Xiong, Zhenzhu Chen, and Sihong Shao

Accuracy of Patch Dynamics with Mesoscale Temporal Coupling for Efficient Massively Parallel Simulations
J. E. Bunder, A. J. Roberts, and I. G. Kevrekidis

Solving Random Ordinary Differential Equations on GPU Clusters using Multiple Levels of Parallelism
Christoph Riesinger, Tobias Neckel, and Florian Rupp

Improved Automatic Computation of Hessian Matrix Spectral Bounds
Moritz Schulze Darup and Martin Mönnigmann

A Multilevel Adaptive Reaction-splitting Simulation Method for Stochastic Reaction Networks
Alvaro Moraes, Raul Tempone, and Pedro Vilanova

Efficient Adaptive Stochastic Galerkin Methods for Parametric Operator Equations
Alex Bespalov and David Silvester

Moments Preserving and high-resolution Semi-Lagrangian Advection Scheme
Julián Becerra-Sagredo, Carlos Málaga, and Francisco Mandujano

Multifidelity Information Fusion Algorithms for High-Dimensional Systems and Massive Data sets
Paris Perdikaris, Daniele Venturi, and George Em Karniadakis

Computing with Functions in Spherical and Polar Geometries I. The Sphere
Alex Townsend, Heather Wilber, and Grady B. Wright

A Short Note on a Bernstein--Bezier Basis for the Pyramid
Jesse Chan and T. Warburton

Analysis of a New Space-Time Parallel Multigrid Algorithm for Parabolic Problems
Martin J. Gander and Martin Neumüller

Option Pricing in Some Non-Lévy Jump Models
Lingfei Li and Gongqiu Zhang

Uncertainty Quantification for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws with Flux Coefficients Given by Spatiotemporal Random Fields
Andrea Barth and Franz G. Fuchs

Substructuring Preconditioners for the Systems Arising from Plane Wave Discretization of Helmholtz Equations
Qiya Hu and Haiyang Zhang

A Radial Basis Function based Frames Strategy for Bypassing the Runge Phenomenon
Cécile Piret

High Order Integrator for Sampling the Invariant Distribution of a Class of Parabolic Stochastic PDEs with Additive Space-Time Noise
Charles-Edouard Bréhier and Gilles Vilmart

An Augmented Lagrangian Method for ℓ1-Regularized Optimization Problems with Orthogonality Constraints
Weiqiang Chen, Hui Ji, and Yanfei You

Active-Set Reduced-Space Methods with Nonlinear Elimination for Two-Phase Flow Problems in Porous Media

Haijian Yang, Chao Yang, and Shuyu Sun


A Fast-marching Algorithm for Nonmonotonically Evolving Fronts
Alexandra Tcheng and Jean-Christophe Nave

On Source-Term Parameter Estimation for Linear Advection-Diffusion Equations with Uncertain Coefficients
Sergiy Zhuk, Tigran T. Tchrakian, Stephen Moore, Rodrigo Ordón͂ez-Hurtado, and Robert Shorten

Müntz--Galerkin Methods and Applications to Mixed Dirichlet--Neumann Boundary Value Problems
Jie Shen and Yingwei Wang

A Recursive Local Polynomial Approximation Method Using Dirichlet Clouds and Radial Basis Functions
Arta A. Jamshidi and Warren B. Powell

Bilinear Quadratures for Inner Products
Christopher A. Wong

Segmental Refinement: A Multigrid Technique for Data Locality
Mark F. Adams, Jed Brown, Matt Knepley, and Ravi Samtaney

Spectral Tensor-Train Decomposition
Daniele Bigoni, Allan P. Engsig-Karup, and Youssef M. Marzouk

Gauge-Invariant Frozen Gaussian Approximation Method for the Schrödinger Equation with Periodic Potentials
Ricardo Delgadillo, Jianfeng Lu, and Xu Yang

Numerical Schemes for Kinetic Equations in the Anomalous Diffusion Limit. Part II: Degenerate Collision Frequency
Nicolas Crouseilles, Hélène Hivert, and Mohammed Lemou

Correcting Data Corruption Errors for Multivariate Function Approximation

Yeonjong Shin and Dongbin Xiu

A Thick-Restart Lanczos Algorithm with Polynomial Filtering for Hermitian Eigenvalue Problems
Ruipeng Li, Yuanzhe Xi, Eugene Vecharynski, Chao Yang, and Yousef Saad

Spectral Deferred Corrections with Fast-wave Slow-wave Splitting
Daniel Ruprecht and Robert Speck

A Variable Metric Forward-Backward Method with Extrapolation
S. Bonettini, F. Porta, and V. Ruggiero

Parallel ALS Algorithm for Solving Linear Systems in the Hierarchical Tucker Representation
Simon Etter

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


A Theoretical Framework for Calibration in Computer Models: Parametrization, Estimation and Convergence Properties
Rui Tuo and C. F. Jeff Wu

Mercer Kernels and Integrated Variance Experimental Design: Connections Between Gaussian Process Regression and Polynomial Approximation
Alex Gorodetsky and Youssef Marzouk

Bayesian Analysis of ODEs: Solver Optimal Accuracy and Bayes Factors
Marcos A. Capistrán, J. Andrés Christen, and Sophie Donnet


Quantifying Uncertainties on Excursion Sets Under a Gaussian Random Field Prior
Dario Azzimonti, Julien Bect, Clément Chevalier, and David Ginsbourger

Comparison of Statistical and Deterministic Frameworks of Uncertainty Quantification
Michael Frenklach, Andrew Packard, Gonzalo Garcia-Donato, Rui Paulo, and Jerome Sacks

A Framework for Multi-Model Ensembling
L. Mark Berliner and Jenný Brynjarsdóttir

Levenberg--Marquardt Methods Based on Probabilistic Gradient Models and Inexact Subproblem Solution, with Application to Data Assimilation
E. Bergou, S. Gratton, and L. N. Vicente

Stochastic Modeling and Regularity of the Nonlinear Elliptic curl--curl Equation
Ulrich Römer, Sebastian Schöps, and Thomas Weiland


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 60-2


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